School Shoe Styles New To Everflex This Year!

Update your child’s wardrobe with a new pair of school shoes! Everflex has an enormous collection of styles, and there’s sure to be a sensational match for your son or daughter on our shelves. So, where should we begin by recommending school shoes for your kids? You’ll find dozens of classic classroom pairs in our range. Sneakers and trainers are always a favourite pick with students who shop for school shoes with us. 

We even have a lovely selection of alternative designs such as Mary-Jane sandals, boots, and casual trainers for kids too! With so many fantastic school shoes to choose from, our range might seem a bit daunting. Let us guide you through our favourite pairs for students in 2021, and get you through the Checkout in good time! 

You can find whatever you need at Everflex this season!

From new school shoes to our classic designs, the 2021 collection has it all! Touch-fastening, buckled, and lace-up styles are prolific in our range. We’re selling school shoes in sizes that will fit everyone from the tiniest toddlers to full-grown adults. You can’t go wrong with a pair of our glossy, round-toed, endlessly comfortable classroom styles! 

Do you (or your children) prefer a particular material?

It’s no secret that Everflex has a mix of leather and synthetic school shoes. We pride ourselves on our range of vegan-friendly products, and our clearly-labelled leather designs too. After all, these school shoes have strengths and benefits based on their material. That means they’re uniquely suited to your children and their different needs. 

For instance, if you’re shopping for a child with sensitive feet, then you will be scouting for a style with a flexible fit and excellent air circulation. So, a leather-inclusive pair would do beautifully. If you’re buying school shoes for a non-stop child who always wears down their footwear, then a durable and water-resistant synthetic set is a great match.

 When you shop online with Everflex this season, use the search filters to sort through our leather and faux styles. We mark our school shoes clearly, so there’s no way you can mix them up!

Sportswear from Everflex is a must-have!

Sneakers and trainers from our shelves are school shoes that can please parents, kids, and teachers alike! Sporty designs like ours come with built-in support, cushioning soles, and excellent grip. When kids want to push their limits during PE classes, sports games, and other physical activities, they’ll need school shoes with all of those attributes. 

Take a look at the collection at Everflex, and you’ll see that our trainers and sneakers come in all-black and all-white respectively. We know that many dress codes don’t allow school shoes (even sportswear) in bright colours, so these are guaranteed to keep teachers happy too! 

Are you shopping for school shoes meant for a teenager?

If so, then you might consider getting one of our slip-resistant designs for your daughter or son! Our non-slip school shoes are chameleons that will look at home in the classroom and at your kid’s workplace too. With their non-marking material, shock-absorbing soles, arch support, non-slip grip, and other features, our safety styles are ideal for any setting. 

Whether your child works in a retail store, café, cinema, fast-food place, or anything along those lines, they’ll be able to repurpose their comfy school shoes. They’d be perfect as work styles during the week with ease. Why not buy a new set for your teenager this semester?

There are so many fantastic new styles at Everflex! 

When will you take a look at our 2021 collection? Scroll through our school shoes at your leisure online, and you’ll find the perfect pair for your child at an affordable price!