School Shoes For Receptions!

Shopping for little kids has never been so easy! Do you need a pair of school shoes for a Reception student? Here at Everflex, we have a whole host of styles available for customers, including little ones! Your child won’t have to wait to grow into their new school shoes, because we’ve got a great expanse of sizes, with everything from toddler-sizes footwear to pairs perfect for adults. 

With so many fantastic designs available from Everflex in 2021, you’ll feel spoiled for choice every time you stop by our online store for a look. So, to make sure you don’t feel too overwhelmed by all our school shoes, we’ve put together a little guide for parents today! Here are five fabulous designs for students in Reception:


  • Classic school shoes!


You can’t go wrong with a pair of these! Traditional school shoes will be a staple in your little one’s wardrobe until they’re ready to graduate. With their glossy black finish, rounded toes, and sleek shape, these are an instant match with uniforms. These pairs come with grooved soles for grip, flexible soles, and long-lasting comfort, so they’re an easy go-to for any child! We have versions of these school shoes with touch-fastening tabs and others with laces so you can pick ones suitable for your child. 


  • Sweet Mary-Jane sandals!


Breezy school shoes are a favourite pick during summer and spring. At Everflex, all Mary-Janes styles come with covered toes, so taking them on the playground will never cause controversy with teachers. Some of our favourites are school shoes with laser cut-outs as decorations, but we think any of these Everflex’s styles would be fantastic for your little girl. As far as the types go, we have touch-fastening or buckle-up versions for girls wanting Mary-Jane sandals.  


  • Sneakers and sportswear! 


All students will need a pair of sporty school shoes. After all, they’ll need something comfy to run around in during fitness games, sports, and PE classes! The beauty of our all-white and all-black sneakers is that they match uniforms and casual clothes too, so your children can wear these school shoes on the weekends. Like our classic styles, you can find versions at Everflex with touch-fastening tabs or laces. 


  • Cosy pull-on boots!


You won’t find these school shoes for older students! One thing to enjoy about shopping for young students is that they don’t have to follow strict dress codes yet. Of course, you should double-check that your children are allowed to wear boots, to be safe! Pull-on boots are fantastic school shoes for winter and autumn. The extra coverage of these ankle boots will safeguard kids from cold weather, rain, puddles, and mud. Since the sides have elastic material, they stretch to fit kids’ feet flawlessly, so comfort is guaranteed!


  • Casual trainers 


Once again, these school shoes are a pick for young Receptions because their dress codes are more relaxed. If trainers and other casual styles are still welcome with your kids’ uniform, then we highly recommend getting a pair! The shiny black material makes our casual trainers look like regular school shoes at a glance, but they’re even more flexible and soft on feet. Plus, since they’ve got soles similar to our sportswear, they’re perfect for the playground! You’ll find these school shoes with dual touch-fastening straps for an adjustable and secure fit. 

So, which pair do you think will suit your child?

Hopefully, you’ve got a style in mind for your child’s school shoes now! Have a closer look at Everflex’s designs online today, and get the ideal match for your Reception student. The best school shoes are only a few clicks away!