School Shoes That Will Survive the School Year


Find school shoes that will last at Everflex! Students who weren’t satisfied with their lot in 2019 need to start shopping from our collection. We’ve got fresh stock now and all the best school shoes to help make studying in 2020 more fun. Everflex can bring customers everything from classroom pairs to sneakers for PE and extracurricular sports. We supply school shoes for students of all ages at great prices, while still maintaining our competitive prices. 


We make our school shoes tough at Everflex! 


Of course, that’s not to say that they feel tough on your feet. Everflex takes pride in providing comfy school shoes. But, despite our low prices, you can rely on the quality of our designs to meet your high expectations. School shoes from Everflex are mainly synthetic (vegan-friendly), but we have leather-inclusive options as well. Leather (as you may know) is a breathable and flexible material, so styles featuring leather are a prime pick for kids with sensitive feet. Synthetic and combination school shoes, on the other hand, have exceptional resistance to damage caused by water, mud, rough terrain, and general wear and tear during the year. 


We know how hard kids can be on their footwear and how frustrating it is for parents who need to keep replacing them. School shoes are the most frequently worn item in any student’s collection (most have two or three uniforms, but only one set of footwear), and that means they need to be up for any challenge that presents. That’s why you can trust that we’ve put in the extra effort to improve the endurance of your future pair. 


Try our durable work-ready styles


Are you familiar with Everflex’s slip-resistant designs? We have a collection of hard-wearing footwear for adults and teens that can easily double as school shoes. From the pictures alone, you can see that the glossy black finish, rounded toes, and classic lace uppers make these work pairs are identical to classroom footwear. But, peel back the layers, and you’ll see that there’s more to these lookalike school shoes than what meets the eyes. 


Our slip-resistant styles are up to any challenge. These school shoes have commercial grade rubber soles, come with heel impact cushioning and innersoles for support and regular shock absorption, and feature water and oil resistant material. As well as being topnotch styles for retail assistants, food servers, baristas, and other part-time workers, these make fantastic school shoes because of their long-lasting comfort and quality. These are an ideal pick for students who require safety footwear for their job or work evening shifts on weeknights. Instead of lugging around an extra pair to change into later, or wasting money on a uniform for a part-time job, Everflex offers these versatile school shoes as the ultimate problem solver. 


Do you want to do your part to help? 


One easy way to keep your school shoes around for longer is to keep them clean and in good condition. Take a look at Everflex’s range of shoe care accessories, and you’ll spot our excellent Instant Shine sponge. Lightweight and pocket-sized, this sponge is a fast worker and an effective one! When school shoes get dirty, dusty, muddy, and otherwise dishevelled, it only takes a few quick scrubs with Instant Shine to remove the mess. Keep your pair clean, and you can avoid needless material degradation and reduce the risk of long-term marks too.


Are you convinced about our school shoes yet?


Jump online and have a look for yourself if you’re still on the fence. But, be quick about it! The holidays and our spectacular sales won’t last forever, so make sure you order some new school shoes soon!