School Shoes for Boys and Girls at a Reasonable Price!

It is that time when school shoes are a super popular item on the shopping list. However, every parent knows that shopping for new school shoes can be challenging at the best times.

That is why the team here at Everflex have gathered a range of styles that we know will tick all of your boxes. Every child will love what a pair of these kicks can do for them. 


There is nothing better than wearing a new pair of school shoes. So treat them to a comfortable and stylish new pair of kicks for the next term. Our brand's shop has styles suitable for school & work, which are perfect for kids to wear.

There is something for boys, and girls, unisex styles, leather and vegan friendly. So take a read below to find out more! 


Style 1 – Mary-Jane


Do you need to invest in new school shoes for your daughter but do not want to break the budget? Well, now you can! Here at Everflex, we pride ourselves on offering quality footwear at a reasonable price. This tip means that your daughter will get the chance to showcase her new school shoes without worrying about any financial concerns. 


Our range of Mary-Jane school shoes is the perfect style for every girl to wear. These kicks feature a thin and supportive sole with a breathable outer material. In addition, geometric cut-outs allow your child's feet to breathe throughout the day. These black school shoes are perfect for the warmer months but can get styled every season. 


You and your daughter will love what a pair of these versatile and stylish school shoes can do. So why not try JILLY2 for your daughter's next set of school shoes? We promise she will instantly love them!

Trust us; for shopping for your school and work shoes, let our brand shop, Everflex be your top choice from one of the top brands.


Style 2 – Ballet Flats


Does your daughter love to look her best from morning until night? If you are nodding your head yes, then our range of ballet flats are the perfect school shoes to get. 


Ballet flats are super comfortable and breathable, which means that these can get worn all year long. Our range of ballet flats can get worn to a day full of learning and play with ease. Some school shoes feature a touch-fastening strap over the foot, and others feature a slide-on design. 

These ballet flats will surely look good on your child's feet. Take this as a sign to invest in for your toddler or baby to look cute.


The best thing about these school shoes is there are plenty of options. We recommend investing in LACEY for your daughter's next pair of kicks. These school shoes offer a touch-fastening strap and a thick sole. You can trust that your daughter will look and feel protected all day long with these kids' school shoes on her feet. 

Come visit our brand store via our online website or in physical stores during opening hours and get the durable shoes you need. You can use our clear filters in browsing your footwear by categories, price, and size.


Style 3 – Boots


Prepare your child for the winter season with our range of boots. These are the perfect set of school shoes for every child to wear. You will love what a pair of boots can do for your child throughout the year's cooler months. These are the ultimate style of protective and supportive black school shoes that every child needs in their life ASAP. 


Boots offer a thick and comfortable sole with sturdy outer material. In addition, these kicks feature a high-cut design, ensuring that no rain, mud, or dirt gets into your child's footwear. No parent wants to come home to their child's pair of school shoes and discover they have mud, water, and dirt. 


That is why we recommend getting your hands on a set of boots for your child's next pair of kids' school shoes. Find a store that will give you your needs in footwear and choose the top online shopping store, Everflex!

Whenever you collect shoes at our site with your account, we provide you free shipping on orders over $50, so take note of this. In addition, our team will always incorporate an order number with your shoe package.


Style 4 – Lace-ups


Stick to the classics this season with our range of lace-up school shoes. Your child will love how comfortable and wearable a pair of these kicks are. We love nothing more than children rocking a pair of lace-up school shoes throughout the day. 


You will find that these lace-up school shoes are super easy to wear and protective on your child's feet. These kicks are hard to say no to and fit the uniform requirements of just about every institution. You will love what these lace-up school shoes can do for your child, so get your hands on a pair today! 


Style 5 – Trainers


Do you have an active child? Do they love to play sports? If you are nodding your head yes, then we have the perfect school shoes for them. 


Our range of trainers is sure to become a must-have in your child's wardrobe. Trainers offer a thick and supportive sole that is perfect for active children. They need a pair of supportive school shoes to take them through the day with style. 


The best thing about these school shoes is that they can get worn outside the classroom. Your child will love spending a day full of learning and playing in their trainers. They will also love the fact they can wear them again to after-hours activities. 


Whether it is a sport they play or an afternoon play date with friends, you can trust that your child will look and feel comfortable with a pair of trainers on their feet. These are the ultimate set of school shoes that every active child needs at least one pair of in their life. So get your shopping cart and visit our store listing page to discover more shoe styles.


Style 6 – Canvas sneakers 


Take a look at our range of canvas sneakers! These are the perfect set of kids' school shoes that every child needs in their wardrobe. These school shoes are super easy to wear and can pair with every uniform style. The best thing about these school shoes is that they can get worn outside the classroom. 


Your child can kick up their feet to relax with these canvas sneakers by their side. So whether it is an outdoor excursion or a family dinner after a long day, you can trust that their pair of canvas sneakers will take them there in comfort and style. 


Have you found the perfect pair of school shoes for your child?


If you are nodding your head yes, you are in the right place. We have plenty of styles to choose from and can cater to plenty of children's needs. So head to the Everflex website today and press 'add to cart' ASAP!

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