Shoes Perfect for School and Part-Time Work!

Do your children need a new pair of school shoes? Do they have a part-time job as well? If these questions apply to you, then keep on reading. The team at Everflex brands shop knows the ins and outs of buying a new pair of school shoes and ensuring that they are durable and flexible for your children's needs. 


If you have a child who studies and works part-time, it can make things easier by finding a pair of kicks that can get worn to both occasions. There is no better feeling than buying your children the perfect pair of kids school shoes.


So, if you are keen to find out more, then take a look below. We have gathered a range of school shoes that are sure to suit your needs. 


Style 1 – Canvas Sneakers 


Our range of canvas sneakers is the perfect pair of school shoes for your children. These are breathable, comfortable, and super supportive for their feet. Canvas sneakers feature a thin padded sole and a canvas material around the outside of the footwear. 


These kicks stay secured to your child's feet all day long, thanks to the laces on the top of the footwear. Before purchasing a pair of these school shoes, it is best to check the uniform guidelines for your child. Some educations systems will approve of these kicks, and some will not. If they are suitable, you will find that investing in an all-black pair of these school shoes will work best. 


All-black canvas sneakers are perfect for your child if they have a part-time job as well. These kicks will blend in with the work uniform and ensure that your child's feet feel supported all day long. 


Style 2 – Boots


Get ready to invest in a pair of comfortable and supportive school shoes for your children. That's right; we are talking about a set of boots. These kicks are best worn during the cooler months of the year, thanks to their high level of protection against harsh winds and heavy rain.


In addition, boots offer plenty of support and protection against anything that comes their way. These are the perfect pair of school shoes because of their support, comfort, and durable qualities. The best style of boots to invest in is an all-black set. 


These school shoes are perfect for a day full of study and play. These kicks even provide a small boost of height which is great if your children feel taller. Boots are a great pair of school shoes because they can double as a set of kicks for part-time work. Your child's feet will survive anything when they wear a set of boots!  


Style 3 – Lace-Ups


The perfect pair of school shoes can get found right here at Everflex. Our range of lace-ups is the best option for your child if they need a sturdy, versatile, and comfortable pair of kicks. 


Lace-ups are a classic style of kids school shoes that have gone through many generations. These are popular pairs of kicks because of the many qualities that they provide. For example, lace-ups can stay on your child's feet from morning until night, which is perfect for a day full of learning and play. 


These are a safe option of footwear to purchase when you are shopping for new kicks for your child. The best thing about a pair of lace-ups is that they are unisex, so your children can share these primary school shoes. You will find that a pair of lace-ups made of leather will last a little longer than vegan-friendly kicks. 


However, both school shoes offer the same qualities, so it just depends on if you want to invest in a set of kicks that last longer than the average pair. After that, the choice is all yours! 


Style 4 – Slip-Ons


Treat your children to the perfect pair of school shoes with our range of slip-ons. These kicks are perfect for kids who do not enjoy the stress of tying up laces. All your child has to do is wake up in the morning and slip into these school shoes. 


This look is a style of slip-on that is useful to start the day. Slip-on school shoes offer plenty of supportive features, so you will not have to worry about your child feeling any pain or discomfort. These school shoes provide a thick sole, soft material on the outside of the footwear and a firm mould onto their feet. 


Your child will love wearing these kicks for a day full of classroom learning and activities. These school shoes are super comfortable and will feel like they are wearing slippers instead! 


Style 5 – Trainers


If your child needs the perfect pair of school shoes that can double as the right pair of kicks for part-time work, then look no further. Our range of trainers is sure to tickle your fancy. These school shoes are perfect for children who love to be active and spend time outside as much as possible. 


Trainers offer plenty of support for your child's feet, with thick soles, padded outer layers and laces to keep their feet secure. Trainers will get purchased in an all-white or all-black colour to fit the uniform guidelines. These gender boys school shoes are super supportive and comfortable to wear, which is why they are perfect for part-time work. 


So whether it is a checkout shift or hospitality gig, your child will feel great throughout the entire day whilst wearing these new styles of kicks. Close checkout this footwear from our top online shopping store, Everflex —so checkout using your account email right now. 




When investing in a new pair of school shoes for your child, it is necessary to grab some footwear accessories. This step can get easily forgotten, but it can help prevent any damage to the new kicks or injuries for your young athlete's foot. 


We highly recommend to faster checkout some backup laces and socks for our range of school shoes. It will surprise you how often you need to swap old laces and socks for new ones. In addition, if your children experience some pain and discomfort on their feet, it is worthwhile investing in innersoles. These can add an extra layer of comfort and prevent pain and injury.  


Found the Perfect Pair of School Shoes?


If our range of kicks has sparked an interest, that is a sign to get your hands on a new pair ASAP. It can feel super challenging to find the right pair of school shoes for your children, so if they like something, then you better jump on it. Head to the Everflex menu shop website today to find out more! 


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