School Shoes for Boys and Girls They’ll Love

How many times have you gone through tantrums and hissing fits while shopping for school shoes?

Some parents and guardians dread that time of the year when they must take their children shopping for academic footwear. But, unfortunately, now is the time for that because the start of classes is here.

As tedious as the task may be, we all go through it because we want the best school shoes for our children. While it’s tempting to leave them behind to avoid the tantrums and fits, that is one of the worst mistakes you can make when shopping for footwear.

School shoes play a massive role in your child’s academic performance. They need full attention and concentration to do well in their classes, which uncomfortable footwear can ruin.

Bringing your youngster along when shopping for school shoes gives them the voice to speak up and point out what they love and don’t like. Since they wear the footwear, they must be present to try them on and walk around to see if they are comfortable. Do you know where to get the school shoes for boys and girls that they’ll love?

At Everflex, of course! The styles available guarantee a comfortable, supportive, and durable experience. The many benefits of choosing the Everflex brand over popular brands like Skechers, Asics, Nike, Clarks, Harrison, Roc,

To find the right shoes for your child, you need to know what features they must have. So, please allow our team at Everflex to walk you through the characteristics of school shoes that your children will love!


1. The Perfect Fit

Your child will wear academic footwear for almost 30 hours a week. Therefore, their school shoes must fit perfectly to provide ample support. But what constitutes a perfect fit?

The school shoes should not feel tight. Allow a 1 cm gap between the longest toe and the edge of the footwear when your child is trying on shoes.

Each foot is unique from the others, so measure the length and width of each one. Getting the most accurate measurement means you must do it in the afternoon or late evening when their feet are at their largest size. Avoid buying school shoes that are 2-3 sizes too big. Why is this critical?

For starters, school shoes that are too big will not stay on their feet properly, which may cause them to slip and fall. Secondly, footwear that’s too loose will force your child to claw their toes so they can grip the footwear, an injury that can become permanent.


2. Check for Fastenings

Three fastening options are available for Everflex school shoes: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. When deciding on the ideal style for your kid, check for fastenings because they are essential to keeping your youngster happy.

The school shoes have straps that keep them on, so your kid will be safe as they move from one class to the next. Playing and running are parts of your child’s day, and fastenings make it possible for them to do it safely.

Ask your young one about the kind of fastening they prefer because it usually depends on their skills at fastening straps, locking buckles, and tying laces. Again, we must highlight the significance of asking what your kid loves. Let’s discuss each of the fastenings briefly.


  • Touch-Fastening Straps

Touch-fastening straps are two nylon strips your young one must press together to secure the school shoes. Hooks make up one of the strips, which then attach to the other strip made of loops. Your child can quickly lock the footwear with one hand.


  • Buckles

A buckle is a flat clasp device that fastens two loose ends together. One of the benefits of using this fastening is that it stays locked and won't come undone on its own. Also, it gives the school shoes only limited adjustability, depending on how many holes there are.


  • Laces

Choosing school shoes with laces gives your kid the most adjustable fit, which they will love, especially during hot and active days when they need to loosen their footwear. Of all three, laces are the only fastening independent of footwear. You can clean and replace them separately.


3. Kids' School Shoes Boys and Girls Will Love

Your child will love the wide range of school shoes available at Everflex because they all prioritise comfort. Some styles are for girls, others for boys, and the rest are unisex. We will describe how each type will make your kid love them. 


For Girls

Two types of school shoes are available for your young daughter: Mary Janes and T-Bars. They are similar in appearance; the only difference is that the two straps form a T in the T-Bar style.

Mary Janes have been on the academic scene since they came out. Your daughter will love its baby doll aesthetic, particularly the rounded-toe design, as it gives their toes enough wiggle room. In addition, these school shoes use a single touch-fastening strap to secure the footwear.

On the one hand, T-Bars use a buckle to fasten the straps that form a T together, securing the school shoes. On the other hand, the laser cut-outs and leather material provide the breathability your daughter needs to keep her feet fresh all day, even during warmer temperatures.


For Boys

There’s only one type of school shoe for your young son: pull-on ankle boots. This style does not come with any fastenings. Instead, the school shoes have a side gusset made of elastic that stretches to fit your child's foot. It's a versatile style that your son can wear to special weekend events.



Boys and girls will appreciate the lace-ups, double straps, and sneakers. Two of these school shoes, the lace-up and sneakers, use laces for fastenings, allowing them to tighten or loosen the fit as needed. In addition, they need a pair of sneakers specifically for sports and PE, as this style has more support and comfort for rougher activities.

Double-strap school shoes use two touch-fastening straps to keep the footwear in place. The soles of this footwear will keep your kid steady as they participate in the classroom or join games on the playground.


Grab School Shoes Your Kid Will Love!

Everflex caters to all your child’s school shoe needs. The different styles will make their time in school more comfortable, which will help them do their best. Next, add a few pairs of new Everflex socks to complete their uniform. 

Go shop at the Everflex online store or the store closest to you, and use the flexible payment options that let you buy now and pay later. 

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