School Shoes That Have Been Flying Off the Shelf

You know a pair of school shoes are excellent when they're almost always out of stock. Parents know the options to ensure their child remains comfortable and supported and keeps returning to get the same one. If it’s your first time here because you’re searching for the best school shoes, you’re in for a treat! You stumbled upon the best academic footwear brand!

The school shoes your child wears daily significantly impact their performance. Ill-fitting ones will distract your child from performing their best in the classroom. Worse, the wrong school shoes can cause an accident and hurt them. You can stop worrying now, as you’ve found the answer to your problems.

Everflex school shoes are flying off the shelf because they provide everything your child needs. The brand knows what your child needs and ensures each footwear option can provide that. Do you have a style in mind, or would you like to discover more?

If you do, please read on as the team from Everflex gives a rundown of everything that makes its school shoes fly with parents. Let’s start!


1. Trendy Styles

Wearing stylish school shoes can affect your child’s demeanour, boosting their self-confidence. If your child owns the peer-accepted style, there’s a higher chance that the other kids will invite them to play and hang out. Sadly, wearing outdated school shoes can mean exclusion from activities, deflating your child’s self-esteem.

One of the reasons parents keep coming back to Everflex is because students of all ages love the brand’s collection. The Everflex school shoes top every student’s wish list because they are classic and timeless. Let’s check them out!


Style 1—Pull-On Ankle Boots

Young boys appreciate the convenience of pull-on ankle boots. With this option, they won’t have to contend with fastenings and can finish dressing up within seconds. With the help of pull tabs, your son can wear these school shoes quickly. It provides a snug fit with support from elastic side gussets that function like fasteners without the hassle.


Style 2—Mary Jane

Girls of all ages, even mothers, love the classic style of Mary Jane school shoes. This option has been serving adorable girls for years and will continue. The school shoes remain everyone’s favourite because no one can let go of their round-toe design and single touch-fastening strap across the instep. Parents adore how this footwear emphasises their daughter’s cuteness and doll-like features. The school shoes are comfortable, breathable, and stylish—a check for every parent!


Style 3—Double Straps

Parents of boys and girls keep buying these unisex school shoes because they protect students and provide easy wear. Two touch-fastening straps secure the footwear and ensure your child can head out to play with friends within seconds. The excellent thing about this option is that it can still provide breathability despite covering the entire foot. The leather material allows air to circulate, keeping their feet fresh. No sweat (pun intended)!


Style 4—T-Bar

T-Bar has the same vibe as Mary Jane, except for a few differences. While both shoes have open tops and round toes, the T-Bar has a T-strap over the instep that is buckle-locked in place. This option is a slight step up from the Mary Jane school shoes. This second fastening is more challenging to secure but the hardest to open. Your child will not have any problems with school shoes accidentally coming off. And what makes parents come back for this style? The cute laser cutouts because they boost style and breathability.


Style 5—Lace-Up

Boys and girls wear these unisex school shoes proudly because they signify an advanced skill they have acquired. We’ve all been through the stage of learning how to tie laces, and now that they know how to do it, they wear it proudly. 

Lace-up school shoes provide the most customisable fit. Your child can adjust the tightness of the footwear by changing how they weave the laces through the eyelets. Lace-ups remain popular among older students because the gripped soles keep them stable as they rush through their different classes.


Style 6—Sneakers

The trainers are essential for your child’s safety. All students need a second pair of school shoes for their PE classes and sports activities. Strenuous movements require more support and cushioning, which trainers provide. The materials and fastenings ensure your child can participate in more vigourous activities without injury.


2. Affordable Options

Parents have the misconception that they must pay an exorbitant price to get quality school shoes for their kids. At Everflex, you get the best styles and most comfortable options at a reasonable price. In short, you get value for your money with these school shoes. Not only are they durable, but they are also versatile. Unless your child outgrows them first, expect Everflex school shoes to be around for a long time.

More importantly, parents appreciate the brand’s flexible payment systems that allow them to purchase now and pay in instalments later. It will enable them to budget their hard-earned money while providing their children with the best school shoes.

One of the many benefits of shopping at Everflex is the opportunity to save money. Unlike popular shoe brands like Asics, Nike, and others, we dedicate ourselves to selling high-quality footwear at affordable prices.

And if you think it cannot get any better, wait until you discover online shopping, because Everflex offers discount coupons and vouchers for online consumers. Isn’t that worth coming back to?


3. Convenience

The school shoes at Everflex keep flying off the shelf because of the easy shopping experience. Busy parents do not have time to spare, so they want to get things done as fast as possible. Buying school shoes can take time, but Everflex offers the option of online shopping, so you can do it whenever and wherever possible.

During your coffee break, you can browse the entire catalogue with our clear filters and decide on the best school shoes to purchase before sleeping. The online shop is open 24/7, so you can do it at the most convenient time. The best part is that the footwear will arrive at your doorstep in a few days while you’re at work or doing something fun for yourself.

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