Shoes From Reception To Year 12… Everflex Have You Covered!

Stop searching for girls’ school shoes! Everflex’s styles will suit students of all ages

Our sizes grow with you!

One of the best things about shopping at Everflex is the fact that there are no awkward pauses between girls’ school shoes. That is to say, if your kids age-out of our children’s range, then they can transition seamlessly into our selection of adult sizes. As such, it’s easy for teenagers or kids with large feet to swap into the next range up. 

We also have a generous scope of sizes for our designs, which is beneficial to our customers. If your kids have a specific type of girls’ school shoes that they love, then replacing a worn out or too-small pair will be straightforward from one shop to the next. While we do update our designs and introduce new girls’ school shoes throughout the year, many of our favourites stay (and under the same name). If you know the name of the design, you can quickly search for it on our website. Otherwise, you can always compare your girls’ school shoes against the images of ones in our range.  

What are the best styles for toddlers and kids? 

Our touch-fastening girls’ school shoes are the perfect pick for little kids who are still trying to figure out shoelaces. For one thing, girls’ school shoes with loose laces can get kids into trouble since they are a tripping hazard. Secondly, even with the friendliest teacher in the world, kids can sometimes be too embarrassed to ask for help. So, unless you want to be triple-knotting girls’ school shoes every morning, touch-fastening straps are the clear solution to this problem. Children of all ages can get the hang of these quickly, and the secure fit means your girls’ school shoes won’t be flying off during playtime anytime soon. Plus, this also gives your children the freedom to loosen the straps if they’re on too tight, instead of trying to yank at knots. 

How about somewhere in the middle?

Mary-Jane sandals are typically for our youngest students, but they make nice girls’ school shoes during summertime for preteens too. During winter, your children will probably want the extra coverage of conventional styles, but when the weather is hot, the laser cut-outs and open tops let feet breathe beautifully. The side buckles on these are even less likely to come loose than our touch-fastening straps, and they look great too! 

Taking these girls’ school shoes outside should be no issue since your child’s toes will be covered, but there may be rules about older kids wearing Mary-Janes. 

Since we’re on the subject, here are the girls’ school shoes for older students:

As kids get older, Everflex transitions them into our lace-up styles. These are the traditional (and expected) girls’ school shoes in most classrooms and look smart with uniforms. We have plenty for you to choose from in this part of our collection, so it all comes down to personal preferences. 

For instance, you might try a synthetic or leather pair of girls’ school shoes. At a glance, there is almost no difference between the two materials. However, each finish contributes a distinctive benefit to the wearer. Synthetic girls’ school shoes have a longer shelf life because they are harder to mark and have better weather resistance— depending on where you live, this weatherproofing can be a massive bonus. Then again, girls’ school shoes made from leather are more malleable to foot shapes and circulate air.

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We’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for on our shelves. Shopping for girls’ school shoes has never been so simple!