School Shoes Boys and Girls Can Count On are From Everflex!

The best way to ensure your child remains at the top of their academic performance is by giving them school shoes they can count on.

Their footwear plays a massive role in keeping them comfortable for almost 30 hours a week. Even adults complain when they wear ill-fitting footwear; how much more for kids?

There should never be a moment when your kid wears the wrong school shoes because it can have repercussions.

For one, your child’s foot health can suffer, causing blisters and deformities they can take into adulthood. When the topic is school shoes, there’s only one place you can count on—Everflex!

The brand is an expert on what your children need to perform at their best in the classroom and on the playground. Comfortable, supportive, durable, and affordable are the features that each pair of Everflex school shoes ticks!

Nothing can go wrong when your kids have this footwear. You can sleep well at night and worry less during the day because Eveflex school shoes keep them steady and upright. Do you want to discover more about the different styles available?

Let’s call in the team from Everflex to learn about the school shoes firsthand. If you’re keen on getting started, let’s go!


Style 1—Pull-on Boots

There’s nothing like a pair of boots to keep your son safe on different surfaces. These leather school shoes for boys benefit your kid because they have excellent features.

Pull-on boots are comfortable because they have rounded toes that do not squeeze your child’s toes together. Squeezed toes are painful and can distract your kids from concentrating in the classroom.

These school shoes are easy to wear because there’s no fastening. Instead, they can pull the boots on with the help of the pull tabs, and off they go.

The lack of fastening should not be a concern, as the school shoes have elastic side gussets that perform the same function. The gussets expand to accommodate any foot shape and revert to give them a snug fit.

The leather material makes these school shoes transeasonal. It provides breathability to keep their feet fresh and sweat-free during the warmer seasons and has insulating capabilities to keep their feet warm during colder months.


Style 2—Mary Janes

You can count on Mary Janes for their versatility; they are part of the uniform during the weekdays and look amazing with party dresses on weekends. These school shoes for girls employ a single touch-fastening strap across the top of your child’s feet.

You can count on Mary Janes to keep your daughters comfortable and supported during the academic year.

Some features worth noting about these school shoes include:

  • Rounded toes will ensure your kid has enough toe room.
  • The school shoes have padded soles to absorb shock and keep their feet cosy while joining activities.
  • The single touch-fastening strap provides adjustability, so your child has control over how tight the fit is.
  • The school shoes have a flexible outsole that mimics that supports your child’s feet. Children’s footwear must mimic the natural movement of their feet, flexible only in parts where they need to be—until the balls of the feet—not further.


Style 3—Double Straps

Double straps are unisex school shoes with two touch-fastening straps for a secure and adjustable fit. Like the first two styles, this leather footwear has rounded toes that ensure your child’s toes can spread naturally.

The leather school shoes provide coverage for the entire foot. However, breathability is not an issue because of the leather material—air can still circulate while sweat and moisture can escape.

Adjustability in school shoes is essential to providing them the fit they prefer. Your children can control how tight they want their footwear to be and adjust it when needed.

Your sporty kid will appreciate the supportive soles of these school shoes to keep them steady and upright while they play and participate in active fun.

As parents, you’ll worry less knowing you won’t receive an emergency phone call because your child is wearing reliable footwear, preventing accidental slips.


Style 4—T-Bars

T-Bar is another kind of school shoe for girls like Mary-Janes. This style looks the same, with the rounded toes and open-top design; the only differences are the “T” that the straps form on top of the foot and the buckle fastening.

Buckles require more advanced skill than touch-fastening straps, which your kids must press together to lock. Instead, they can close their school shoes by clasping the buckle into any hole on the strap.

This footwear benefits your children by strengthening their fine motor and problem-solving skills. More importantly, this fastening gives your child control over the fit, allowing them to adjust as needed.

Breathability is crucial because of the open-top design and geometric laser cut-outs all over the school shoes. In addition, the footwear’s flexibility and grooved grip ensure support, comfort, and stability—proving you can count on Everflex!


Style 5—Lace-Up

Lace-ups are unisex school shoes that are more suitable for older students who can tie their laces independently. Learning to tie laces is not easy, so those who use this style as a badge of honour wear them in the classroom and on the playground with pride.

Laces are the only independent fastening you can replace and clean separately from the school shoes. In addition, this style provides the most adjustability because even how you put the laces through the eyelets can contribute to fit and comfort.

Protection and longevity of the footwear are possible thanks to the reinforced toes and heels. In addition, although the school shoes cover the entire foot, the leather material can provide breathability, so your child can endure the warmer months.

The same material also has insulation capacity for the colder months. Moreover, the school shoes have a padded collar and removable innersole for more comfort.


Style 6—Sneakers

Sneakers are what every student needs for their sports activities and PE classes. However, your child requires more protection and support than regular academic footwear can provide when they engage in strenuous activities.

Be comforted that you can count on these Everflex school shoes to keep your kid happy and performing at their best.


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