School Shoes You Can Count On Are Everflex School Shoes!

Are You On The Hunt For The Perfect School Shoes?


Well, look no further; Everflex is your one-stop shop!


We have school shoes for all ages and all schooling and sporting activities, from black school shoes to comfortable rubber shoes. So shop our diverse school shoes and make this dreaded chore a breeze!


We love to shop for our favourite top brands, but we know how hard it is to get your children to cooperate in to shopping. They often feel to come to a store.


So, make your way over to Everflex and take the hassle out of shopping for school shoes. Our helpful staff will assist you in finding the perfect fit and style.


Or better yet, shop online and skip the children's dramas! Our store website is fully equipped to help you find the perfect school shoes, and our online size guide will help you find the perfect fit.


Find The Perfect School Shoes


We understand that, sometimes, our kids feel lazy coming to school. And it could sometimes be caused by their discomfort with what they wear.

No worries! Sit back and relax because Everflex has done all the hard work for you.


You can guarantee that our kids' school shoes are sturdy, hard-wearing, comfortable, flexible, and, most importantly, affordable. All you need to do is browse our collection and find the perfect fit!


Uniforms, stationery, and fees all add up, and the last thing you want to do is spend hundreds of dollars on black school shoes that will most likely not fit by the end of the year.


Unfortunately, children's feet are always growing and changing, so you can guarantee that the kid's school shoes you purchased at the beginning of the year are already starting to feel snug, even if they are from the top brands you know.


If you find yourself questioning whether it's time to pick up a new pair of kicks, then head over to Everflex and find an affordable pair of black school shoes today!


Our kid's school shoes are hard-wearing and sturdy, so you bet they will keep up with your children's active lifestyles.


These everyday kicks will certainly be able to keep up with your little ones. Their days are full of sitting, walking, running, skipping, hopping, and jumping.


Feel at ease knowing your little one's feet are in good school shoes throughout the day.


Not Sure Where To Start?


At Everflex, we have made your shopping experience as seamless as possible.


Whether you are planning to head in-store to purchase your new kid's school shoes or shop on our online site, heading onto our website is always a great place to start.


Our filtering system is a great way to start your search, especially if you are new to the school shoe game! No need to get exhausted pushing your shopping cart while finding the shoes you need.


Using our clear filters, you can search by colour, price, gender, brand, and size. You can also check out our categories at the top of the page to find your type of shoes.


If you find yourself in deep waters and are unsure where to start, then we recommend starting by filtering out your child's size. Doing this will show you a range of kid's school shoes that are available in your child's size and, in turn, will show what styles are best suited to your child's size and age.


For instance, if you filter the sizes between eight, nine, and ten, you will see that the kid's school shoe ranges that filter through are mostly touch-fastening. As a result, there won't be many lace-up options.


This is because black school shoes of these sizes are best suited to younger children who cannot tie laces independently. You will find many options for slip-on boots, buckle-up, and touch-fastening styles rather than lace-ups.


It is a great tool to use before you head into an Everflex store, find a style that you like the look of, and find out which store has the size you need.


Don't waste time heading into a store hoping that your preferred style will be in stock, by doing some research before heading in-store will save you a world of headache!


Touch Fastening School Shoes


As we said, our touch-fastening black school shoes are great for your little ones who struggle with lace-ups.


These trendy styles come in a classic mary-jane style for little girls and a classic sleek trainer look for little guys too!


Touch-fastening straps are great because they allow your child to slip into their school shoes and the straps allow for a snug, comfortable and convenient fit.


Buckle Up Styles For Little Girls


Similar to the classic mary-jane style, buckle-up styles are just as iconic in school shoes amongst little girls.


These styles are light and flexible with adjustable buckle fastening, which makes an easy fit.


Find your child's favourite design amongst our variety of styles; choose between glossy patent leather, smooth matte leather, and a range of laser cut-out designs and patterns.


You can guarantee your little girl will look like the sharpest student in class in a pair of our buckle-up school shoes! So take this as a sign to invest in these kicks!




Our lace-up kid's school shoes are a classic style. So not only will your child be the smartest looking child in the classroom, but they will also be one of the most comfortable!


Our lace-ups are made with soft, flexible padded soles for a comfortable fit. In addition, our lace-ups feature a durable tread meaning its hard-wearing features are disguised in a classic kid's school shoe style.


Leather Vs. Synthetic Kids School Shoes


A hot topic amongst parents is leather vs. synthetic kids' school shoes, but it all comes down to personal preference.


If you prefer to purchase vegan-friendly products, you can guarantee that our brand has a synthetic school shoe range and is one hundred percent vegan friendly.


However, if you prefer a leather option, then our leather range is just what you're looking for. Our leather school shoes are hard-wearing and comfortable; price-wise, they sit at a quarter of the price of other well-known branded school shoes.

Don't worry because our materials are durable and can keep your child's feet covered and protected. Your children will love this footwear so collect them now.


Regardless of your preference, you can guarantee that Everflex is here to help you find the perfect school shoes that will work for you and your child.


Feel free to shop online because you can access our site 24/7. Have your account now to place your order in your bag on the website. It has an order number along with your shoes.


If you ordered your shoes before 2:30 PM Monday-Friday (ACST), your package would be dispatched that day. Please take note of this so you can receive it the same day and use it right away!

Or visit our physical store during opening hours so you can test-run the shoes before buying them.


Get Shopping!


Whatever your preference is in school shoes, ensure your child is comfortable throughout the day in a pair from Everflex.


Shop our collection, and you can guarantee that you will feel at ease sending your boys and girls away for the day.


Shop at Everflex and find school shoes that you can count on!