School Shoes You'll Want to Wear Again and Again!

The new academic year is just around the corner, causing parents and guardians to search for school shoes that their children can always wear again and again. With more than 30 hours spent in their classes per week, their footwear must be durable enough to see them through.

If this is your first time buying a pair of school shoes, there are several things you must understand. First, this footwear is not just a pair. It must provide support and comfort that are critical to your developing feet. The bones in your child's feet don't stop growing until they reach puberty, so they need school shoes that fit well.

So, what are the critical characteristics required in a pair of school shoes?

Please allow our team to assist you in determining what needs to be checked so that your child can wear them again and again. Then, read on to learn more! After which, we will explain in more detail why getting your child the right Everflex school shoes is significant.


Tips on Choosing the Perfect Footwear

Your child will wear a pair of school shoes again and again if it makes them comfortable. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect footwear: 


1. "If the footwear fits."

Your child's comfort depends on how well-fitted their school shoes are. Please measure the length and width of your child's feet separately because it's typical for most children to have one foot that's longer or broader than the other.

The footwear available at Everflex comes in the following sizes: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. For your reference, check the handy size guide for your child's Everflex size. In addition, ensure that the tops or sides of the school shoes don't obstruct your child's toes. 


2. Leave a gap.

When buying your child's pair of school shoes, ensure that you leave a gap between the tip of the longest toe and the end of the footwear with an ideal space of 1 cm, or about a thumb's width. Avoid buying a perfect fit because your child's feet will outgrow them quickly.

Experts suggest you do frequent size checks every few months because your child may have outgrown school shoes. Also, observe how they stand when putting on their footwear. If they hate putting them on, the school shoes may not fit anymore.


3. The toe wiggle test

The easiest way to check if the school shoes fit perfectly is to make your child wiggle their toes. It will give you an idea of whether there is enough room in the toe area for their toes to move.

Check to see if there are bulges on the toes of either side of their footwear. If there are bumps, they are wearing the wrong school shoes. Having enough space in the school shoes to spread and move freely will allow your child to maintain optimal gait and overall movement. 


4. Avoid using hand-me-downs

We understand that parents wish to save money and use secondhand school shoes that still look okay. They may even be top brands, like Clarks, Harrison, and Roc, which you might find even harder to resist. However, doing this can prove to be more expensive in the long run. 

Purchasing your child a new pair of school shoes is essential so the footwear can mould itself to the shape of the user's feet. If they use pre-owned footwear, it already follows the form of the previous owner and won't be able to provide the proper support for your child. 

Besides, there's no need to worry about the budget because the Everflex brand of school shoes for boys and girls are all affordable! Furthermore, our flexible payment systems will allow you to purchase now and pay later! 


5. Purchase your footwear in the afternoon.

The best time to buy school shoes for your child is in the afternoon or evening, when their feet are at their largest size. All of their daily activities, such as walking, standing, and running, contribute to the swelling of their feet. It's ideal for taking this swelling into account when determining their exact size. 


Why should you get your child the right pair of school shoes that they will wear again and again? 

We gathered some reasons to help you understand the significance of getting your child the correct pair of school shoes, especially if they must wear them repeatedly. 


1. Protects their feet from natural elements

Your child can run and play in the playground without worrying about inclement weather like rain or cold if he has the proper school shoes. In addition, you will have peace of mind knowing that their footwear protects them from elements like pebbles getting trapped in their footwear. 


2. Ensures Necessary Support and Traction

Can you imagine the devastation of discovering your child with bruises and scuffed knees when they come home?

Wearing the ideal pair of school shoes can prepare your child for unpredictable weather that could cause accidents. Everflex shoes are made of materials that give you a good grip on surfaces that are wet or slick. Knowing your child is safe can give you peace of mind even when they are out of your sight.


3. Does it allow moisture to escape? Did you know you have the same number of sweat glands as your child? 

If you sweat a lot during extra-warm days, they do, too, probably more since they play a lot during breaks. Your child can keep their feet fresh all day with breathable school shoes!


4. Provides comfort.

Comfort must always be a top priority, especially when your child spends most of their time in classes that require their undivided attention. Pain and discomfort can deter their focus, leading to poor performance. By buying Everflex school shoes, you hit two birds with one stone! 


Put a pair of black school shoes in your shopping cart for Your Child

Give your child the best school shoes they can wear again and again. With so much stress, they don't need painful footwear to add to that.

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