Shopping for Kids’ School Shoes? 6 Tips to Make It Easier This Back-to-School Season

The start of the academic season is a busy time for parents. Shopping for kids’ school shoes can be daunting because everyone wants to find the perfect pair for their little ones. But because Everflex is here, there’s nothing to worry about!


The brand understands that shopping for kids’ school shoes is time-consuming, so it has compiled a list of tips and tricks to make the process easier and hassle-free. First, why are parents always searching for the correct pair?


The right Everflex kids’ school shoes keep your child comfortable and well-supported to ensure their growing feet will not encounter any foot-related problems. They need total concentration to maximise their learning experience. However, a painful and uncomfortable pair of kids’ school shoes can distract them from their classroom and playground activities. Let’s dive into what can make your shopping experience more organised and efficient!


Tip 1—Shop with Your Child


Many parents believe leaving their child at home will make the process easier and faster. They hop in and out of various stores until they find the best kids’ school shoes without wasting so much time. We get it—you want to avoid tantrums and short attention spans that can make the task more stressful. 


However, taking your child with you is essential because they must fit the kids’ dress shoes, choose the style they want, and give honest feedback about them. The trained in-store staff can measure their feet and get an accurate size. Ill-fitting academic footwear can harm your child’s foot development, so it’s best to avoid that. When your child tries the footwear, they experience how the shoe fits. Since they wear school shoes for almost 30 hours a week, they can ensure they will be comfortable throughout.


Treat shoe shopping as a bonding activity between you and your child, turning it into something they look forward to every time. In the end, please reward them for their efforts, perhaps with a favourite ice cream or a movie date.


Tip 2—Try the Footwear on With Socks


Before buying new kids’ school shoes, ensure you bring the socks they’d wear with the footwear. Alternatively, you can shop for socks at Everflex since the brand has everything your child needs for the academic year. Why should you do this?


Trying on the footwear with socks ensures the child gets a feel of how things will be once classes start. The thickness of the socks also affects the fit, so it’s best to account for it when shopping for new academic footwear.


Tip 3—Find the Perfect Time


Timing is everything when it comes to shopping for kids’ school shoes. We know how stressful dealing with crowds and long lines is, so it’s best to avoid them altogether. Our tip is to hit the stores during weekday afternoons when the crowds are thinner. Besides, shopping for academic footwear in the afternoon is perfect because that’s when your child’s feet are at their maximum size. It’s vital to consider this growth when looking for the correct size. 


However, if you want to skip the in-store shopping experience, take advantage of Everflex’s online store, where shopping for kids’ school shoes has never been more convenient! You and your child can browse the excellent collection from the comfort of your couch. Available 24/7, shop at a time that best suits your schedule.


Tip 4—Check for Essential Features


Who says practical can’t be fun? When shopping for kids’ school shoes, comfort and style must go hand in hand. Your child deserves to look and feel great during those long academic days. Here’s a list of features to look out for when choosing the perfect kids’ school shoes: 


  • Closures like touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces should be present to keep their footwear secure and adjustable. 

  • Traction is a critical feature, and you can check it by flipping the footwear over. Look for grooves or random shapes on the soles. These provide grip on surfaces, keeping your child steady and stable. They work on soft, uneven, or wet ground.

  • Durable materials ensure the longevity of the academic footwear. Premium-quality options at Everflex can withstand daily wear and tear, unpredictable weather, and natural elements. Choose between leather or vegan-friendly options, as both provide longevity and durability.

  • A spacious toe box is essential for your child’s balance, stability, and foot development. Everflex kids’ school shoes have round shapes, giving your child’s toes enough space to spread naturally. Avoid tight, pointy ones, which squeeze the toes together, potentially hurting them and causing blisters.

Tip 5—Avoid Used or Second-hand Options


Steer clear of used kids’ school shoes. While it may seem like an excellent way to save money, it can be more costly in the long run. Previously owned footwear may have foot health problems, like fungus or bacteria, which your child can get when they wear the kids’ school shoes. Moreover, second-hand options have lost all the cushioning and padding essential for proper support. Your child’s feet are still developing, so their footwear must mould to the shape of their feet for optimal support. Instead of taking a chance on second-hand options, invest in affordable Everflex options.


Tip 6—Shop Kids' School Shoes at Everflex


No other brand makes shopping for kids’ school shoes as easy as Everflex. It is a one-stop shop for your child’s academic needs. The brand understands that parents have hectic schedules, so its online store offers convenience, and with the help of our size chart, you can get the perfect school shoe fitting. Shop for kid's school shoes anytime and anywhere and wait for them to arrive at your doorstep within days. 


Since price is a decisive factor, you’ll love the fact that the Everflex collection is accessible to everyone. It offers three affordable price ranges and flexible payment systems that allow parents to purchase kids’ school shoes now and pay in instalments later.


Moreover, register an account with us to enjoy amazing rewards, including a 10% discount on your first purchase, and receive updates about our sales, new styles, and promotion offers. Explore our menu—shop a pair for your child. Because of these many benefits, we've become one of the top online shopping sites. Use our clear filters and quick-view features to discover the ideal school shoe.


Are you finding it challenging to pick the footwear that will work correctly for your child's everyday school activities? Our customer care team is here 24/7. We're working extended hours to ensure we address all your inquiries about back-to-school essentials. 


Continue shopping, and don’t pass up the chance to make shopping for academic footwear easier: head to the nearest Everflex retailer or online store and explore our brands. Shop to grab one now.