School Shoes You Can Count on...That's Everflex!

It is that time of year again when the children are chatting, and the bells are ringing. That’s right; you guessed it! It is back to school time, and what better way to start the term than by getting your hands on a set of new shoes for your child. There is nothing better than starting the year with a new pair of school shoes on your child’s feet. If you feel stuck on what footwear style to invest in, look no further. 


The Everflex brands' store team has gathered a range of black school shoes that you can count on! Our range of kicks is perfect for school & work, with plenty of kid’s school shoes on offer. 


Our range of kid’s school shoes come in various styles, including; boys and girls, unisex, leather, and vegan friendly. Scroll down below to find out more! 


Style 1 – Mary-Jane


Get your hands on a pair of Mary-Jane school shoes this year! These are the perfect set of kicks for every little girl to wear. In addition, the Mary-Jane style of footwear is sure to last throughout the year. So whether it is summer or winter, you will find that these school shoes are a must-have in your daughter’s life. We love how comfortable, wearable, and breathable a pair of Mary-Jane school shoes are. 


Your daughter will look and feel good all day in these school shoes. The Mary-Jane style features a comfortable sole, with at-buckle fastening and geometric cut-outs on the outer material. 


These cut-outs ensure plenty of breathability and flexibility when you wear these kicks on your feet. The Mary-Jane style of school shoes is like no other. So why not give SCHOLAR a shot this education year? You will find that this pair of Mary-Jane school shoes are perfect for your daughter’s everyday wear! So take this as a sign to purchase these kicks!


Style 2 – Lace-up 


Check out our range of lace-up school shoes this year! You will fall in love with these lace-ups, and so will your child. 


The lace-up design is a classic that has been in the uniform guidelines for many years now. There is nothing better than rocking a pair of these kicks during the day. You will love what a set of boys' school shoes can do for your child. We love how comfortable and wearable a pair of these kicks are on your feet. 


The lace-up design offers a thick and supportive sole with sturdy outer material. With this strong outer material, you can trust that these school shoes will keep your child’s feet protected all day long. Every parent struggles with the idea of their child losing a pair of kicks. Therefore, we recommend investing in lace-ups for your child. 


Style 3 – Boots


Get ready for the winter season with our range of boots. These are the ultimate set of school shoes that every child needs in their life. Our range of boots will keep your child’s feet safe and protected all day long. 


Boots are the perfect pair of kicks to invest in because they will keep your child’s feet feeling and looking comfortable all day long. There is nothing better than the feeling your child will get in a pair of boots. These colour black school shoes offer a wide range of comfort and protective abilities to make your child look and feel they're the very best. 


The high-cut design of boots ensures that your child’s feet are protected from any substances slipping into their kicks. You will never have to worry about mud, rain, or dirt making their way into your child’s school shoes with these boots on their feet! There is no need to look for a brand store that has limited opening hours, shop online with Everflex.


Style 4 – Canvas sneakers 


Let your child stay comfortable and protected in their school shoes this education year with a pair of canvas sneakers by their side. You will love what a set of these kicks can do for you. Our range of canvas sneakers will make your child’s life a whole lot easier. But, of course, there is nothing better than rocking a pair of canvas sneakers during a day of study and play. 


We know that you and your child will love investing in a set of these school shoes because of their comfort and stylish features. These kicks offer a thick sole with a thin and breathable outer material. Perfect for the classroom environment.


In addition, your child will love wearing a pair of these school shoes during the day and after hours. These canvas sneakers are the perfect pair of school shoes that can get worn with your child’s uniform and after-hours wear. So whether it is a play date with friends or an afternoon of math class, you can trust that your child will look and feel comfortable in their school shoes. 




One thing that every parent forgets to do when shopping for a new pair of school shoes is invest in some accessories. You will find that wearing a pair of school shoes tens to be comfortable and supportive on your child’s feet. In addition, these kicks get worn throughout the day, five days a week, which can wear away the footwear much quicker. 


If you want your child’s school shoes to have a long shelf-life, get your hands on some footwear accessories. We recommend investing in a pair of innersoles. 


These sit on the child’s footwear inside and can instantly provide a boost of comfort for your child. We also recommend investing in some backup laces and socks. You never know when you will come home from a long day and find that your child has got torn-up laces and socks with holes in them. 


You will benefit from keeping some backups in your cupboard. In addition, this tip will instantly fix your child’s pair of school shoes, which is a win-win in our eyes! 


Do you need a pair of new kids' school shoes ASAP?


You will love how comfortable and stylish our range of school shoes look and feel on your child’s feet. These are the must-have set of kicks for every child to wear. If you are ready to get your hands on a new pair, head to the Everflex shop website today! There are a lot of surprises that are waiting for you! Like many benefits, items at a low price. No matter what your current location is, you can order!