School Shoes That Are Supportive Are Found at Everflex!

Once you notice that people go to malls and shoe stores in droves with their parents and children, it signals that they are fully engaged in shopping for the academic year. Children require a long list of things parents must buy, including backpacks, notebooks, pencils, lunch boxes, socks, and school shoes.

But school shoes demand more reflection, unlike the first five, where you can grab the first attractive item you see.

You can't grab the first style you see without checking some things. Your child's feet are developing until puberty, with bones fusing and muscles strengthening.

Their school shoes can affect this development, so they must have features supporting that growth.

Aside from being comfortable, durable, and affordable, parents must find supportive footwear. With the help of the Everflex team, let's delve into the benefits of supportive school shoes and their features.

If you're keen to discover them, let's do it!


Why do kids' school shoes need to be supportive?

Your child will wear academic footwear for 30 hours a week, a massive amount of time that can affect foot health. The feet serve as the foundation of their body, so they deserve supportive school shoes to ensure they remain in tip-top shape. 

Here are some more reasons:


1. Prevent injury

Your child will participate in classroom and playground activities, some requiring strenuous movements. Supportive school shoes can protect their bodies from joint damage and pulled muscles and tendons.

It can also prevent accidental slips and falls. One of the worst nightmares for parents is receiving an emergency phone call telling them their child had a fall.


2. Support for the whole body

The correct school shoes will promote alignment and comfort. As the foundation of your child's body, the feet work in tandem with every joint and muscle. When school shoes offer support, better health for your child is possible.


3. Effortless physical activity

Please always remember to choose the right school shoes for the activity your child will indulge in. For instance, they need more than regular academic footwear for sports activities and PE classes. 

It's why parents buy a second pair of sneakers for extracurriculars. Supportive footwear will make moving easier. School shoes can protect your child from injuries and ensure effortless mobility.


4. Avoid foot pain

Keep your child's feet feeling good. School shoes that support, fit right, provide cushion, and don't rub their feet will help them avoid pain. Save their feet from the pain, especially since they already carry the body's weight and pressure. 

Your child can sleep soundly at night with the correct school shoes, keeping them healthy.


Which shoe features ensure support?

School shoes must have the necessary features to provide ample support for your child.

They support the proper development of the children's feet, arches, ligaments, muscles, bones, and body, and they also encourage the children to lead active lifestyles beneficial to a healthy future. 

Here are the essential ones:


1. Flexibility

School shoes must mimic the natural movement of your child's feet to provide proper support. Since their feet fold until the area of the balls, their footwear should do the same. It must never fold beyond that area. 

To check the flexibility, pick up the footwear and bend it. If the school shoes fold further than the middle section, they are not recommended for your child.


2. Excellent grip

As mentioned, school shoes must protect your child during classroom and playground activities. Active little children need the best to run, jump, and play to their hearts' content. 

The correct footwear encourages them to be involved, which improves their health and social skills. Instead of sitting out during games, they volunteer to join, which leads to building friendships.

While these two are necessary for school shoes to provide support, it would help to check other features that ensure cosiness and durability. 

For comfort, the footwear must have the right fit and size, enough toe room, room for growth, adjustability, breathability, and insulation.

For durability, check the footwear to see if it has the best materials and a firm heel counter.


Why is Everflex the best place to buy school shoes boys and girls appreciate?

Everflex understands what your child needs to remain comfortable and supported. The brand's collection of school shoes ensures each style can get the job done. 

More than adhering to uniform requirements, the types should also reflect the latest trends that students are following. 

The time will come when your child will

voice out which school shoes they want, going against the style you want for them. That is part of the growing up process.

Luckily, all the school shoes at Everflex are classic styles popular with students. The kinds specific for girls include the Mary Jane and T-Bar, while the boys have the pull-on ankle boots. 

Unisex ones, which boys and girls can enjoy, include double straps and lace-ups. Remember to buy sneakers for their more strenuous physical activities.

You're wrong if you think the many benefits of buying school shoes from Everflex end there! Shopping from the brand will keep you within your budget. The brand's quality school shoes are all affordable. 

You get the same features you look for in brands like Clarks, Skechers, Asics, Roc, Harrison, Nike, and many others. Except you won't have to pay a hefty price for a pair!

When you shop at Everflex, you can use the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later! Imagine how much money you could save if you timed your shopping during sales.

We prioritise your time and convenience. Shopping for school shoes can be a time-consuming task, especially when commuting or driving to the store and back, not to mention dealing with crowds and long lines everywhere.

The Everflex online store lets you get your child's school shoes in your pajamas whenever possible, even at midnight. No more closing times, as the online store is 24/7!


Ensure Your Child's Future with Everflex!

Your child's health and academic future depend on the school shoes they wear. Get supportive ones from Everflex. 

Head to the nearest store with your child to pick out the perfect pair. Or visit our online shop to grab one from our range of girls' and boys' school shoes! With the help of clear filters in our menu, you can easily narrow down your choices.

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