School Shoe Shopping Has Never Been Easier with the New Everflex Range!

Are you tired of going through the same challenging task of shopping for school shoes? Once your child starts their academic life, it will be a good ten years of shopping for footwear. And mind you, it doesn’t happen only once a year. Your child can outgrow or destroy their school shoes, so you’ll likely go on a shopping trip around three times a year.

Everflex understands how daunting the process can be and wants to help make it easier for you. The brand has provided school shoes for years and has heard of all the horror stories. We will save you from all the stress with the help of the team at Everflex.

If you’re ready, let’s start!


1. Check out the stylish collection of school shoes boys and girls will enjoy

Start your shopping journey by looking at what options your child has. The Everflex collection has school shoes for boys, girls, and unisex. The styles are timeless and classic, which students of all ages love. Wearing any option from this range of Everflex school shoes will boost your child’s confidence, making them more excited to participate in the classroom or join playground activities.


Here are the options for boys:


  • Pull-On Boots

These school shoes for boys are devoid of any fastening. Your son will never be late for class again because wearing this option takes seconds with the help of pull tabs. While the lack of laces or straps can worry some parents, Everflex reassures you that these school shoes will cling to their feet with the help of elastic side gussets. These gussets expand to accommodate any foot shape and revert for a snug fit. More importantly, these versatile school shoes are ideal all year, but more so in winter, providing warmth to your son’s feet until ankles.


Here are the options for girls:


  • Mary Janes 

The classic style of Mary Jane has been around for years. Girls of all ages have used this option for their school shoes, looking dainty like dolls in their uniforms. Mary Janes are famous for their round-toe design and strap across the instep and held in place by a single touch-fastening strap. The open-top design provides breathability during warmer months, while the round toes keep your daughter’s toes comfortable. These school shoes will never go out of style and will be one of the easiest to wear for your young daughter.


  • T-Bar

These school shoes for girls are like Mary Jane but with slight differences. Instead of a single strap across the instep, T-Bars have a T-strap that secures the footwear on your daughter with a buckle. The school shoes have geometric laser cutouts that boost cuteness and breathability. These cutouts and the open-top design allow air to circulate and keep your daughter’s feet fresh.


Here are the unisex options:


  • Double Straps

Boys and girls alike will love how easy it is to wear these unisex school shoes. The double straps employ two touch-fastening straps that lock together when pressed. The leather material makes these school shoes durable, breathable, and insulated. While covering your son’s feet, the double straps expose the ankles.


  • Lace-up 

Skilled boys and girls can proudly wear their laced school shoes as a badge of honour, proving they can now tie their laces independently. Of all the options, this one provides the most customisable fit. How your child weaves and ties the laces through the eyelets will determine the fit. The gripped sole ensures your child is steady and stable while wearing these school shoes. You can sleep better at night knowing they are safe from accidents.


2. Find the Correct Size

Shoe brands vary, so you must determine your child’s Everflex size. If you know their size in any of the three systems—US, UK, and EU—you can use the handy size guide to convert to Everflex.

If you still need to, you must measure the length and width of each foot separately to get the accurate size of their school shoes. Fit is critical because it determines how comfortable your child is in their classes. Professionals like podiatrists and trained in-store staff can measure your child’s feet and recommend the option suitable for their foot type.

Please remember that afternoon is the best time to get your child’s measurements or take them shopping because their feet are at their maximum size. Your child’s feet swell from all their activities, and you must account for that growth when shopping for school shoes.


3. Select from Payment Options

Parents love shopping at Everflex because the brand has affordable school shoes. They get value for their money, ensuring their child’s comfort, performance, and safety. Staying within budget is always a challenge, but with Everflex school shoes, you will never exceed. The brand has flexible payment systems, allowing you to purchase and pay in instalments later.

And if you think the good news ends there, you’re mistaken. Everflex has a treat for its online consumers. With its discount vouchers and coupons, online shoppers can get further price reductions on school shoes. Isn’t that great?


4. Get Everything You Need at Everflex

Completing your child’s academic shopping list can be challenging if you buy different items from various stores. Going in and out of different shops can wear you down and tire your child. Luckily, Everflex has other academic products aside from school shoes. 

Avail of the brand’s socks and laces. You can also shop for instant shine to maintain the lustre of the school shoes.


5. Experience Maximum Convenience

Everflex understands parents have hectic schedules, and finding time to shop for school shoes requires moving around plans and appointments. Why not shop at your convenience via the Everflex online store?

When you click the clear filters button, our whole catalogue will load, allowing you to easily compare styles, look for available sizes, and order from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to compete with the crowd, drive through traffic, and squeeze in time when you can shop for school shoes whenever and wherever you want. And the best part is that the academic footwear will arrive at your doorstep. Now, that’s how Everflex makes shopping for school shoes easy.

The money you'll save is among the many benefits of buying from Everflex. We dedicate ourselves to providing affordable footwear without sacrificing quality, unlike popular shoe manufacturers like Nike, Asics, Skechers, and others who may charge high prices.


Provide your child with the kids' school shoes they deserve!

Head to the nearest Everflex retailer or online store and grab a pair of school shoes now!