School Shoes That Will Survive the Quad, The Oval and The Classroom

Finding the right pair of school shoes can be a challenge at the best of times. Lucky for you, the team behind Everflex have got all of your needs for school shoes sorted. We have the perfect range of footwear for your children to wear and trust that they will survive the quad, the oval, and the classroom. There is no better feeling than purchasing the best pair of school shoes for your children. 


You can trust that they will feel supported and comfortable from the second they leave the house in the morning to the second they get home from a day of learning and playing. 


If you need some helpful tips on what styles of school shoes will be durable for every environment your children may find themselves in throughout the day, then you are in the right place. So keep on reading to discover more about our go-to school shoes that are perfect for a day of activities. 


1. Lace-Ups


Our top pick of school shoes that we know will last through the quad, oval and classroom is a pair of lace-ups. These kicks are one of the most durable and flexible pairs of school shoes that we know. 


They are a super popular style of footwear that has been making rounds in the fashion hemisphere for many years now. Lace-ups come in a range of styles including, real and fake leather. Investing in a pair of school shoes made of top-quality leather will be beneficial in the long run. 


These are known to last longer and are much more durable for whatever activity comes their way. Lace-up school shoes are the perfect style of footwear to buy if you want to ensure that your children's feet are protected and secure all day long. 


These kicks come in the fake leather design, which is still just as durable, but they may get affected by wear and tear much more easily. These kicks are the ones to have in every child's wardrobe because of how flexible they are when it comes to spending a day full of learning and play. 


For a customer creating wardrobe selection, this footwear is a must-have. You will not regret this purchase! Get them from Everflex brands shop. Take this as a sign to make your first purchase from our menu shop using your account email. 


2. Touch-Fastening 


A pair of touch-fastening school shoes are the perfect style of footwear for your children to wear. These kicks are easy-to-wear and super secure, so you will never have to worry about your children coming home without a pair of kicks on their feet. 


The best thing about these school shoes is that they make your life and your children's lives so much easier. The touch-fastening straps can make all the difference to the effectiveness of these kicks. 


Your children's feet will not go anywhere if they wear a pair of these school shoes on their feet. The touch-fastening straps are super secure, so you can be sure to avoid any tears or tantrums with these kicks. This style of footwear is perfect for PE classes or a day sitting in the classroom.


A pair of touch-fastening school shoes are the most quintessential footwear styles going around. These will not break the budget either, so you are in good hands when it comes to these kicks—so faster checkout this footwear from your favourite fusion brands.


3. Boots 


Say hello to a pair of boots for your children. These kids' school shoes are not the most common footwear styles, but they are making a comeback. You will find that a pair of boots for your children makes them feel stylish, comfortable, and happy for a day full of learning and play. There is nothing better than a pair of kicks that your children do not complain about. 


So, if your children are happy with these kicks on their feet, then you have scored yourself a winner. Boots are the type of footwear that will get worn as a statement piece rather than a durable pair of kicks. 


Boots are super comfortable, breathable, and on-trend; however, they may slip off during intense physical activity. The one sport we recommend not taking part in with a pair of boots on their feet is the high jump. 


Those kicks will go flying! Despite this, boots are an all-around great style of school shoes to wear on a day-to-day basis. There are plenty of benefits to wearing these kicks, so if your child is keen on a pair of these school shoes, then this is your sign to say yes! 


4. Mary-Jane 


A pair of Mary-jane school shoes are perfect for any girl to wear. No matter what age group they fall into, you can trust that these kicks will always be on-trend and ready to get worn on a day-to-day basis. These kicks are perfect for every girl to wear because they offer a unique style and plenty of support. The Mary-jane school shoes feature a T-bar buckle to keep their feet secure and geometric cut-outs for extra breathability. 


These are the type of school shoes that girls will wear as a part of their uniform, but as a fashion statement. If your daughter likes to keep up with the latest fashion trends, these are the kicks for her. The secure buckle feature also ensures that this pair of footwear stays on your daughters' feet throughout the entire day. 


So, no matter what activities are thrown their way, including playing on the oval or sitting in the classroom, you can trust that these kicks will keep your daughter's feet protected. You will never look back on buying a pair of these school shoes for your young girls! So close checkout and add items to your shopping cart. 


5. Ballet Flats


If your daughter prefers to wear stylish and breathable school shoes, then a pair of ballet flats might be her go-to choice of footwear. Ballet flats are a comfortable pair of new styles kicks that your daughter can wear to a day full of learning and play.  


This footwear is durable because it can take your daughter from the quad to the oval and back to the classroom with ease. We would not suggest running a 400m sprint in these school shoes, but other than that, they are bound to protect her all day long. 


These kicks give your daughter plenty of freedom when it comes to wearing a stylish, comfortable, and breathable pair of school shoes. Enjoy many benefits of using ballet flats. You can style these however you like, including high or low socks. The options are endless when it comes to a set of ballet flats! 


Ready to invest in some new school shoes for your children?


If your kids need some new footwear that will help them survive the quad, oval and classroom, then you are in the right place. Everflex, the top online shopping website, has a wide range of durable, breathable, stylish, and flexible school shoes on offer, so there is something for everyone to enjoy. Head to the website today to find out more! 


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