School Shoes That Are the Best for All Ages!

The quest to find the best school shoes begins the year your child starts their academic journey. From then on, you will keep shopping for new pairs for the next ten or more years. Not all parents get it right the first time.

You'll have moments when the school shoes will break after one day of wear and tear. Other times, you'll feel you found THE one, and then life throws you a curveball because your child suddenly stopped wanting to wear them.

It's a rollercoaster of experiences that makes parents doubt they can find the best school shoes. But don't lose hope because one brand provides high-quality academic footwear for children of all ages. Everflex school shoes have been the go-to for years.

The brand understands that children have various needs and aims to provide them several options. Whether your child is an early starter off to their first academic day or a senior high student contemplating their next steps, the durable Everflex school shoes will be there for them every step.

The brand ensures that each item ticks the necessary features that support your child's needs so they can perform at 100 per cent in the classroom and playground. With the help of the Everflex team, we'll go through the features that make this academic footwear the best for all ages. Every footwear part, shape, and style option creates an exceptional learning experience for your child.

1. Lightweight


Your child's feet will continuously develop until puberty and require school shoes that do not negatively affect the process. At this point, their feet are very malleable, so one wrong feature may cause permanent damage.

Lightweight school shoes are necessary to avoid straining your child's developing muscles. You must ensure that anything your child wears does not force their body parts to carry weight they are unprepared for or cannot lift. The best way to check this feature is to raise the school shoes and gauge their weight. Also, it's best to take your child shopping with you so they can try on the footwear. Ask them to walk around and share their feedback while wearing the footwear.


2. Wide Toe Box


Your child's balance and stability depend on the position of their feet. Choose school shoes that allow them to spread their toes naturally. Check that the footwear style has a roomy toe box; those with round or squared toes usually provide the space your child needs. Avoid pointy school shoes because they squeeze your child's toes and rub them incorrectly.

The constant rubbing can irritate and lead to blisters and long-term foot deformities. It would help if you also left a 1cm gap between the tips of the longest toe and the school shoes. Besides giving your child enough toe room, this space leaves room for their feet to grow.

As mentioned, your child continuously develops, and growth spurts happen. In as short as 4–8 weeks, your child can experience a spurt and outgrow their school shoes. Always check if the gap still exists and replace the footwear once it's gone.


3. Flexibility


Whether young or old, the flexibility of school shoes matters. The footwear must mimic the natural movement of their feet and be flexible at points where the foot folds with every step. And since the foot only bends until the balls, the school shoes' flexibility should be the same.

Test this feature by lifting the shoe and twisting it. The school shoes should not bend all the way, providing resistance at some point.


4. Adjustable


Students of all ages must have control over the fit of their school shoes. Everflex makes this possible with fastenings or closures. With changing weather and situations, your child might want to adjust how tight their school shoes are. Their comfort depends on it. Ensuring they feel comfortable is paramount because it can distract them from giving their full attention.

Everflex uses three fastenings—touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces—corresponding to various skills and development stages. The younger ones usually prefer the ease of touch-fastening straps, as this option only requires them to press two nylon strips together to secure the school shoes. Styles like Mary Jane for girls and the unisex double straps use this closure.

The more developed children can move on to buckles or closures that entail locking the pin and ensuring it's hooked on the hole from the opposite strap. The T-Bar style for girls uses a buckle and is an excellent kind of school shoe because it does not come off accidentally.

The third fastening demands a more advanced skill, befitting older students who are up to the task. Laces provide the most customisable fit, depending on how your child weaves and ties them into the school shoes.

This closure is the only independent of the three, making cleaning or replacing it easier without affecting the footwear. Older students prefer the Everflex lace-up style because these school shoes proudly showcase their ability to tie their laces independently.


5. Durable


Young or old, students are an active bunch. They will subject their school shoes to various movements, impacting longevity. One of the things that ensures the footwear is durable is the material. Can it withstand wear and tear and the natural elements?

Everflex uses two materials for its collection of school shoes: leather and vegan. While both can endure whatever your child throws at them, a significant difference exists between them.

Leather school shoes come from animal parts, which add more steps to the production process, costing more. Meanwhile, vegan material promotes cruelty-free production, which is more affordable and leaves a minimal carbon footprint behind.


Everflex Has the Best School Shoes Options for Everyone!


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Children of all ages will have an incredible learning experience thanks to Everflex school shoes. Head to the nearest retail store or shop online and add socks to complete the uniform!