School Shoes Perfect For High School Students!

Everflex has the perfect school shoes for teenage students!


Have you struggled to find the right size for your child before?


Finding school shoes in the best size can be difficult when you’re shopping for teenagers. For a start, figuring out the proper size is a challenge when kids are in the midst of a growth spurt since they can jump up a size level (or two) in a short space of time. Secondly, many places that sell school shoes will leave size gaps between their collections of kids’ styles and adult designs, which can make those in-between ages a real struggle. 


Buy your school shoes from Everflex, and you’ll always be able to get the best size for your child! Not only do we have an abundance of options (from toddler-sized styles to the biggest adult-sized ones), but we’ve also created our collection to flow into each other smoothly. That is, if your child outgrows our largest kids’ school shoes, they can switch straight into the grown-up range!


Plus, we’ve got our handy size guide to help parents compare measurements and pick the ideal pair online. How simple is that?


Do your kids dislike plain school shoes?


Making the switch from colourful casual styles to uniform footwear can be a struggle for younger children or teenagers. No one likes feeling restricted by what they can wear, even if it’s school shoes. Of course, traditional black styles are the reality for students all across the county. It’s something that they’ll have to get used to eventually. That is unless you pick school shoes with an extra glossy finish! 


While we can’t promise super colourful styles for your child’s collection, Everflex has a great crop of super shiny styles. The polished, glossy material on our Mary-Jane school shoes and other designs is sure to be a hit with teenagers and little kids alike! So, have a look at our high-shine pairs to get students ready for 2021! 


What sort of fastenings should you get for a teenager?


Here at Everflex, we have heaps of different school shoes for students and parents to test out, but the majority are either buckled, touch-fastening, or lace-up styles. So, do you know which the best is for your teenager? Touch-fastening pairs tend to be the go-to for little kids, so school shoes with laces and buckled straps get seen as more grown up. Laced styles have the most flexibility and offer an all-round adjustable fit.


If your teen has sensitive feet and needs to be able to rework their school shoes for the ultimate comfort, then we recommend lace-up designs. School shoes with buckled straps might not have as much fit flexibility as laced ones, but they do offer a breezier feel because of their shape. So, if your kids would prefer air circulation over adjustability, then buckled styles would be best! 


Is your child employed at their first job, or will be soon? 


If so, our slip-resistant school shoes could be their best bet! These non-slip safety styles look almost identical to conventional classroom designs. Of course, they are outfitted with extra shock-absorbing features, cushioned from heel impact, and have non-marking, oil-resistant, and water-resistant material.


These are our most durable school shoes and make the perfect workstyles for anyone who needs plain black footwear. Instead of buying another set for your child when they start their first job, you can get them to use their slip-resistant school shoes for both settings.


Why would you shop anywhere else?


Come to Everflex and get the ideal school shoes for your teenager! We’ve got the best styles (at the lowest prices) for students in 2021!