School Shoes Are Perfect for Kids Who Love the Outdoors!

Kids need to play outside, no matter the season or weather. Learning to love the outdoors benefits children because it improves their health. Going to the playground with friends during break times boosts their social skills and confidence. 

But one thing can ruin the mood and enthusiasm—getting into accidents. As such, arming your children with the perfect school shoes for kids who play outdoors is essential.

With the help of the Everflex team, learn more about the benefits of outdoor play and how school shoes play a massive role in keeping them safe while they do it. 

We want you to encourage your child to join active games at the playground, but always remember their safety. 

We'll review the school shoe features you need to ensure your kid remains safe, steady, and standing while playing. If you're ready, let's do this!


Encourage Your Child to Love the Outdoors 

Some kids grew up playing outdoors, so participating in playground games comes naturally to them, while others would need more time to grow into it. Parents must provide the correct school shoes to protect their children.

Some of the advantages that come with spending more time outdoors are:

  • Becoming physically healthier. Rougher movements in outdoor play improve motor development and lower obesity rates. But since these are more arduous than indoor play, we recognise the need for more durable school shoes to withstand wear and tear.
  • Boosts learning engagement. Children who love nature are more curious and practise critical thinking. Knowing that robust school shoes protect them from natural elements will empower them to go out and discover more.
  • Mentally healthier. Children become less stressed and reduce anger and aggression.


Essential Features to Keep Your Child Safe Outdoors 


Waterproof or water resistant 

If your kid loves the outdoors, their school shoes must be waterproof, resistant, or friendly, meaning they won't succumb easily to water exposure.

 At the same time, the school shoes must keep your child's feet safe, dry, and moisture-free.

It's essential to remember that when their school shoes are wet, you need to dry them first before storing them. Letting moisture sit on the footwear can destroy the material and cause bacterial or fungal build-up. 

Dry the school shoes naturally, away from direct heat sources. Hasten the drying process by using scrunched-up newspapers and placing them inside the footwear to absorb the moisture. 


Easy to clean 

Your child will encounter various natural elements while outdoors. They can step on soil, mud, puddles, and grass, exposing their school shoes to dirt and grime. Teach them to clean their school shoes when they get home.

Before storing their footwear, your kid must wipe down all the dirt and fluid, ensuring they get all the corners and crevices. They must knock the school shoes together to remove loose muck. 

Also, we recommend getting a water and stain protection spray that acts as an invisible layer. 

It would help if you used it on their school shoes upon unboxing because it prevents the dirt and moisture from seeping through the material, giving them enough time to wipe their footwear. 


Provides traction and stability 

The one thing parents dread most is receiving an emergency call telling them their kid has had an accident. When your kid loves the outdoors, encountering various surfaces is the norm. 

They need the correct school shoes with grip and traction on the soles. These features ensure your little one remains steady and standing, even when they change directions or stop suddenly.

Your children can test this feature while shopping. Let them try the school shoes on, then make them walk around the store, especially the section with slippery floors.

From there, you can tell if the school shoes can provide the necessary friction to keep them steady while playing.



The school shoes must be flexible, enabling their feet to move freely, like barefoot, while safeguarding them against natural elements and rugged terrain. However, the footwear's flexibility should not be too great. 

Test this feature by twisting the school shoes. When it bends and reaches the other end, the footwear cannot provide the support your little ones need when playing outdoors.


Breathability and insulation 

A love for the outdoors knows no bounds, so if your kid loves playing outside, they will do it whether it's warm or cold. As such, the materials and style of their school shoes must provide breathability or insulation.

During warmer months, choose school shoes with open tops and laser cut-outs so that there is a way for air to circulate and for moisture to escape. It will ensure that your children's feet remain fresh all day.

On the one hand, insulation is critical during colder seasons like autumn and winter. The school shoes must keep the heat in long enough so they can play outdoors without getting sick. 

Material like leather has insulating capabilities, so choose footwear that uses it.


Security and adjustability 

Fastenings ensure the school shoes stay on their feet while they run and play outdoors. 

These fastenings are critical because they prevent the footwear from coming off in the middle of a game, which can cause your child and their playmates to trip and have an accident. 

Moreover, fastenings also give your little one control over the fit of their school shoes. Fit affects comfort, and there might be times when your kid would prefer to tighten their footwear.

Everflex has three fastenings for its collection of school shoes: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. Each kind offers a different level of adjustability, with some having limitations.

Of the three, only the laces are independent of the school shoes. When these get soiled or destroyed while your kid plays outdoors, you can clean and replace them without impacting the footwear. 

You can buy spare laces from Everflex to ensure you can change the current ones when the time comes.


Everflex Kids School Shoes Support Children Who Love the Outdoors!

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