School Shoes Your Kids Won’t Want To Take Off

Your kids will want to keep their school shoes on forever! Everflex’s expansive range of styles has something for students of all sizes and schedules, so you can be sure that we’ve got what you need. 


Even if your kids want them on, our styles are easy to take off


We design our school shoes for all ages. Take a look at our designs for kids and then at our adult range, and you’ll spot the difference between them at once. Despite sharing the same core look, the fastenings differ considerably. Safety is a priority with our school shoes, but so are accessibility and ease of wear. 


The littlest Everflex customers will find items with touch-fastening straps, and tiny fingers will find these easier to do-up without help from others. Until kids gain confidence and learn to tie up their school shoes, touch-fastening pairs are the way to go. After all, you don’t want them tripping over untied laces! 


School shoes for older students and young adults tend to come with laces, but we also have buckled Mary-Jane style pairs. Laces, in particular, offer a more comprehensive fit because the entire style can be altered and adjusted. Also, the extra support that older students enjoy from their school shoes is crucial, as their days are more demanding and their studies are more serious. 


Good luck getting their sneakers and trainers off!


Kids get to wear their favourite trainers and sneakers for PE classes and extracurricular activities every week, so those sporty school shoes will always get their fair share of wear. But, you can bet that your kids will sneak these out on the weekends and during the holidays too! The great thing about having sneakers as school shoes is that they’re the footwear of choice for any physical activity. If your child loves to run, play, and explore in their free time, then these will be their ideal match. Why buy a new pair for a class excursion or camping trip when their sporty school shoes are up to the challenge already? 


Along with their age-appropriate fastenings, our sneakers and other active school shoes come with soles that support grip and balance. Fast-paced manoeuvres will be seamless when kids have our sneakers on their feet. And, with easy-to-match white and black sneakers available from Everflex all year long, it’s no mystery why they’re some of our bestsellers! 


Take comfort to the next level with our cosy accessories


One sure way to make your kids want to stay in their school shoes is to add some innersoles inside. Innersoles and similar inserts are the perfect combinations for support and comfort. Given how crazy kids’ schedules can get during the semester, they’ll be glad to have the extra support from their school shoes. Innersoles provide full-coverage for feet, half-sized innersoles go under the balls of your feet, and heel grips protect against blisters in problem areas. 


Another popular use for our innersoles is to fill space in an oversized pair of school shoes. With innersoles to compensate for the empty areas, parents can buy styles that are a size or two too big and let their kids grow into it while keeping them safe and cosy in the meantime. As well as being an excellent way to save on school shoes, innersoles are the perfect compromise. 


Find the cosiest new school shoes for your kids at Everflex!


You’ll be amazed by our affordable prices and vast range, which is why you should join us online this season. We’ve got school shoes for customers of all ages and genders; so, what’s stopping you? Come and add something to your shopping cart today! 2020 is sure to look more promising with Everflex school shoes!