School Shoes for Every Grade at Everflex

The search for school shoes is constant, ending only when your child graduates. Until then, parents make it their mission to find a pair that can provide their child with the best experience. 

The kind of school shoes they will wear must suit the stage of development. For instance, younger students do not have skills in tying their laces, so they will need styles that are easy to close on their own. 

As they grow older, they can start wearing more complicated school shoes because they already have the skills to use them.

You have come to the right place if you need a rundown of various styles suitable for every grade. Everflex school shoes have features necessary to keep them comfortable and supported throughout. 

The team at Everflex will discuss footwear appropriate for different ages depending on their fastenings. If you’re ready, let’s start!


Younger Set

As mentioned, early students need easy-to-lock kinds of school shoes because they still lack the skills for more advanced fastenings. These children would love the ease that touch-fastening straps provide. 

The easiest of the three fastenings at Everflex, touch-fastening straps use two nylon strips, one for hooks and the other for loops, that young children press together to lock their school shoes. 

Pressing them and securing the footwear on their feet only takes a few seconds. However, they will require more force to pry the school shoes open, creating a distinctive sound while they do so. 

Here are the ideal Everflex styles for the younger set of students.


Style 1—Pull-On Boots

These school shoes are the only ones lacking fastenings, which are more accessible and appropriate for younger boys. By pulling the boots on with the help of tabs, your son can wear them within seconds. 

The lack of fastening is not a reason to worry because these school shoes have elastic side gussets that act the same way. The gussets expand to accommodate any foot shape, then revert to provide a snug fit. 

More importantly, these school shoes use durable materials like leather, which can withstand the wear and tear that young boys subject their footwear to, especially with their classroom and playground activities.


Style 2—Mary Jane

Young girls in the pre-elementary and early elementary grades would love to wear the Mary Janes.

These school shoes typically have rounded-toe, open-top designs and a single touch-fastening strap across the instep. As mentioned, young girls can lock their Mary Janes within seconds, ensuring they stay in place all day.

The rounded-toe design gives your young daughter enough toe room so their toes can spread naturally. It’s critical for their stability and balance. 

Pointy and tight toe boxes usually squeeze toes, which can hurt them and cause blisters. Pain can distract them and deter them from learning and performing well.


Style 3—Double Strap

Double straps work the same way as Mary Janes; only two straps are across their foot this time instead of one. 

These unisex school shoes are suitable for young boys and girls in a transition stage, which means they are old enough to use fastenings but still young to use the more complicated ones.

This footwear uses leather material, which provides breathability and insulation to the wearer. Your children need school shoes that protect them from all kinds of weather. 

If the sun is out and the weather’s warm, the leather double straps will allow air to circulate and keep the child’s feet fresh all day. 

On colder days and lower temperatures, the insulating capability of these school shoes will keep the heat inside longer, protecting your child from the cold.


Older Set

The older students are ready to wear school shoes with more advanced fastenings. They have the skill to lock buckles and the patience to learn to tie laces. 

Everflex only has three fastenings for its school shoes, and these two are for the more skilled older set.

Buckles require more developed fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination since your child must lock the school shoes by ensuring the pin will clasp on the hole found in the other strap. 

This fastening can ensure that their footwear stays in place because it does not come undone accidentally.

Laces are fastenings that require practice and patience. It takes a while for students to learn how to tie them independently. But they proudly wear their school shoes once they do because it’s an achievement. 

Here are the Everflex styles for the older set of students.


Style 1—T-Bar

T-Bar school shoes are like Mary Janes, except for the T straps and the buckle closure. Like Mary Janes, this footwear has rounded toes and is ideal for older girls. 

These school shoes are suitable for warmer months because of their open-top style and laser geometric cutouts, which provide breathability. 

The style allows air to circulate and keeps your daughter sweat-free as they go through the daily academic grind. Apart from breathability, these cutouts enhance the school shoes’ appearance, making your daughter look and feel better. 


Style 2—Laced

Older boys and girls can proudly wear their laced school shoes as a badge of honour, subtly telling everyone they know how to tie their laces. 

This footwear allows your child to be creative, especially with how they weave their laces through the eyelets. While all the fastenings mentioned are adjustable, laces provide the most adjustable experience. 

These school shoes will keep your child comfortable, supported, and, more importantly, stable. 

With gripped soles, this footwear will provide the traction necessary to ensure your child does not slip while playing on the playground and moving on different surfaces. 

Since laces are independent of school shoes, you can clean or replace them separately. Why not get an extra pair of laces from Everflex now to save you the trouble of doing it later?



All young and old students need a second pair of school shoes suitable for their more strenuous activities. Keep your child supported during PE classes and sports with sneakers and trainers from Everflex. 

These school shoes boys and girls adore have many benefits: breathable materials, supportive soles, and padded heels to keep your child cosy.

Have you considered comparing Everflex shoes to brands like Skechers, Asics, Harrison, Nike, and Clarks? Despite being budget-friendly, Everflex shoes don't compromise on comfort or durability.


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