School Shoes are Crucial to the Health of Your Child's Feet— Here's Why!

Because your child spends the most time in their learning institution, their feet spend most of their growth period in school shoes. So, every activity your child does that involves standing, walking, jumping, running, sitting, or skipping would require their feet to move. 


If they are not wearing the right pair of school shoes as they perform all these activities, it can lead to discomfort or painful consequences they will carry until adulthood. This is because your child's feet will continue to grow and change until they reach puberty, when the bones fuse.


If they don't wear the right shoes, their feet might not grow correctly, hurting their health. Thankfully, Everflex school shoes will support your child's feet in their developmental stages.


Let us explain why you must pick only the best footwear for them and follow a list of the characteristics you should ensure are present in the pair.


Understanding Why School Shoes are Crucial 


Wearing ill-fitting school shoes can cause your child's foot pain and permanent damage.


Allow us to share some:


  • Footwear that is too small can cause long-term issues with their feet, legs, and back, in addition to discomfort.
  • The wrong school shoes will compel the toes into the wrong position, which could lead to pain, ingrown toenails, hammer toes, calluses, and bunions.
  • Additionally, cramped toes may cause walking difficulty, impacting the posture and the growth of the back, leg, hip, and foot muscles.
  • If your child spends almost 30 hours a week in school shoes that don't fit right while their feet are still growing, the shoes will probably stop the bones from growing correctly, shortening them permanently and causing them to hurt all the time.


Essential Shopping Tips for Finding the Best Kids' School Shoes for the Health of Your Child's Feet


1. Determine Your Child's Correct Size


Finding the correct Everflex measurements is vital because sizing varies between brands.


Your child's best pair of school shoes should fit well in length and width. This is especially important because many kids' feet get bigger and broader as they grow up.


Assess the width of the footwear and ensure that it isn't pressing against your child's foot's sides. The broadest area of the school shoes should easily accommodate the ball of the foot, and there should be room at the heel for a small amount of heel slippage.


In checking the length, verify that there is about a thumb's width of space between your child's longest toe and the end of the footwear.


2. Take Your Kid with You 


Leaving your young one behind is tempting because it will give you more time to look around peacefully. But there are better ways to shop for school shoes. While many parents choose to trace their children's feet, doing so won't tell you whether the footwear is rubbing, pressing against the sides of their feet, or even just feeling comfy. 


Also, with them around, they can walk around with the footwear on and tell you where it hurts immediately. So one way for children to value their school shoes and care for them more is if you involve them in the process.


Allow them to choose the pair that appeals to them the most. Shopping for school shoes can be your annual bonding activity, which will excite them. Depending on how quickly their feet grow, you may need to do this bonding more frequently during the school year. 


3. Bring Socks


Cover all your bases and have your kid try on their prospective school shoes with the proper socks that accurately reflect the thickness they'll wear in their classes. The thickness of your child's socks can significantly impact fit and comfort.


We suggest purchasing the socks first before shopping for their school shoes so that it will feel like a dry run of the actual thing. Do you already have new pairs of socks? If not, check the available socks at Everflex


Ordering ahead will remove one less worry, so you can focus on finding the right school shoes for your kid.


4. Decide on fastenings


There are three kinds of fastenings available at Everflex, all of which will keep their school shoes in place and support the health of your child's feet. 


The fastenings are touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. 


Aside from securing the school shoes, fastenings help readjust the footwear, providing comfort and breathability to help them through the day. Choosing the right kind will depend on their skills.


The ease of use is a factor in why younger boys and girls prefer touch-fastening or buckles. Older children prefer a lace-up school shoe brand because they are more adept at tying them.


If you choose the lace fastening, get an extra pair of laces because you'll be shocked at how quickly kids can ruin laces. You can add a pair (or two) of laces from Everflex to your shopping cart!


No matter which fastening you choose, you can be sure your kid will be ready to go with a secure and supportive school shoe designed to provide many benefits. The fastenings are designed to offer a ready and comfortable fit that will stay secure all day long.


5. Check for Comfort Before Adding to Your Shopping Cart


Look for school shoes with enough cushioning so your kid can stand, sit on the floor, walk, play, and move around without pain or discomfort. 


You must also bring your kid when shopping for school shoes. Get your kid to put the school shoes on and test-drive them around the store. 


Before purchasing, check for durability, the correct fit, comfort level, tight spots, and stitching that can chafe and irritate their feet.


6. Go for Sturdy School Shoes Boys Can Play In


School shoes must have a firm midsole area and a sturdy heel counter, the portion of the shoe that wraps around the back of the heel, to provide the proper support your child's feet need during their growth period.


Inspect how durable the black school shoes are. It should only bend at the toe portion, never under the arch. Moreover, the school shoes must be challenging to twist. Check it by wringing it out like a rag.


Top Brands Do Not Necessarily Protect the Health of Your Child's Feet!


Knowing the repercussions of ill-fitting boys' school shoes, you can confidently buy a pair at the right price to support your child's feet during their development. Pick the Everflex brand instead of brands like Harrison, Clarks, Roc, Skechers, Asics, Nike, and Crocs!

Find what style keeps your child's feet protected!


We've got you covered, so follow all the tips we listed, and the shopping experience will be a breeze! In addition, our site is organised by category, making it easy to shop our durable range of shoes from baby/toddler to adult men's and women's sizes.


Head to the Everflex online store (website: or the store nearest you!