School Shoes That Won't Blow Your Budget!

We know how hard it can be to find a pair of school shoes that won't break the bank. That's why at Everflex, you can find affordable prices on school shoe year round!


As the mid-year term is upon us, it's quickly becoming that time of year again where your little one's kicks are looking a little burnt out. So, if the times come that you need to pick up a new pair of school shoes for the classroom, then you've come to the right place.




Now the cooler weather has well and truly set in. So there is no better time than now to look at our range of boots. Not only are they stylish and casual, but your kids will be able to wear these school shoes to more than just the classroom.


You will have no trouble pairing our boots with casual and formal wear on the weekends. So take it from us; look no further. We have boots school shoes for your little ones like other top brands.


However, the smooth leather finish makes this a quick and easy process if a quick clean is in order. Our leather boots are built to last, so all you will need to do is wipe them over with a damp cloth and some warm soapy water. Bonus! No shoe cleaning products are needed with these school shoes.


Apart from the easy cleaning, these black school shoes also offer the no laces option for younger children who may still be struggling with tying laces. These are also durable, so they will keep your child's feet protected and covered for the entire school year.


The elastic side gussets on our boots allow your little ones to slip into these school shoes, and the pull tabs are also handy.


Sending your kids off for the day has never been so easy! Shop now at our physical store or on our brand website. Our site is open 24/7, so you can access our site with your account anytime. Order before 2:30 pm Monday-Friday (ACST), so your package will be dispatched that day. You can also visit our physical store during opening hours.


Trust that your children will be comfortable and fully supported throughout the day in a pair of Everflex boots for boys and girls. So get them now and put them in your shopping cart. You'll get your order number and shoes when shopping online.




Again, not only are our lace-ups suitable for just the classroom, but our smart lace-ups will add the finishing touch to your son's formal attire!

Environmental Warriors!

Our lace-ups come in leather and non-leather fabric options, meaning you will have no trouble finding the right fit for you and your kids.


Our lace-ups school shoes feature a smooth, smart finish and low-profile heels. In addition, the athletic tread on our lace-ups is disguised as a classroom classic!


These lace-ups make the perfect fit for kids on the move. Adjust these school shoes for the ultimate fit, and thanks to the supportive design, our lace-ups offer complete comfort throughout the day.

Our filtering system is another great way to start your search other than in the search bar or in categories. Take note of the filter features; you can search by colour, price, and size. And clear filters to search for other types of shoes you need.




Now, here's an old classic. Our Mary Jane school shoes style is an absolute favourite amongst the girls.


Our Mary Jane styles feature a touch-fastening or buckle-up fastening feature, meaning you can trust that your little girls won't be fiddling with lace-ups throughout the day.


You can find our mary jane styles in a range of leather and non-leather options, and the best thing about these school shoes is the uniqueness of each design.


Whatever style your daughter prefers, we have countless options!

Our Mary Jane black school shoes feature laser-cut patterns that look stylish, all the while still enabling airflow through to your child's feet.


You can find these popular school shoes in a smooth or patent shine finish, making them the perfect pair of kicks for the classroom.


Similar to our other styles is a breeze to clean these school shoes. Wipe over dirt and smudges with a warm, damp cloth, and go away!


You may think our Mary Jane styles aren't quite suitable for the playground because of their open design. However, these school shoes will do just that!


Your daughter will have no trouble playing on the playground during lunch in our mary-janes. The flexible design and grooved grip bring support and comfort to your child's feet.


Rest easy knowing your child will be sent to the classroom in care, school shoes without the laces, and maximum support. Better yet, you can also find our mary jane school shoes at a year-round affordable price!




Our sneakers are the perfect kicks for the classroom, especially when your child is required to participate in sporting activities.


Our sneakers can be found in both black and white, making them the perfect pair of school shoes for the classroom and the playground.


The perfect school shoes for active kids! So take this as a sign to invest in these kicks and put them in your shopping cart so your child can go ahead and do his sports activities. Even your toddler or baby can have these sneakers on their feet to style up with their cute outfit.


Our sneakers are a great choice for kids who are always on the move. They offer a padded heel built to remain light and flexible, making them a breeze to move around.


What's great about these school shoes is that they have the feel of a sporty trainer but the easy shoe style. These sneakers are built for both the playground and the classroom.


Our sneakers feature a touch-fastening or a lace-up design, making it easy to find the right fit for your child. So again, rest assured knowing you can send off your child without the worries of re-tying laces.


Affordable School Shoes


And if we're talking price, these vegan-friendly school shoes are extremely affordable, sitting at under $30. Moreover, we can guarantee that you will be happy to pick up a pair of these sneakers in every colour!


And that's not limited to our sneakers only. Everflex's school shoe range is affordable across the classroom range. So whether you are looking for leather or non-leather options, we're sure that our school shoes won't blow your budget.


We know how pricey it can be to purchase new uniforms and school supplies, which is why we know how important it is to keep our school shoes affordable without compromising quality.


At Everflex, our footwear range for the classroom is made with quality products that we ensure will keep your children's feet comfortable and stable throughout the day. So collect these shoes, and you'll never regret purchasing these, for they can last a long time and get worn in casual or formal attire.


What are you waiting for?


Pick up your children's next pair of school shoes from Everflex today, jump online and check out our collection of children's school shoes today!