School Shoe Styles New To Everflex!

Are You On The Hunt For New School Shoes For The Kids


Well, look no further than Everflex children's school shoes! Whether you are looking for girls, boys, unisex, classic lace-ups, touch-fastening, trainers, Mary-Janes or boots, then we are your one-stop-shop! 


Head on over to Spendless Shoes, Everflex's exclusive supplier and find the right school shoes for your kid's year-round. Not just at the beginning of the year! That's right, we're here for you when the unthinkable happens. 


Whether they've grown out of their school shoes only three months after you've purchased them, or they've already fallen apart, whatever the reason, we have a wide range of children's school shoes available year-round at affordable prices


Touch-Fastening Styles


If you are shopping for your little ones who have just started the schooling journey, then we're sure you want to make the transition as smooth as possible for them. This transition can be quite the whirlwind for children with the change of routine and daily structure, so the least you can do is make sure their school shoes are as comfortable as can be. 


The last thing you want is for your child to be fiddling with untied laces that they haven't quite mastered to re-tie on their own. So feel better knowing that you've sent off your child to school with easily adjustable school shoes that they can manoeuvre all on their own, and by that we mean, touch-fastening straps. Our kids school shoes with touch-fastening straps are great. 


Not only can your junior kids seamlessly slip these school shoes on, adjust, fasten and off they go but also it completely takes some chaos out of uniform checks on busy mornings!


These styles come in smooth black for smart uniform wear and crisp white for sports days and activities. What's great about these athletic shoes is the trainer disguised in a classic school shoe. Your junior kids will be completely comfortable throughout the day in our touch-fastening school shoes. 

Lace-Up Styles


Our lace up school shoe styles are a classic amongst students and parents, these classic school shoes have been around for years, and it's hard to see why not. Their durable design is perfect for all kinds of students, senior girls or boys included! So, whether your child needs athletic shoes for running throughout recess and lunch or even dress shoes for one who prefers to sit down and eat their lunch, then lace-ups are a no-brainer! 


You can't go wrong with classic lace up shoes and an Everflex pair, no less! 


Our leather and non-leather lace up school shoe styles are made for durability. The popular brands of kids school shoes we carry will keep your kids going all year. With our lace up shoes, simply adjust the laces to find the ultimate fit, and with their glossy finishes, you can guarantee that your child will be the sharpest looking student in their classroom in a pair of our kids lace up classics! 


So if you are looking for a pair of kids active school shoes that will keep your children going all year long and at affordable prices year-round, then look no further than Everflex's range of kids athletic school shoe styles. 


But of course, if you are looking for athletic shoes fit for sports days and activities, then we've got the kids lace-ups for you too! Our classic white lace ups sneakers are airy, breathable and padded, so they are equally perfect for the classroom, playgrounds and ovals.


Girls School Shoes


Everflex has the perfect girls shoes! We guarantee that your junior girls will start getting excited with our charming Mary-Jane style school shoes. Mary janes are great for girls looking for a slightly different style to the classic lace up shoes, and touch-fastening kids school shoe styles. 


Our mary janes will always have your junior girls looking smart in their uniforms, no matter how matted their hair may be! 


Whether you opt for a shiny glossy finish or a smooth matte finish, you can't go past our touch-fastening or buckle fastening mary jane school shoes. Allow your junior or senior girls to express their individuality by choosing a pair of girls shoes that pop out to them. Our styles are all so different with alternate patterns, and laser cut out designs. You will be overwhelmed to decide on choosing just one favourite! 


As one of the most popular brands of girls shoes out there, mary jane school shoes are so versatile; these girls shoes are perfect for year-round wear! Wear these school shoes throughout the warmer months with knee-high or ankle-length thin socks, and for winter, these girls shoes can be worn with thick warm stockings. Surely, that's music to any parent's ears! 


Boys School Shoes


Are you looking for something slightly different for your little boys rather than the classic kids active lace up shoes and touch-fastening styles? 


Then you can't pass up our boy's boots! These versatile boys shoes can be worn into the classroom as well as casual and formal occasions too. Your boys will be able to wear our comfortable boots both in and out of the classroom. 


Our ankle boots are sleek and smooth in the classic colour black leather with two handy tabs for a seamless pull-on action, so this is another great option for kids who struggle with laces; simply pull these to secure, and they're off on their way! 


These kids black leather or brown school shoes are built for supreme comfort, making great kicks for the classroom, which will keep your little ones comfortable throughout the day.


Or if boots aren't for you, why not opt for a sleek 'converse style' trainer. These kids black school shoes are another favourite that can be worn both in and out of the classroom. We guarantee your boys will be pulling these kids shoes out for weekend wear more than you'd ever expected! 


The classic style for boys school shoes is perfect for institutions with relaxed uniform rules, and the glossy finish will still blend with traditional black school shoes for junior kids. 


Vegan-Friendly Vs. Leather 


What's great about our girls and boys school shoes is that each style is made with different fabrics and materials. If you are looking for something more hardwearing and long-lasting, you can't pass up our kid's brown school shoes or black school shoes made of leather.


However, if you are looking for products made under ethical production guidelines and are environmentally sustainable, opt for our vegan-friendly range in kids school shoes. Our vegan-friendly kids shoes are just as durable and long-wearing as our leather school shoes. Our vegan-friendly range has been responsibly produced with high-quality vegan products that are designed to last, even throughout your children's active and reckless lifestyles! 

So, if you are on the hunt for new kids school shoes for your senior or junior kids, call off the search party and make your way to Spendless Shoes, the official supplier of Everflex's wide array of school shoes! Stop scrambling from store to store, looking for the right fit. You can find our size guides as well as our latest collection of shoes online. 

Give Everflex a try for yourself. We guarantee that you'll be impressed!