School Shoes Need to be Supportive… Here's Why!

It's that time of the year again when parents and guardians research to find the perfect school shoes for their children. This task requires careful preparation because it affects the child's foot health and future. We know you only want the best for your children and always want to keep them safe. 


So, to make the process easier for you, Everflex will tell you the essential qualities and features to look for in your child's school shoes. After your home, your kid spends most of his or her time at school. So, as kids grow, it's crucial to ensure they have footwear that is comfortable for school.


Your child's feet continue to develop until puberty. That's why you need to pick the correct, supportive footwear. They can affect the bones. Sadly, foot troubles can last a lifetime, so order only the best for your kid.


Do you want to have a deeper understanding of the impact of school shoes? Then, let us show how school shoes can impact your child's foot health.


Impact of Wearing School Shoes in the Wrong Size


Even after puberty, their feet will continue to grow. Over the next 15 years, their feet will change. Some bones will slowly join together, and others will grow longer. You must ensure that the best-fitting school shoes support them and receive proper attention. 


Even in the same person, no two pairs of feet are identical. Even the dimensions of your child's left and right foot may differ. Giving feet room to grow will help with proper foot development, healthy muscle, and tendon growth, and stop any long-term problems from becoming problems as an adult.


The primary cause of children's foot problems comes from school shoes that are too small for them. 


  • In addition to being uncomfortable, footwear that is too small for a kid can lead to long-term problems with their feet, legs, and back.
  • They push the toes out of place when the shoes don't fit right. This can lead to pain, ingrown toenails, hammer toes, calluses, and bunions.
  • Wearing the wrong school shoes always might prevent the foot's bones from developing correctly, permanently shortening them and resulting in chronic pain.
  • Cramped toes, especially in covered school shoes, can alter a person's gait, affecting their posture and the development of their back, leg, hip, and foot muscles.


Everflex has 16 sizes, so your kid can find a pair of school shoes that fits them well at every stage of their growth (at the right price!). Our girls' and boys' school shoes come in sizes 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Check out our size guide on our website or store to learn more.


The Ideal Kids' School Shoes


The fit and breathability of kids' school shoes are crucial components. Kids' school shoes should be breathable to prevent excessive sweating on their feet. In addition, kids' school shoes should be flexible and not restrict foot movement. 


Their flexibility should be in the front, where an ideal pair will bend at the ball but not further. Moreover, they must be appropriate for your child's activities and the temperature. Finally, school shoes shouldn't be too heavy because doing so can lead to foot and muscle pain.


School shoes must feature fastenings like laces, buckles, and touch-fastening straps to keep them in place and minimise accidental trips and slips. Which fastener is ideal for your kid will depend on their ability to knot laces.


1. Offers Comfort


Your kid will feel more at ease if they wear properly fitted school shoes that allow them to move their toes freely. We want our children to pay full attention to the requirements of their classes, but wearing uncomfortable school shoes can distract them. 


Our selection of footwear at Everflex is versatile, breathable, and durable, all excellent qualities that will keep their feet at ease all day.


Giving your kid cosy school shoes will prevent sore and swollen feet and keep them protected.


2. Provides Support and Traction


No parent likes to see their child return from their classes with scraped knees and elbows. Several factors, such as slippery floors, juice spillage, rain, mud, and other possibilities, can cause your kid to trip and fall. 


With proper support and traction, Everflex kids' school shoes can protect your kid from coming home in tears.


Our footwear materials can help secure your kid with proper support and traction to keep them safe.


3. Fits Perfectly in Width and Length


Your child's ideal pair of school shoes must suitably fit in width and length. Since many kids' feet get bigger and more prominent as they grow up, it's essential to get accurate length and width measurements. 


We mentioned that the dimensions of each foot could differ, so it's critical to get the perfect fit. Sending your student to an academic institution without reliable school shoes can be risky. But sending your kid to school without good school shoes can be dangerous. 


Long-lasting and thick soles protect their feet and stabilise them on slippery ground. Put your mind at ease and buy a pair of school shoes from Everflex. Always be ready for bad weather, which can cause your child's school shoes to lose shine. 


Please keep their lustre going with our instant shine, which you can find on our shoe care page or at a store near you.


5. Shields Feet from Foreign Objects


Socialisation is an essential aspect of growing up. Kids meet new friends and participate in various activities like play and sports. Engaging in an active lifestyle will take them outdoors, where foreign objects can lodge inside the school shoes.


A worse situation for your kid is being scratched by sharp objects while running around. With Everflex at your child's feet, no accidental maiming can happen. Sharp objects cannot easily penetrate our thick and sturdy soles.


Depending on the style, our school shoes also cover the whole foot, making it less likely that gravel or tanbark will get inside.


Provide Supportive School Shoes. Choose Everflex instead of top brands!


Your young one deserves the best foot care possible. They can be other than top brands like Harrison, Skechers, Clarks, Nike, Asics, Roc, etc. Please provide them with the best support from Everflex kids' school shoes. 


Our shoes are the best way to ensure your child's feet grow correctly and don't cause problems later on.


Check Out the Range of School Shoes We Have.


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We have a huge range of school shoes for boys, girls, and toddlers in various styles. Our shoes are designed to be supportive, comfortable, and durable. They are also lightweight and offer the best protection for your child's feet. 


We also have a wide selection of kids' school shoes for uniform and casual wear. Check the size, and age group first before selecting a style.


Once you have made your selection, you can place an order and receive updates. However, checking the approximate time needed to receive your order is best.