School Shoes You Can Count On

It's that time of the year when you need to send your child back to their academic institution, and one of the essential items on the list is a good pair of school shoes. 

Not only do they need to withstand the daily wear and tear of the classroom, but they also need to be comfortable enough for your child to wear all day. That's where you can count on Everflex school shoes.  

You can be sure that your child's feet will remain supported and healthy throughout the day thanks to the many advantages of this footwear, including its durability and comfort. So, they can wear these shoes to school, on the playground, and even while doing homework. 

So, read on if you need help learning more about the pair of shoes your child needs to get through the year! Our team at Everflex will give you the rundown on everything you must know about school shoes! 



Durable school shoes are essential for your child's safety, comfort, and well-being. In addition, they can help protect your child's feet from injury. Children are constantly on the go and are prone to accidental slips, trips, and falls. These are school shoes boys adore knowing they can help protect their feet and keep them from getting hurt.

Durable school shoes are also crucial for comfort. Flimsy footwear can start to break down quickly, causing blisters and other foot problems, making it difficult for your child to focus on their studies, as they may be too distracted by discomfort to concentrate.

Durable Everflex footwear is a good investment. You won't need to replace them constantly because they don't break down quickly. These are the school shoes you can count on!



Affordable does not mean cheap. It's about providing more high-quality school shoes to parents and guardians looking for ways to protect their child's feet and save money! You can count on Everflex to provide affordable school shoes that will last your child a long unless they outgrow the footwear. 



Quality school shoes use durable and lightweight materials with cushion and support to keep your child's feet comfortable all day. You can count on this footwear to protect your child and ensure they stay focused on their classes.

Quality school shoes can give parents peace of mind by helping to protect their child's feet, ensuring their comfort, and providing good value for their money. Your child can play all day without you worrying if they might get into an accident.



By choosing supportive and comfortable school shoes for your children, you can ensure support and good health for your child's feet. 

Comfortable kids school shoes help prevent foot problems. However, when shoes don't fit right, they can cause blisters, corns, and other foot problems that can be painful or even hurtful. You can count on Everflex to keep your child's feet protected at all times!


Everflex Kids' School Shoes—Available Styles

School shoes from our collection feature fashionable, dependable, and cosy styles. We promise you'll discover the ideal set in both traditional and contemporary styles. In addition, we take great pride in offering high-quality shoes comparable to brands like Asics, Clarks, Roc and Skechers, Harrison, Roc, Nike, etc.

Our range of Everflex styles are kids school shoes you can count on to protect your child. Here are our popular ones!


Style 1—T-Bar

T-bar school shoes are famous for girls because they are practical and stylish. This footwear has straps forming a T, hence the name, running across the top of the foot, and fastens with a buckle.

Girls with higher insteps prefer these kids' school shoes because the bar provides ample support by positioning itself over the instep. In addition, you can count on this style to make your child comfortable because it has a wide toe box that promotes proper foot development and growth.


Style 2—Mary Janes 

The Mary Jane school shoes epitomise classic and timeless style, and girls can rely on them to make their learning experience comfortable and safe. This footwear has topped the popularity charts for years because it is a more feminine alternative to traditional kids' school shoes. More importantly, Mary Janes have an open-top design that provides breathability to keep your child's feet comfortable and fresh all day long!


Style 3—Pull-On Boots 

Young boys can count on pull-on boots for their school shoes. They are easy to wear. There are no laces to tie, so your child can slip their feet into the kids' school shoes. This style is perfect for busy mornings.

This style keeps your child's feet warm and provides traction on wet surfaces. They also cover everything up to the ankles, making it harder for foreign objects to enter.


Style 4—Lace-Up

Lace-up kids' school shoes offer girls and boys the necessary support and durability to withstand classroom demands while also providing the convenience of a custom fit. Laces, which tighten or loosen the footwear, run through a series of holes or eyelets on the vamp of the school shoes, securing them in place. By adjusting the laces, you can ensure the shoes fit your child better and are more secure. Children with wide or narrow feet can benefit as it allows them to customise the fit. These boys' school shoes are a popular pick among active boys.


Style 5—Double Straps

Double-strap kids school shoes have two straps that fasten across the top of the foot via touch-fastening straps, providing additional support and stability. Active children who are constantly on their feet will appreciate how this footwear keeps them on their feet while playing in the playground.

Touch-fastening straps are easy to use, which your child can do singlehandedly. They press the two sides together to close the shoes. The hooks on one side of the strap interlock with the loops on the other side, designed for a secure and snug fit. 


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