School Shoes Must Tick These Five Boxes

The quest for excellent school shoes can be tiring, especially if you need guidance with what to look for. These criteria will ensure that your child will have the best learning experience. Since your child spends most of their time in the classroom and playground, their academic footwear plays a massive role in keeping them safe and focused. Parents must guarantee their children can pay attention in class and socialise with friends via perfectly fitting school shoes.

As such, it’s critical to understand the five main boxes that each pair must tick. If this is your first time shopping for school shoes, please allow our expert Everflex team to help you. We’ve gathered the things you must know under the five essential criteria. As a brand that has provided the best school shoes for years, Everflex knows the footwear like the back of its hand. The brand understands how vital it is to provide only the best for students so that nothing can deter them from learning. If you’re ready, let’s start!


1. Footwear must be comfortable


As an adult, you can attest to how crucial comfortable footwear is, especially if you spend most of your workdays on your feet. Since your child is undergoing development until puberty, comfortable school shoes are essential. The wrong kinds can impact their foot health, which they can bring to adulthood. So, what are the things that make school shoes comfortable? Here are things to check:

  • The right fit. Ensure that the school shoes are correct, not too big or too small. Get the length and width of each foot separately to know the size. It’s best to measure in the afternoon when their feet are at their maximum size. You must ensure you have the correct brand size because shoe brands vary. At Everflex, a handy size guide helps you convert from a US, UK, or EU size to get the correct school shoes. 
  • Adjustable. Your child must have control over the fit of their footwear because it changes as the day goes on. For instance, a tight fit is okay in the morning but needs a looser one by the afternoon when their feet swell. Fastenings or closures ensure the school shoes are adjustable. They also secure the footwear so your child can run and play without falling into an accident. At Everflex, our collection of school shoes uses three types: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. Each requires a skill that your child must be able to do independently. 
  • Roomy toe boxes. The shoes you wear to class should have a roomy toe box so your toes can expand freely. A round or square design provides the space necessary for the toes, improving their balance and stability. In addition, there must be a 1cm gap between the tips of the longest toe and the school shoes, providing room to grow. Check if the space still exists every 4–8 weeks; replace it immediately if it’s gone.


2. Footwear must be supportive


The school shoes must ensure they can support your child, even during boisterous activities. An energetic child will play when they can. Since their feet are still developing, you must check their footwear for the following characteristics to guarantee support:

  • Flexible. The school shoes must mimic your child’s feet when they move. Because the feet fold, the footwear must also be flexible and fold to the point where the feet do. Stiff or extra flexible options strain your child’s feet and impact development. Test the footwear by bending it; it should not fold all the way.
  • Provides traction. With different seasons, weather changes, and natural elements, your child must deal with rain, wet floors, uneven terrain, and soft ground. These things can cause accidents, which could hurt your child. Ensure the school shoes have gripped soles that provide traction. This way, your child can safely navigate these scenarios and come home unscathed.


3. Footwear must be durable


Your child needs school shoes that don’t break at the first sign of wear and tear. The changing weather and other elements your child encounters outside the home can impact their footwear, so the ones you get must be durable. Check for the following features to ensure longevity:

  • Materials. You can sleep comfortably knowing your child is safe if the school shoes are made of high-quality materials. Durable materials will hold it together so your child can play and do their usual activities without worry. Accidents may happen if the school shoes break while playing. At Everflex, our school shoes come in leather or vegan-friendly. Both kinds possess characteristics that ensure long-lasting footwear. 
  • Firm heel counters. Heel counters are at the back of the school shoes, holding them up against impact in that area. They also keep the footwear in shape. These things are critical to ensuring the school shoes last longer.


4. Footwear must be stylish


Wearing stylish school shoes is essential because it affects how others view your child. If they look put together, clean, and with shiny, classic footwear, teachers and classmates will think they have good hygiene and leave a positive, lasting impression. Also, the style of your child’s school shoes can affect their socialisation. If they wear what others perceive as the popular style, peers will invite them to join games and activities.

At Everflex, all our school shoes are trendy and fly off the shelf. Please choose from our various options: pull-on boots, Mary Jane, double straps, T-Bar, lace-ups, and sneakers.


5. Footwear must be affordable


It’s time to squash the notion that you can only get quality school shoes when you pay exorbitant prices. At Everflex, our high-quality materials and styles, which tick all the boxes, come in three affordable price ranges. Choose from the range of school shoes within your budget, and expect the same comfort, support, and protection throughout. Moreover, the brand’s flexible payment systems enable you to purchase now and pay in instalments later! How excellent is that?

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