School Shoes That Kids Will Love Wearing!

The start of the new academic year puts parents and guardians in a frenzy to buy the perfect school shoes their children won't want to take off! However, several characteristics must be present on your child's footwear so they will perform their function of supporting your child's developing feet.

We at Everflex want to help make shopping for school shoes a breeze for you, so we gathered a checklist of features every pair of suitable footwear should have. Read on!


1. A Wide Toe Box

There is a misconception that children's feet are like adults', only tinier. However, that is not the case, so you must buy school shoes with a wide-toe box. Look at your child's feet closely, and you'll discover that their toes and the ball of their feet are broader than their foot.

School shoes with wider toe boxes allow children's toes to develop correctly. Adults with squashed toes, bunions, or ingrown toenails likely had ill-fitting footwear when they were younger.

Your child's footwear must allow the toes to naturally spread in the school shoes because they play a significant role in the balance and coordination of your child. Moreover, a wide toe box will allow breathability, development, and growth.


2. Adjustable Fastening Mechanism

Another thing you must look for in a pair of good school shoes is an adjustable fastening mechanism. A fastening tool is essential to keep your child's feet safe and secure throughout the day by holding the footwear in place.

An adjustable fastening mechanism is crucial for rapidly growing feet because you can adjust it as feet change their size. In addition, fastenings secure the school shoes and save the toes from clawing to grip the footwear. The available fastenings at Everflex are laces, buckles, and touch-fastening straps. 

Younger kids choose touch-fastening or buckling because they find it simpler to use. On the one hand, most preteens and teenagers prefer school shoes with laces because they are old enough to tie them.


3. Flexibility

School shoes are extensions of your child's feet, so they must be able to move naturally with their feet. Therefore, it should simulate foot movement like barefoot, but with protection from getting stabbed by natural elements.

Footwear that allows more natural movement will improve your child's foot strength, muscular structure, and balance. How can you check this?

Grab each of the school shoes and hold the toe and heel parts. Confirm there is a movement by rotating them in opposite directions. You may also fold the footwear from toe to heel.

Wearing hard-soled school shoes will cause your child's feet to move unnaturally, resulting in strained joints and other body parts. If your child's feet cannot move naturally, they will eventually feel the effects in their ankles, forefoot area, heels, legs, and back.


4. Lightweight

Using lightweight school shoes will benefit your child because they do not need to exert more energy when wearing them. On the other hand, heavier footwear will force your child's muscles, feet, and legs to work harder than necessary. 

If this happens, your child's muscles will get tired faster. You don't want that, especially if your kid is still developing muscle strength.


5. Firm and Strong Heel counter

The heel counter is the back part of the school shoes that encircles the heel's back. Your child's footwear must have a deep, sturdy heel counter and firm support on either side of the heel. 

It is significant because pronation and supination, which can result in pain and posture issues, require retention of the heel in a stable position. Check by pinching the sides of the school shoes. If the heel counter is firm, you won't be able to squeeze the back.


Attractive Everflex Styles (Say No to Expensive Top Brands!) Your Kids Will Love

Here's a rundown of the Everflex school shoes your kids will love. Aside from providing your child comfort, support, and durability, our styles follow dress code requirements. The price is always  affordable. You couldn't ask for more!


Style 1—T-Bar

Girls with higher insteps prefer the T-Bar for their style of school shoes. In addition, girls love this footwear because of its design, with two thin straps creating a single T. 

These school shoes also have a wide toe box, which provides space for toes to spread out, allowing them to develop correctly. But, of course, they wouldn't want to take their footwear off! 


Style 2—Mary Janes

A traditional pair of school shoes for girls, Mary Janes, have touch-fastening straps made of two nylon strips that your child can press singlehandedly to lock together. These straps provide adjustability and keep the footwear in place. More importantly, the open-top design of the school shoes provides breathability, making them perfect for hot days while playing in the playground.


Style 3—Pull-On Boots

The pull-on boots are the go-to school shoes for boys, with elastic side gussets for a slip-on fit and maximum comfort. Your kids will always keep these school shoes, especially in the winter, because boots provide warmth for their feet and traction to keep them stable on wet surfaces. 


Style 4—Lace-Up

Your kids will love the lace-up school shoes if they know how to tie their laces independently. The comfort and protection these school shoes offer will make them your child's favourite! These fasteners provide adjustability and security, making your child's learning experience comfortable.


Style 5—Double Straps

These school shoes are ideal for boys and girls still figuring out how to tie laces. Like the Mary Janes, this footwear uses touch-fastening straps to lock the footwear in place. Although closing the school shoes is easy, opening them requires force and produces a loud ripping sound.


Put a Pair of Black School Shoes Your child Will Never Take Off in Your Shopping Cart!

A comfortable pair of school shoes will help them focus on academic matters! Head to the Everflex online store or site, where there's no need to contend with opening hours or traffic. Shopping is easier with our categories. Best of all, you can shop in your pyjamas!

For those who are more tactile, come to the nearest stockist to get a pair for your child! They will love any Everflex brand of footwear and will never remove them. Our sales staff is ready to answer any of your questions!