Signs You Need To Update Your Child’s Shoes

When is the right time to update your child’s school shoes? 


Is your child coming home with blisters or sore feet?


Kids spend five days a week wearing their pair, and if they’re left in an uncomfortable set, then the consequences can be rapid and severe. Blisters are one of the first signs of too-small school shoes. The lack of space squishes toes together and makes feet rub against the material. If you start spotting blisters on your child’s feet, check that their school shoes still fit. 


Do your kids seem bored with their current pair?


Students who dislike their school shoes are less likely to take care of them. Also, given how much of the year they’ll spend wearing them, it’s only fair that they’re in a pair they like. Everflex has heaps of alternative school shoes, including Mary-Jane sandals, sneakers, and slim trainers. If your kid is tired of the same classic designs, then it might be time to try one of these instead! 


When did you last check the fit of your kid’s school shoes?


Parents with younger children should strive to do this more regularly, as little kids are less likely to notice when they’re outgrowing their pair. With older kids and teenagers, they tend to notice that their school shoes are getting small and uncomfortable, and they’re sure to let you know about it. But while you’re still buying styles for young children, it’s best to test the fit on a semi-regular basis, so you don’t leave their sensitive feet in too-small styles!

Are you familiar with the steps to check your child’s school shoes? Get your child to do their pair up, and stand up. Press your fingers onto the tip of their school shoes to see how much space is left at the front; a centimetre gap is ideal. If you can feel that their toes are already brushing the end of the material, then they’re about to outgrow their current set, and need a replacement! 


How does the material on your child’s school shoes look?


Is their pair starting to look tired, dusty, scratched, or worn-down? If so, Everflex has some fantastic care accessories that can give the style a polish. First, we have the Instant Shine Sponge, a dry-working sponge which will clean grime off of material after a few quick swipes.

Next, we have our Dubbin cleaner, and this waxy solution will help nourish and polish your kids’ school shoes. Using these care products will restore any student’s set and make them look freshly bought once again.

But what if there’s significant damage developing on the school shoes? Can you see the soles starting to split, material flaking on the front, or holes forming on the sides? The moment you start to see the quality of school shoes failing, it’s time to update your child’s set, before they fall apart!


Take Everflex’s great sales as a sign to upgrade school shoes too! 


The weeks before the start of a new term or semester are always prime time for parents! Everflex runs heaps of promotions and discounts during the year, but our pre-semester sales are an excellent time to buy school shoes. If you’ve managed to get your child through the last weeks of class in a too-small style, then take advantage of the chance and get them a better-fitting pair! You can save even more than usual and get school shoes at a bargain price during these shopping periods, so keep your eye out! Do you want to know when Everflex sales are starting up? Follow our social media pages or join our email list, and you’ll be the first to know about any special promotions for our school shoes.

We hope that helps!