Shoes That Will Make You Run Faster In The Playground


Do your kids need school shoes that can keep up with them? Don’t stress, because Everflex is here to make everything easier for parents and their kids. Students lead busy lives, so school shoes need to be up to the challenge. While tradition designs are our forte, we’re also well-versed with active footwear like trainers and sneakers too. It doesn’t matter what you have on your shopping list, because Everflex can provide! Kick back and keep reading. We’ll tell you about all the ins-and-outs of our school shoes, and explain why it’ll pay to shop at Everflex in 2020!


The importance of proper grip and support


Decent traction is a must-have feature in all types of footwear, not just school shoes. Essentially, the grip is what allows you to move confidently across all kinds of terrains. If your style is missing a stable foundation, then you’ll be prone to slip, trip, slide, and flail. School shoes are the most commonly worn item in a student’s wardrobe, and most kids only have a single pair. So, why should they settle for anything but the best support features and the most comfortable bases? Along with keeping students from tripping and hurting themselves, school shoes with superior tread also provide hours of long-lasting comfort. During fast-paced activities and stressful weeks that seem to go forever, that kind of support is invaluable.


What can you expect from our best-sellers?


Our school shoes might look traditional, but we’ve designed them with movement and flexibility in mind! You’ll be able to see for yourself when you browse through the Everflex collection online, but this is still worth mentioning. School shoes off of our shelves come with excellent traction that will afford you extra support and stability, so they’re perfect for playtime! Have a look at the style images online, and you’ll see the grooved tread clearly from the side profiles. With our school shoes, students can stop worrying about their feet and start focusing on having fun instead. Whether they spend recess and lunch on the playground or kicking a ball around on the sports field, Everflex has got customers covered.


How about school shoes from our sports range?


It’s easy to forget, but sneakers and trainers should be on your back-to-class shopping list too! Most kids will need these types of school shoes for weekly PE classes, as well as for extra-curricular activities, after-hours practices, and games on the weekends. And, like standard styles, these need regular replacement as students continue to grow. Chances are, your little one is due for a fresh set!


Sneakers and trainers from our shelves come with either touch-fasting bands or lace-up straps. Laced school shoes are for older students, and they’re ideal because you can customise them to your comfort completely. In comparison, touch-fastening sneakers are best for little kids because they’re far easier for them to do-up and secure without help from others. As mentioned before, the remarkable grip on our trainers and sporty school shoes will allow kids to run faster and move quicker. Versatility is fundamental during action-packed games played on slippery indoor courts, or in less-than-ideal conditions outdoors. Don’t let your kids feel sidelined by subpar school shoes; help them go further, and play to win, with our sneakers!


Treat your kids to the best from Everflex! 


Students can feel sure and secure in our school shoes, and we’re willing to prove it! Everflex’s 100 Day Guarantee covers styles for one hundred days after the purchase date. So, if your child’s school shoes display a fault during that time, then we’ll provide you with a replacement pair. Discover the full range for 2020. The ultimate school shoes are only a click away!