School Shoes You'll Purchase Again and Again

Do your children need a new pair of school shoes this term? If you are nodding your head yes, then you are in the right place. Here at Everflex, we have the perfect range of school shoes that are suitable for every child to wear. We pride ourselves on offering families the best school shoes, which means you will only ever have the best footwear in your child's wardrobe.


There is nothing we love more than rocking a set of new and comfortable school shoes with your next look. The best thing about our range of kicks is that you will want to purchase them again for every child in your family to wear. 


Our school shoes are perfect for school & work. You can find these school shoes in styles perfect for kids to wear, especially for boys, and girls, unisex, vegan-friendly, and leather. There are plenty of options to choose from with our range of styles! Take a scroll down below to find out more. 


Style 1 – Mary-Jane


Stay trendy this education year with our range of Mary-Jane school shoes. These kicks are the perfect pair of footwear for every girl to wear. You will find that these are stylish, comfortable, and can take you through the entire day with ease. 


The Mary-Janes offer a supportive sole with geometric cut-outs on the outer material. This feature is what makes a pair of these kicks fun to wear. The geometric cut-outs offer a unique design that is different from the rest. They also ensure that your daughter looks and feels the best from morning until night. 


These Mary-Jane school shoes are perfect to wear throughout the summer and winter. Your daughter will love rocking a pair of these during her day. The best thing about these kicks is that they can get worn during primary and secondary education. Woo hoo!

For your top online shopping, you can trust us to be one of your top brands if you want to buy shoes suitable for school and work. We got you covered.

We offer you free shipping or delivery on orders over $50 if you order online and get an order number. So take note of this and collect these durable shoes!


Style 2 – Lace-ups


Check out our range of lace-up school shoes this season! You will love what a pair of these classic kicks can do for your next look. There is nothing better than rocking a pair of lace-ups for a day full of learning and play. 


This classic footwear style has been in uniform requirements for many years now. These kicks are the go-to set of footwear for every child to wear. The lace-up feature has been found to keep your child's feet safe from morning until night. In addition, the laces offer secure fastening and can easily take your look to the next level. 


So, of course, there is nothing better than getting your hands on a pair of kids' school shoes. You can feel at ease throughout the day because you know your child has protective footwear on their feet. TUTOR is the ultimate style of footwear for every little man to wear throughout the day.

You can use our clear filters to find your approximate type of shoes by colour, categories, size, and price.


Style 3 – Touch-fastening


Get your hands on our range of touch-fastening school shoes! Every child will love to wear these perfect sets of kicks. Touch-fastening school shoes are perfect for children who struggle with tying laces at the moment. 


This skill takes time to master, but whilst your child is still learning, you can invest in a set of touch-fastening school shoes. These are the perfect pair of kicks to wear, thanks to their level of comfort and support.

These are the type of footwear that is easy to wear and that a baby or toddler can already wear.

In addition, these kicks offer a thick sole, making them super comfortable and durable to wear. You will love what a set of touch-fastening school shoes can do for your child. 


They are super breathable and easy to wear, so all your child has to do is jump out of bed in the morning and slip into their touch-fastening kicks. They will have a smile on their face all day and night long with these kicks by their side. Visit our brand shop during our opening hours!


Style 4 – Trainers


Does your child love to play sports? Are they active children throughout the day and at night? If you are nodding your head yes to these questions, then you are in the right place. We have the perfect pair of school shoes that will suit your child. 


A set of trainers are the perfect type of footwear that active children wear. Trainers come in plenty of colours and styles, so you will find a pair that suits the uniform guidelines. In addition, these kids' school shoes are extra supportive on their feet, which is why they are the perfect choice for active children. Jump, run, and skip all day long in a set of trainers!


Style 5 – Ballet Flats


Get your daughter ready for the day with our range of ballet flats. This footwear style will become a new staple in your daughter's life. We love what a pair of ballet flats can do for your daughter. 


Nothing is better than rocking a set of school shoes that make you feel stylish, comfortable, and confident throughout the day. These kids' school shoes are super easy to wear and ensure your child looks and feels good in class and on the oval for recess and lunch. So take this article as you sign to purchase these kicks!


Style 6 –Boots


Have your children ever tried out a pair of slide-on boots? Well, now is the time to do so because they are on-trend and are super popular! In addition, slide-on boots are a unisex style of school shoes, so none of your kids will feel left out (which means no arguments, woo!). 


When shopping for a new pair of black school shoes that are both on-trend and comfortable to wear, this type of process can lead to some issues. If you are shopping for more than one child, there can be a tantrum or two that is bound to occur. To avoid this, grab your kids the same pair of school shoes so they can match. 


This tip is a great tactic to use when investing in super cool slide-on boots. These kicks are perfect for a day full of learning and play. Slide-on boots protect your child's feet against wet weather and ensure they spend their day in supportive footwear. In addition, you can get them at a very affordable price!


Get your hands on a pair of these comfortable school shoes today!


There is no better feeling than getting your child the ultimate set of school shoes for their next first day of term. You will find that these kicks are super supportive on their feet and can help protect them throughout the day. Head to the Everflex website today and add these new school shoes to the shopping cart ASAP!

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