School Shoes That Won't Go Over Budget

Your child's academic journey always comes with a cost. As a parent, you ensure that you plan your expenses well to provide your child with everything they need for the start of their academic year. The shopping list includes a bag, lunch box, water bottle, notebooks, pens, socks, and the most critical part of their uniform—the school shoes. 

Many people believe that quality school shoes come with an expensive price tag. While it's true that quality options do not always come cheap, some brands offer academic footwear with excellent quality, style, and feel at a fraction of the cost of luxury designer brands. One such brand is Everflex. 

Everflex school shoes are affordable and provide top-notch comfort and support, making them perfect for your child's long academic days. In addition to finding the correct brand, several things can make shopping budget-friendly. The Everflex team has gathered some tips to help you save money without compromising quality. If you're ready, let's start!


Tip 1—Look for Sales and Discounts


Shopping for school shoes requires extensive planning and resourcefulness. Brands usually announce whenever they schedule sales and discounts, so it's wise to get updated. At Everflex, you can sign up for the mailing list and learn about the deals first. This way, you can shop for premium academic footwear ahead of the crowd and get them for the best price. You can save a lot of money by taking advantage of these offers.


Tip 2—Avoid Second-hand Shopping


Many parents believe buying used school shoes is an excellent way to save money. However, it can have consequences for your child's health and well-being. While it's true that used school shoes cost less, their quality is not always the best. As academic footwear is essential to your child's daily routine, investing in a pair that provides excellent support, comfort, and durability is vital. Used school shoes may not offer these benefits as they have already moulded to the shape of the previous owner's feet, affecting the fit and support of your child's feet. 

Moreover, if the previous owner had any infections, they could easily pass them on to your child through their footwear. Therefore, investing in a brand-new pair of academic footwear is critical. The benefits of buying new options, where your child gets the right fit and support for their feet, far outweigh the risks of buying used ones.


Tip 3—Shop At Everflex


Several parents can attest that Everflex transformed how they shopped for school shoes. The brand provides many benefits and excellent styles of school shoes for boys and girls that ensure they perform well at school. Besides ensuring all necessary features—the right fit, flexibility, adjustability, spacious toe boxes, durability, traction, and quality materials—are present in each one, Everflex makes it easier for the parents' budgets.

The brand offers a range of affordable prices and flexible payment systems that cater to every budget. Parents can choose school shoes among the three price ranges that suit them best and split the payment into manageable instalments over time. And the best part is that you can ensure your child gets the excellent footwear they deserve, regardless of the chosen price range. 

With our clear filters and quick-view option, you can easily compare our prices and features to those of famous brands like Harrison, Nike, Asics, and more. Visit our online store and sign up for an account to receive updates about new arrivals, sales, and new stocks.


AUD 30 - 40 

The first price range includes unisex school shoes perfect for boys and girls. Double-strap and lace-up options use fastenings that provide secure wearing and a customisable fit. Both school shoes have round-toe designs that give your child's toes enough space to spread naturally, gripped soles for traction, and leather material for breathability, insulation, and long-lasting wear.

The only difference between the two is their fastenings. Double-strap school shoes have two touch-fastening straps that keep them in place. Opening and closing them is easy, only requiring your child to press together and pull apart nylon strips. On the one hand, lace-up school shoes use laces, which require more advanced skills in tying laces. But the hard work is worth it because it provides a more customisable fit. And since laces are independent of academic footwear, you can clean and replace them separately.


AUD 40 - 50 

The second price range offers the classics. These timeless styles have been uniform staples for years. Besides having more lace-up options, the AUD 40–50 range includes school shoes like pull-on boots, Mary Jane, and T-bars. 

The pull-on boots are school shoes for boys without any fastening. It's the easiest to wear among all options, as your child can pull them on with the help of pull tabs. These school shoes are perfect for cold months, providing warmth and coverage until the ankles. 

Meanwhile, Mary Jane and T-Bar are school shoes for girls. They have similar features, like the round-toe shape, open-top design, and straps on the instep. The only difference between the two school shoes for girls is the strap. Mary Jane has a horizontal strap, while the T-bar has a T strap. Both style options are ideal for warm months, providing ventilation via their open-top design.


AUD 50+

The last price range includes all leather school shoes. Leather is more expensive than vegan or synthetic materials because it uses animals in its production, which takes more steps to process. The school shoes available in the AUD 50+ price range are Mary Jane, Double Strap, T-Bar, and Lace-Up.


Tip 4—Take Care of the Kids School Shoes


Keeping your child's school shoes in good condition is essential for longevity. While the Everflex collection boasts durable footwear, a few extra steps can extend their lifespan, saving you the hassle and cost of buying replacements. Replace your child's school shoes only when they no longer fit. Some easy steps to remember:

  • Keep the school shoes clean. Wipe and remove the dirt from every corner and crevice before storing them.
  • Thoroughly dry the footwear naturally before storing it in shoe closets, racks, or bags. Ensure the footwear is away from direct heat sources and floating dust.


Everflex is the Place to Be! 

Find quality and affordable school shoes at Everflex. Head to the nearest retailer or online store to grab one now! Add socks to complete their uniform!