School Shoes We’re Loving This Season!

The summer academic term will have several warm days, which may cause your child discomfort. However, your kid can avoid feeling uncomfortable if they have school shoes appropriate for the heat. There are several factors to consider when choosing styles for this season. And the team from Everflex can help you learn more about them.

Everflex is a reputable brand for providing students with school shoes that help them be their best. The brand understands how academic footwear impacts your children's performance, so it aims to offer options that won’t hinder your child from doing their best.

While the brand has various options available, there are specific Everflex school shoes that we love for this season. With warmth and bright sunny days on the horizon, you must consider alternatives to help your kids endure these days. Do you know what features to look for?

Allow our team from Everflex to walk you through the characteristics of summer school shoes; then, we’ll describe the various options they can wear. If you’re ready, let’s do it!


Summer Footwear Features

Since we’re dealing with high temperatures, which can cause sweat and discomfort, let’s enumerate features necessary in school shoes for the summer term. Besides distracting them from their classroom and playground activities, we don’t want moisture in your children’s footwear, causing problems like fungal and bacterial buildup.


  • Breathability 

A well-ventilated pair of school shoes allows air to circulate so moisture and sweat can escape. It ensures your kids do not develop odour-causing bacteria and remain comfortable despite the warm weather. Usually, low-cut or open-top footwear is better for rising temperatures. Besides looking at design, you can also ensure breathability through footwear materials. For instance, leather school shoes can regulate the temperature inside, so your children’s feet are cosy.


  • Adjustability

Students prefer their school shoes to be loose so they don’t constrict their feet in the summer. A tight fit can be irritating because it prevents airflow inside. The school shoes need fastenings that enable a customisable fit, giving the students’ feet room to breathe. Everflex uses three fastenings: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. Each closure has pros and cons, but they all ensure your kid has control over the fit. 

The touch-fastening belt is the easiest to use, locking the school shoes by pressing two nylon strips together. 

Meanwhile, buckles are the hardest to open, which ensures your children’s footwear does not come off accidentally. Of the three, laces provide the most adjustable fit and require the most skill.


  • Traction

School shoes with gripped soles are necessary during the summer because children love to play. Nothing can stop them from having fun under the sun, so it’s best to keep them steady and stable while they chase each other on the playground. Check the school shoes for traction by flipping them over. The soles must have random shapes, creating friction between the floor and the footwear. School shoes with smooth soles do not provide much grip, so it’s best to avoid them.


  • Right fit

A comfortable pair of school shoes demands the right fit. Parents must pay attention to details like their children's foot length and width to ensure a proper fit. School shoes with a tight fit will constrict the feet, rub them wrongly, and cause blisters and other foot deformities. We suggest seeking help from professionals like podiatrists and trained store staff when measuring your children’s feet.


  • Roomy toe room

Your kids' toes must have enough room to breathe and wiggle in warm or cold seasons. School shoes must enable the toes to spread naturally, as this affects their balance and stability. Choose styles with round toes because they do not squeeze the toes together. Check this feature by asking your child to wiggle their toes; they should be able to do it comfortably.


Everflex Summer Styles

The well-curated collection of Everflex school shoes ensures that every child can maximise their learning and playtime, even when it’s hot. Each option has the necessary features that enable your kids to perform excellently in the warm summer months.


  • Mary Jane

We love these school shoes for girls in the summer because they have an open-top design that provides maximum ventilation. Mary Jane has a round-toe design that provides your daughter with a roomy-toe room for comfort. You can ensure the school shoes remain adjustable and secure with the single touch-fastening strap across the instep.


  • Double Straps

We love these unisex school shoes in the summer because their low-cut design and leather material guarantee breathability. The gripped soles ensure your children can run on the playground and participate in classroom activities without falling or slipping. These school shoes also have round toes for comfort, and two pairs of touch-fastening straps keep the footwear in place and give your child control over how tight the fit is.


  • T-Bar

We love these school shoes for girls in the summer because of their laser-cut geometric figures and open-top design, keeping your daughter’s feet fresh and sweat-free. This shoe option has a round-toe design for comfort and a buckled T strap holding it in place. These school shoes have excellent grip, protecting your daughter so she can play with friends during break time.


  • Lace-up

We love these unisex school shoes in the summer because their low-cut style and leather material regulate the temperature inside the footwear for all-day freshness. Laces provide this option with the most customisable fit, giving your children control over the tightness. How your kids weave the laces through the eyelets and tie them determines the fit of the school shoes. The round-toe design and gripped soles work together for stability, comfort, and balance.


  • Sneakers

We love this second pair of school shoes for extracurricular activities that require boys and girls to do rougher movements. Your child will do a lot of jumping, running, and other exhausting activities during PE classes and sports, requiring a different set of footwear with features to support them.


Boost Your Child’s Summer with Everflex Kids School Shoes!

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