School Shoes Perfect For Boys And Girls!

Do you need new school shoes for your kids? Everflex is the place to look if you appreciate high-quality footwear, affordable prices, and plentiful designs. Our extensive collection can cater to the needs of every type of student, so you can trust us to have the school shoes that your children need every time. 


Have your kids outgrown their school shoes? 

Time flies and children never seem to stop growing, which is why Everflex always offers a surplus of designs and sizes. Our collection will fit the youngest and oldest of students, without a doubt! We know that finding school shoes for teenagers who fall into the awkward time between child and young adult. However, because we are aware that this can be an issue, Everflex has solved the problem by linking the kids’ range with the collection for men and women. When your children reach the largest size of kids’ school shoes, they can move straight over into our adult range. Instead of being forced to buy a too-big pair, left hoping that your child will grow in them (and sooner rather than later), you can purchase a set that fits perfectly every time. 


Our traditional school shoes cater to all genders and ages! 

Here at Everflex, our classic uniform styles are almost entirely unisex. With their rounded toes, glossy material, and smooth look, school shoes from our collection appeal to boys and girls alike. Better still, we have designs with different fastenings, which means that younger and older students can get styles that suit them. For little kids, who often struggle to tie up laces without adult assistance, we have touch-fastening school shoes. And, for older kids who have mastered the skill, Everflex has lace-up designs. 


Does your boy need sportier school shoes?

Every student needs trainers and sneakers for PE classes, extracurricular sports, and other activities. The shock-absorbing features and stabilizing soles on our sporty school shoes will help your children move faster and more confidently. Our styles for girls and boys come in block-coloured versions that will appease tough dress codes. However, we also offer stylish sneakers that kids can wear in the classroom as well! Sleek trainers like these are the perfect boys’ school shoes because they combine the play-ready design of our activewear with the sleek finish of classic uniform footwear. Your son will love the steady comfort and sporty look of these trainers. But, make sure that their uniform rules don’t prohibit these casual school shoes! 


Is your girl on the hunt for trendy school shoes?

Well, we highly recommend Mary-Jane sandals for your little fashionista! When regular designs just won’t cut it for your daughter, these stylish designs are the perfect alternatives. Mary-Jane school shoes are at their most popular in summer and spring, since the partially-open top and laser-cut décor circulate air well, which keeps feet from overheating. As you can imagine, elevated airflow is a huge bonus for students during heatwaves. But, don’t let that discourage you from getting these school shoes during winter and autumn. Your child’s uniform socks (or tights/stockings) remove the risk of cold feet, which means Mary-Jane sandals can transition through the seasons smoothly. So, if your daughter is bored of getting traditional school shoes every year, you can shake things up with a Mary-Jane pair! 


Shop at Everflex to get the best for your kids!

Our collection can offer the best school shoes at the lowest prices. With styles to suit every age, gender, need, and fashion taste, Everflex is the perfect place to shop this season. Stop in and see what we have for your child! We’re sure you’ll see something to add to your shopping cart.