School Shoes They Won’t Want To Take Off!

Is it time to buy your child another pair of school shoes? Let Everflex help you find the best set! Once your children get our school shoes onto their feet, they’ll never want to take them off. And, considering how much time kids spend in their uniform, that’s sure to be a good thing!

We’ve got the ideal black school shoes for students at a price descending that their parents will love. And, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more impressive collection of styles and sizes anywhere else. So, who’s ready to see what types of lace up school shoe Everflex has on offer?

We’d love to give you a quick overview of our designs today. Shall we have a look together?

We’ve got stunning lace up shoes for every student!


If there’s one thing you can count on with buying kids’ mary jane footwear, it’s that they’re going to outgrow every pair you buy them for years!

As such, Everflex has an expansive selection of sizes that will fit the teeniest toddlers, the fastest-growing young adults, and every kid in between. In addition, there are buckle-up black school shoes, lace-up kids shoes, and touch-fastening black hi shine shoes, so you can always buy an age-appropriate pair for your child, regardless of their size.

These designs are easily adjustable, so they’ll suit children with a narrow, average, or wide fit. In addition, the majority of our brown school shoes are unisex, so when you find a style that your son or daughter loves at Everflex, you can easily buy the same style for one of their siblings.

Still, we have an impressive selection of footwear for kids of all genders. Are you shopping for a trendy girl? Our Mary-Jane block heels shoes are a fantastic and fashionable alternative to traditional styles.

While they have the same covered toes, sleek shape, and sophisticated finish as regular uniform pairs, our Mary-Janes sandals also have trendy top straps and geometric laser cut-outs. So if your daughter is bored with regular school shoes, Mary-Jane sandals are the solution!

Our kids’ sneakers are going to be fast favourites!


When people think about school shoes, their minds jump to classroom attire. However, trainers and other sporty styles are essential for students.

With extra-curricular activities in the mornings or afternoons, sports games on the weekends, and PE classes throughout the week, students need active sport shoes school shoes to help them perform at their best.

Our sneakers come with ankle padding for comfort, arch support, excellent tread for grip, and a cozy feel! You can count on these popular brands shoes to protect your child’s feet during fast-paced or physically demanding activities and to look fabulous doing it!

Now, what else can we tell you about the design?

Does your child have a strict uniform policy, even for sporty kids shoes? Don’t stress, because Everflex can still help you out. We’re well aware that not all students can wear colourful sneakers with their sports uniform, which is why our trainers come in all-black and all-white.

Not only are these colours sure to be welcome with teachers, but they’re also easy-to-match shades with casual attire. If your son or daughter loves their new kids lace shoes and wants to wear their sneakers on the weekends, then styling white and black trainers will be oh-so-easy!

We’ve got some special school shoes reserved for teenagers!


Our slip-resistant styles are the best pick for older students. While they look identical to classic senior girls school shoes, these are non-slip designs built for the workplace. As such, we think they’re a must-have for older students who are looking for or have a position at a fast-food restaurant, retail store, cinema, café, or anywhere like that.

Why not let your children enjoy these safety styles as junior kids shoes too? After all, these black leather-look designs will look as presentable with their work uniform as they will with their weekly uniform.

Plus, students will reap all the benefits of slip-resistant kids school shoes. The non-marking sole and sturdy material will ensure that their new pair can endure whatever the week brings, for starters. In addition, the slip-resistant soles will keep kids safe on wet, oily, or slippery floors at work and make sure students are safe on rainy days.

 And, to ensure that teens can last through long days of lessons and busy work shifts, these robust kids school come with built-in arch support, shock-absorbing soles, heel impact cushioning, and padded innersoles.

Since these are work-ready styles, the sizes available are all adult ones. These are kids school shoes that will fit kids with larger feet and most students old enough for high school. Will you grab a non-slip pair for your teenager this season?

Our comfy school shoes can get even cosier!


Everflex’s styles get designed for the ultimate ease of wear if we haven’t made it clear already. We know how crucial it is that kids get the best support from their school shoes, given how much time they spend in those styles.

Kids can adjust our buckled, touch-fastening, and lace-up pairs to their liking and rework their pair until they fit flawlessly. However, Everflex has one other simple way that you can improve the feel of your kids’ party shoes: innersoles!

Even with thick crew socks or uniform stockings taking up space, there will be room inside your child’s school shoes for innersoles. They’re one-size-fits-all, so you can cut these inserts down until they fit your kid’s pair perfectly. In addition, innersoles will provide extra padding for their feet and prevent minor aches and pains after a long day.

Did we mention that innersoles can also correct the fit of oversized kids school shoes? If you like saving money on uniform footwear by buying a big pair that your child can grow into, then this is an option you should look into!

Our thick gel innersoles can help fill the space in your boy or girl’s school shoes while they’re still growing and provide them with extra comfort in the meantime. That’s a win-win! 

Your kids won’t want to take these school shoes off!

Come and find your child’s ideal pair today! Everflex has a fantastic selection waiting for you.