School Shoes Even for the Fussiest Students

The start of each academic year thrusts parents and guardians into a whirlwind of activity, with school shoes as the top priority. Selecting the right one demands careful consideration and planning. Do not settle for the first option that catches your eye. You must consider features and factors because school shoes can significantly impact your child's overall academic experience.


Are they comfortable, stylish, and supportive? These are among the things you must check.


The challenge is even more significant when purchasing school shoes for a picky student. They are a unique bunch, always finding fault in everything. Fussy students may comment on the fit of the school shoes, expressing concerns about them being too tight or loose. The style of the school shoes is another aspect that may put them off—either it doesn't meet their standards, or it's too cumbersome to use. In short, they are not easily pleased or satisfied, especially when it comes to the footwear they must wear daily.


What should parents do?


The first step is to go to Everflex because the brand is a leader in academic footwear. Even the most discerning students approve o fEverflex school shoes. The team from Everflex will outline the factors you must check in a pair of school shoes that your child will love without any fuss. If you're ready, let's start!


Tip 1—Get the Right Fit


You will never hear the end of it if you make your fussy child wear school shoes with the wrong size. And you shouldn't because they are uncomfortable and can distract them from getting things done. Here are things to remember: 


  • Be sure to take precise measurements of both the length and width of each foot. A podiatrist or trained store employee can also assist you in selecting school shoes that fit well and suit your type of foot.

  • The thickness of the socks affects the size, so please bring your child's socks when trying on the footwear to account for it. You can always get socks from Everflex if you need more. 

  • Always leave a 1cm gap between the tips of their longest toe and the school shoes for growth spurts. It's a natural occurrence that can affect the fit of their footwear. We want to avoid tantrums and crying, so ensure you check if the gap still exists after 4–8 weeks. If their toes are already touching the footwear, it's time to get a new one, as it is probably rubbing your child's toes and hurting them. 

  • Getting the right school shoes requires knowing their brand size because shoe brands vary. Everflex's collection is available in sizes 9–13 and 1–11. Use the brand's handy size guide to convert from their US, UK, or EU size.

  • Choose a pair of school shoes with a spacious toe room. At Everflex, most options have round shapes that give your fussy child wiggle room for their toes.

Tip 2—Ensure Easy-to-Use Fastenings 


Ensuring a customisable fit prevents fussy students from experiencing daily discomfort. Everflex offers a range of fastening options, including touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. These closures enable your child to adjust the tightness of their school shoes when needed. While all three types offer different levels of customizability, we highly recommend touch-fastening straps for picky students because they are the easiest to use. Your child will appreciate the simplicity of school shoes with these closures and not deal with the complexity of buckles or laces. 


Tip 3—Find the Best Style 


Everflex has an excellent collection of timeless school shoes adored by everyone. From the most agreeable to the fussiest, all students will find a style option they can love. Simplify your mornings and ensure that your child readily wears their school shoes. While the brand has several options, we recommend three effortless options that guarantee stress-free mornings for parents and children. 


  • Pull-on boots are the perfect school shoes for fussy boys because of their effortless wearability. With convenient pull tabs and elastic side gussets, your child can easily slip them on and be ready to go within seconds. These boots offer top-notch comfort with their rounded-toe design, durable leather material, and gripped soles for traction. All these features work together to ensure that the school shoes provide students with a cosy and secure experience. 

  • Mary Jane school shoes for girls are a timeless favourite among students of all ages. Famous for its round shape and strap across the instep, this style option has won the hearts of even the most selective students. Who can ever say no to a pair of Mary Jane school shoes? They provide seamless comfort and style that keep your child cosy and cute. While these school shoes have options with a touch-fastening strap and a buckle, we'd recommend the first option to ensure fussy students can wear and adjust their Mary Janes quickly. This style option is ideal for warmer months because the open-top design promotes breathability, so your child's feet remain fresh and dry.

  • Double-strap school shoes are perfect for girls and boys who prefer a nontraditional style. This unisex option features two touch-fastening straps that secure the footwear and provide a customisable fit. Their durable leather provides breathability and insulation, perfect for unpredictable weather conditions. Additionally, the grooved soles offer the stability needed to keep the students steady during classroom activities and playground games. 

Tip 4—Choose Everflex 


Everflex stands out as the ultimate destination for parents with fussy children. The brand's collection offers a seamless blend of comfort, style, and functionality. Your child will eagerly reach for their Everflex school shoes each morning while you take precious sips of coffee. Besides providing top-notch quality, the brand ensures accessibility with its budget-friendly options. The brand aims to provide premium-quality school shoes without breaking the bank. With flexible payment options, parents can purchase academic footwear today and pay for it in convenient instalments later. 


Make Your Fussy Child Happy With Everflex Kids School Shoes! 


Our shoes will provide many benefits for your child's feet. Our academic footwear is significantly less expensive than those of other brands, such as Harrison and Clarks, while still maintaining quality and elegance. Our collection is available in several sizes and styles, designed to withstand your child’s everyday school errands. Head to the nearest Everflex retailer or check our online store for excellent school shoes! 


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