School Shoes Your Little Ones Will Want to Wear!

Finding the right pair of kicks for your children can be a challenge at the best of times. This issue is especially so when you are shopping for school shoes. That is why the team here at Everflex brands shop have created a list of comfortable and wearable styles of school shoes for every little kid to enjoy. You will save plenty of time and money with these styles. 


So if you need to start the new education year with some newly purchased school shoes, then you are in the right place. Take a quick view below to see what footwear styles we have ready and waiting for you!  


Style 1 – Boots


Check out our range of boots! These are the high-demand school shoes perfect for the winter season. These kicks can protect you from whatever comes your way. Boots feature a high-rise cut which is perfect for keeping out any rain, mud, or dirt. In addition, you will find that these school shoes are super protective and are great to wear for a day of learning and play. 


A pair of boots also offers your children a little height boost which can help with comfort levels throughout the day. These kids school shoes are best to wear during the cold months. The sturdy material and strong coverage will ensure that your children’s feet stay protected all day long. 


You will never regret purchasing a pair of these school shoes from our menu shop, Everflex! 


Style 2 – Mary-Jane


Are you ready to take your daily uniform look to the next level? Well, now you can! Our range of Mary-Jane school shoes is sure to be a showstopper. These are the perfect set of kicks that can give the uniform a boost of style. 


Mary-Jane school shoes are a popular footwear style amongst girls and for all right reasons. These kicks feature a small heel and T-bar style of fastening. There is a range of geometric cut-outs around these school shoes as well. Your daughter will love how easy to wear these kicks are. The Mary-Jane style of school shoes is perfect for a day of learning and playing. 


The best thing about these school footwear is that you can pass them down to your other children once one child outgrows them. Also, these colour black school shoes are sure to last a while, so you will never have to worry about splurging on black school shoes! 


Style 3 – Lace-ups


Get your hands on a pair of lace-up school shoes. These are the type of footwear that every child needs in their life. A set of lace-ups are guaranteed to keep your child’s feet safe and protected all day long. You will love what these school shoes can do for your children. 


They look great with both summer and winter uniforms. In addition, these school shoes offer plenty of breathability, security, and support for your feet. This tip is a great thing because you will hardly hear about broken footwear or painful feet at the end of a long day. 


Our range of lace-up style school shoes are unisex as well, so your children can share these kicks amongst each other. In addition, our lace-up school shoes feature breathable material with sturdy protection at the front end. These are the pair of kicks that you will want to invest in every year. 


There is no better feeling than a set of lace-up school shoes on your child’s feet to bring in the new year! 


Style 4 – Touch-fastening 


Our range of touch-fastening school shoes will become a new family favourite. These are the perfect set of kicks for your children. In addition, you will find that a pair of touch-fastening school shoes can make your day a whole lot better. 


If your children are struggling to tie up laces or do not know how to do this yet, then our touch-fastening range will be your new go-to. The touch-fastening school shoes are secure around the feet and feature a double-strap fastening so you can have some reassurance that they are the perfect set of kicks. 


Touch-fastening school shoes can come in a range of new styles and designs. However, to suit the uniform guidelines, we recommend investing in all-black or all-white colours. This tip will ensure that your children blend in with the uniform guidelines and feel comfortable all day long. 


Style 5 – Ballet Flats


Say hello to our range of ballet flats. These are the perfect set of school shoes for every girl to wear. So if you are looking for a comfortable and stylish pair of girls’ school shoes, then this is the style for your daughter. 


Ballet flats are always coming in and out of fashion, which means these kicks will always be on-trend. A pair of these school shoes are perfect for the warmer seasons of the year. You will find that ballet flats are breathable, wearable, and stylish. Your daughter will love rocking a pair of these kicks during her day of study and play. 


The best thing about these school shoes is that your daughter can invest in a set of ballet flats that match her friends. This look will give her a boost of confidence for the first term back. In addition, we love that these school shoes are super versatile and can get worn outside of the classroom as well. 


Whether it is a family dinner or afternoon playdate, you can trust that your daughter will look and feel great in a set of ballet flats. These school shoes are worth the investment! So purchase, subscribe & receive updates from us!


Style 6 – Printed Kicks 


Brighten up your child’s day by gifting them a pair of printed kicks. This footwear style is sure to keep your children motivated and enthusiastic throughout the day. If your uniform guidelines allow you to invest in these school shoes, we highly recommend doing so. 


Your children will love showing off their printed kicks to friends and teachers. You will find popular characters from movies and TV shows printed on these school shoes. Whether it is a pair of sports shoes ​or flats, you will find what you need for your children to wear. 


These school shoes still offer plenty of support and comfort for your children’s feet, so you will never have to worry about them being uncomfortable throughout the day. These kicks are a must-have in your shopping cart! Take this as a sign to invest in!


Time to kick start the year with a new pair of school shoes!


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