School Shoes for Every Season at Everflex

Shopping for school shoes can be difficult because some styles are better suited to particular seasons. So while you want to save money and hope the type can last your child all year, remember to change their footwear in a few months because their feet are constantly growing.

Your child deserves the most comfort and support as they face academic challenges. If you must change school shoes in a few weeks or months, choose the best style for the season. Which types are more appropriate for each season and still go well with their uniform?

Our team at Everflex will provide answers to this curious question. We will show the information by putting it into groups based on the seasons and explaining why the school shoes are suitable for that time of year. 

Our brand of kids' school shoes compares with popular brands like Clarks, Skechers, Asics, Harrison, Roc, and even Nike sneakers.

So read on and discover Everflex school shoes for every season! No worries, as we have dealt with every possible scenario that could arise. 


Fall and Winter

The feet are the most straightforward entryway for the cold to enter the body, which can cause several foot injuries on top of getting sick. Fall and winter are cold seasons requiring school shoes that could keep your young one warm and cosy. 

And you know how terrible flu and fever can be, requiring your student to take some time off from their classes.

You can avoid this by getting them the proper kids' school shoes for the two cold seasons. But first, allow us to enumerate the different styles you can consider.


Style 1—Lace-Up

Lace-up kids' school shoes are perfect for the colder seasons because they cover the entire foot, keeping your child warm and protected. This style is unisex and ideal for girls and boys.

The laces on these school shoes are adjustable, so they can make them tighter or looser as needed. In this case, your kid may want to draw the footwear for a snug fit to keep their feet warmer.

More importantly, these school shoes have treads that will cause friction on slippery surfaces during the winter. 

Your young one needs treads to keep a good grip and stay steady when walking on wet or icy surfaces in the winter. One accidental slip can cause permanent injuries, which we want to avoid.

Another characteristic perfect for the fall and winter is the reinforced toe and heel, which keep your student stable. A firm heel is required to keep the kids' school shoes in place. Furthermore, when the ground is wet, we must avoid any potential causes of an accident. 


Style 2—Pull-On Ankle Boots (The School Shoes Boys Love!)

Pull-on ankle boots are school shoes boys appreciate, especially during the fall and the cold months. For one, this style covers the entire foot until the ankles, keeping them toasty.

Another benefit of using these boys' school shoes is the thick soles, which are durable enough to last through harsh cold weather. More importantly, the soles will provide traction to keep boys steady and stable when walking on wet surfaces.

The pull-on ankle boots from Everflex use leather materials known for their insulating properties. These school shoes can retain some heat, but you can warm boys' feet by stretching the elastic side gussets to accommodate double socks.


Spring and Summer

The warmer months of spring and summer require breathability to keep your child’s feet fresh and odour-free. In addition, air should be able to enter and circulate inside the kids' school shoes so that moisture and sweat can evaporate. 

Keeping them in the shoes can cause blisters and athlete's foot, preventing your kid from doing their best in school.

You can keep your kid from getting distracted by giving them the right Everflex school shoes for the season.


Style 1—Double Straps

The double-strap school shoes use two touch-fastening straps to keep them in place. This unisex footwear is ideal for girls and boys during spring and summer because it uses a leather upper, allowing for breathability.

Although these kids' school shoes cover the entire foot, the leather material breathes, allowing air to enter and keep your child’s feet fresh. Your child can also adjust the fit by loosening the touch-fastening straps so that there’s room for air to circulate.

Sunny weather is perfect for games on the playground. Your child will run and have the best time until they slip and get hurt. Thankfully, these school shoes have supportive and sturdy soles that keep them from falling accidentally. 


Style 2—Mary Janes (The School Shoes Girls Love!)

Mary Janes are school shoes ideal for girls during spring and summer because of their breathable design. Secured by a single touch-fastening strap, the Mary Janes have rounded toes and an open-top design that lets air circulate inside.

The rounded-toe design of these school shoes is ideal for your child’s developing feet because it gives their toes space to splay naturally, allowing them to move as they should. Ensure your daughter's longest toe is 1 cm away from the edge of her school shoes.


Style 3—T-Bar

The T-Bar school shoes are the best at letting air in, which we've repeatedly stressed. It is the ideal style for spring and summer because of the open-top design and laser-cut patterns that provide several entryways for air to come in and circulate.

Your daughter can safely run on the playground or outdoors thanks to the buckle fastening that keeps the school shoes in place. This fastener isn't easy to undo, so your kid will be safe, supported, and comfortable on a warm spring or summer day!


Protect Your Child’s Feet With the Best Kids' School Shoes All Seasons of the Year!

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