School Shoes Perfect for Every Type of Child!


Find the ultimate school shoes for your little one at Everflex! We can offer you affordable, time-tested, and versatile designs this season. Pick a pair of school shoes up from us, and you can trust that they’ll handle the action-packed semester of any student. Our traditional designs are an excellent match for the classroom and reliable uniform favourites. Sneaker, trainers, and other active school shoes get built for maximum mobility and support during sports and the like. Mary-Jane sandals will be your child’s new go-to in spring and summer once we’ve explained all the benefits. You can trust Everflex to take care of students of all ages in 2020, and we’re willing to prove it! Listen up, because we’re going to tell you why our school shoes are ideal for every type of child. 


We provide styles with age-appropriate fastenings


You’ll find buckled, touch-fastening, and lace-up school shoes in the Everflex range. As such, we’ve got students of every year level covered! You can stop worrying about your little ones tripping and hurting themselves because of untied laces. Touch-fastening school shoes will stay secure on your young kids, but they’re also straightforward enough to do-up without help from adults. On the other hand, older students get to benefit from the easy customization and adjustment provided by buckled and lace-up pairs. 


Would your kids be interested in vegan-friendly school shoes?


Sustainable fashion is the future, and Everflex makes shopping for vegan-friendly products uncomplicated and affordable. We know that many families want to be more environmentally-conscious shoppers, but it can be an expensive exercise. Luckily, Everflex has a whole host of synthetic school shoes, and all at low prices! 


Our traditional designs offer plenty of diversity


As well as offering various materials (like leather or synthetic), Everflex also has heaps of unique school shoes. All of our traditional looks come with the same glossy black finish, rounded toes, and supportive designs, but each puts a spin on the age-old look. You’re sure to find a set of school shoes that appeal to your kids on our shelves! 


Everflex styles come with fantastic grip and built-in support


What makes a pair of school shoes fit to last? Well, decent soles and smart designs go a long way! You can trust that both our classic classroom pairs and sportswear will treat students to long-lasting comfort and ease of wear. Ankle padding, grooved grip, and shock-absorbing soles help our sneakers and trainers keep your kids safe during high-impact activities and fast-paced games. Similar features get fitted into our classic school shoes, so your children can make it through long lessons and extracurricular activities all year without a fuss. Even the busiest and most demanding schedule won’t slow these styles down! 


Pick Mary-Jane school shoes and enjoy a cooler style


Does your little one have sensitive feet? Well, you should consider using some of our favourite sandals or Mary-Jane styles as their school shoes this season. The main benefit of partially-open Mary-Jane styles is the extra airflow that they provide. If your children find their regular pair gets uncomfortably hot or make their feet sweaty in the warmer months, then you should seriously consider making the switch to these school shoes instead. Since they come with covered toes, our laser-cut kids’ school shoes will pass by any dress code rules and regulations with ease, so there’s no need to worry about that. Don’t hold back now— let your kids give these sandals a try in 2020! 


Find out more about what Everflex can offer you!


Shop around on our website today. We’ve got the school shoes that every student needs this season, so come and see for yourself!