School Shoes Must Be Supportive… Here's Why!

It's that time again when parents flock to stores for excellent school shoes. The start of the academic term requires shopping for essentials that support the students' day-to-day. With their feet still developing until puberty, everything they do and wear can affect their growth. If they wear the wrong school shoes for most of the day, it can have a massive impact on their foot health. Some even last until adulthood.

Knowing this can put a lot of pressure on parents because it adds a layer of concern. The chosen pair of school shoes can be good or bad for your child, so you must be careful. You can't grab the first stylish pair you see without checking if they have supportive features. Thankfully, Everflex school shoes combine fashion and functionality—each style option in the brand's collection ticks all the necessary features that provide excellent support. And the best part is that they are also timeless classics, which your child can proudly wear to class and the playground. 

To make it easier for you, our team at Everflex will explain why your child needs supportive footwear. If you're ready, let's start! 


Why is supportive footwear necessary? 


An academic week consists of around 30 hours, which is quite a long time for your child to be on their feet. The kind of school shoes they wear during this duration can positively or negatively affect the student's feet. And whether they feel good or bad, it will show in their performance. You'd know a child feels great when they are proactive and motivated, whereas they are demotivated and not in the mood if they feel the strain. Here are some reasons your child needs supportive academic footwear:


1. Promotes healthy foot development


As mentioned earlier, your child's feet continuously develop until puberty. They need supportive school shoes to protect their feet from excessive force, which can affect their development. The footwear must absorb impact so that the feet are safe in each step. Moreover, supportive school shoes make your child feel good. They fit right and do not irritatingly rub the feet.


2. Prevents foot injuries


Supportive school shoes are essential for active children participating in playground games and classroom activities. There will be running, jumping, chasing friends, and standing, which can put much weight and pressure on the feet. It's the task of the school shoes to ensure that your child can do all these things safely. 

Is the footwear durable enough to withstand wear and tear? It should be! The school shoes can only provide adequate support if they don't break quickly. Is the footwear flexible or too firm? If the school shoes are inflexible, they can hinder the natural movement of the feet and cause pain. More importantly, can the footwear provide stability? Your child will walk on wet, uneven, or soft surfaces and can slip without supportive academic footwear. The stability and traction the shoes offer are of the utmost importance in preventing accidents.


3. Supports the body


The feet are your child's foundation, carrying their entire weight and that of their bag and other items. The correct school shoes will ensure that all these things won't hurt your child's developing feet, which are working in tandem with every joint and muscle. The footwear must promote alignment, enabling your child to move around comfortably. With proper support, school shoes guarantee better health for your child. They will come home without foot fatigue, pain, or strain at the end of the day. 


4. Enhances overall comfort


Since supportive school shoes ensure the feet remain pain-free, they boost your child's comfort. The extended duration of being on their feet won't cause discomfort, making it easier for your child to focus and perform well in class. And as mentioned, supportive school shoes make students feel better overall. They are more confident in taking each step and motivated to participate and do more. 


5. Improves movement and physical activity


Parents must ensure that the child has the appropriate school shoes for the activity so they can provide the proper reinforcement. While regular Everflex academic footwear can provide adequate support, your child will need sneakers or trainers for more intense activities like PE classes or sports. These school shoes can protect your child from injuries, using features that can handle more demanding movements, ensuring effortless mobility. 


Where can you get supportive kids' school shoes?


Everflex is a reputable brand that understands each child's needs to get through a busy academic day. It is a one-stop shop with all your child's footwear needs, including socks and shoe care items like instant shine. The brand curates a collection of supportive school shoes that cater to varied foot types and preferences. 

More than adhering to uniform requirements, the options check all the reasons we enumerated. Each kind of Everflex school shoe promotes healthy foot development, prevents foot injuries, supports the body, enhances overall comfort, and improves movement and physical activity. 

Moreover, the collection has the trendiest and most in-demand style options. Choose from styles like pull-on boost, Mary Jane, double straps, T-Bar, lace-ups, and sneakers. These school shoes will ensure your child always looks and feels good, ready to take on whatever the day throws at them.

And while all we mentioned points to the benefits of providing supportive academic footwear to your child, we'd like to highlight the advantage parents get from shopping at Everflex. The brand's collection of school shoes has reasonable prices. You'd think parents would exceed their budget with excellent features and looks that could rival luxury designer brands. But that's why shopping at Everflex is the best: our school shoes are top-notch and available at three affordable price ranges. More importantly, the brand's flexible payment systems enable parents to purchase now and pay in instalments later!


Find Foot Support at Everflex!


Boost your child's foot health and academic performance with supportive Everflex school shoes. Head to the nearest retailer or online store to grab one now! 

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