School Shoes That Will Make The Transition To School A Little Easier!

Make the transition into the classroom easy with a fantastic pair of school shoes! You’ll get spoiled for choice if you shop for styles at Everflex! Our comfy, stylish, and versatile styles are what your child needs to wear with their new uniform! 


Our school shoes are super comfortable!


Are you worried that your children will be uncomfortable in their next uniform? Up until now, parents will have been able to pick all of their clothes, so new clothing and school shoes could be drastically different from what kids are used to wearing. Getting used to new outfits (and accessories like ties) could take a bit of time, but Everflex will see that they’re feet are cosy from the get-go! 


You can have a pick of what type or style of school shoes to get for your child. For sure, Everflex shoes will have shock-absorbing soles, arch support, flexible material, and other fantastic features. Even if a new design takes your little one some time to adjust to, they won’t be uncomfortable at any point! Whether you pick up a pair of our touch-fastening, buckled, or lace-up school shoes, your children will get a style that can change to suit their foot shape. How great is that? 


We’ve got casual-feeling school shoes for your kids!


Do you need to get a new pair for your daughter? Why not try a set of our cute Mary-Jane school shoes! These trendy girls’ styles are perfect for kids who want something that they can wear on the weekend as well. If your children aren’t enthusiastic about classic school shoes, then Mary-Jane sandals are the next best thing! 


Since they have a similar shape and look as conventional uniform styles, they’re usually welcome by even the strictest dress codes. Plus, your kids will get to enjoy gorgeous glossy material, cute laser-cut detailing, and a breezy feel from their new school shoes. Mary-Jane styles are a popular pick during warmer months in spring and summer, but they’re a trans-seasonal design and perfect for any point of the year! 


Are your kids ready for lace-up school shoes?


Have you taught your child how to tie-up laced footwear yet? If not, then there’s no need to rush them into those sorts of school shoes! Here at Everflex, we have a fantastic collection of touch-fastening styles that will make getting used to uniform styles oh-so-easy.


When your young child is still trying to wrap their head around long days of class, uniforms, and new rules, learning to tie school shoes is just another thing to get stressed over. Instead of rushing them into laced designs, you can get your children into comfy, adjustable, and familiar touch-fastening styles. Then, when they’re old enough (or you have more time to teach them), you can start making the switch over to laced school shoes. 


Your children will love our sports styles! 


Like our Mary-Jane sandals, sneakers are school shoes that your children can wear outside of classes too! Since they’ll be able to wear their favourite trainers to play during PE lessons and games, students won’t feel weird about having to wear them with their new sports uniform. Your child won’t need any transition period to get used to sporty school shoes. So, do you want to know which of our trainers would match your child the best?


At Everflex, we have all-black and all-white sneakers that will always pass the test with teachers! These classic school shoes come in touch-fastening and lace-up styles too, so they’ll suit kids of all ages.

Who’s ready to shop at Everflex? Check out our collection of school shoes online, and we’re sure you’ll find what your kids need!