School Shoes That Last!

Take home the most durable school shoes when you shop with Everflex this year! 

If you are sick and tired of throwing out pairs that barely last a term, then our styles are going to be a dream come true. You’ll find more than classic classroom styles on our shelves too. Everflex has sneakers, sandals, and other footwear available. So, what sets us apart from the rest? How does Everflex ensure that customers get the endurance that they deserve from our school shoes?

Everflex has a 100-day quality guarantee! 

To prove we aren’t all-talk-and-no-action when it comes to the quality of our school shoes, we’re extending our customers cover for one hundred days of wear starting from the purchase day. That’s over a term’s worth of scuffing on playgrounds and classroom floors, walking and running during recess and lunch, and general wear and tear on your school shoes. If you come to us with a manufacturing fault like split soles or ripped fabric, then we’ll make sure you get a better pair of school shoes. We know how frustrating it can be to spend money and substitute a set that should have lasted for months instead of weeks. That’s why customers can trust Everflex to take care of them and to keep students looking their best in our school shoes! 

Our school shoes aren’t just durable; they’re cheap too! 

Our high-quality designs are sure to check every box for customers this season, especially when it comes to affordability! Everflex is here to deliver the best and most expensive styles so every student can head into the classroom confidently. For the same price of a pair from another brand, you can grab multiple pairs of our school shoes and still have change left over.

So, what sort of styles might you be looking at from our collection?

Conventional school shoes are our speciality, and they make up the majority of our collection. The round toes and black glossy finishes are what you’d expect from formal footwear, and they match well with any uniform. School shoes in this style have laced uppers for older students and touch-fastening straps for younger ones. Each design also has a great spread of sizes, so you can replace a favourite pair with ease at Everflex. No matter which variation you choose, these hard-wearing school shoes are the ideal pick for students.

You can get high-quality sneakers from our shelves as well. These essential school shoes are a must-have for students with PE classes and kids who love all of their extra-curricular sports. Our styles can move quickly, keep stable on different surfaces, and provide plenty of support to kids’ feet. The grooved grip on the base of these school shoes will last ages, so you won’t need to worry about your kids wearing them down.

For something a little different, try our slip-resistant styles too!

These are the toughest styles in our range. Our work-orientated designs are almost identical to our school shoes, which makes them a perfect chameleon for teens and young adults. Instead of spending money on work styles, students can transition these straight from the classroom to their shift without having to switch out their school shoes. The non-marking outsole, built-in heel impact cushioning, and padded innersoles can handle anything that the day throws at them. If you want school shoes that can beat the odds and last longer, then treat your kids to our slip-resistant styles. You won’t regret it!

Get your money’s worth of wear with Everflex!

We’ve got long-lasting school shoes that can put a smile on your face this season. Find the pair that speaks to you when you shop at Everflex this season.