School Shoe Shopping Has Never Been Easier Than With Everflex!

It’s that time again when you see parents frantically searching for the best school shoes for their children. The task requires preparation and research, including looking for the best brand you can trust, learning about the essential features, and finding the perfect time to buy.

Shopping for school shoes can be daunting until you realise that everything is effortless when you do it at Everflex. 

The brand reassures you that its collection meets all the requirements—it is appropriate for the uniform dress code, has features that make your child comfortable and supported, and won’t make the parents go over budget.

And to make shopping for school shoes easier, the team at Everflex would like to share some hacks. We’ll give you a rundown of the features you need to know, so you don’t have to research them elsewhere. 

You’ll learn when the best time is to go shopping for school shoes to avoid the crowds and how you can save more. If you’re ready to do it, let’s go!


What are the essential features I need to check for my child?

Since your child’s feet continuously develop until puberty, their school shoes must always keep them comfortable and supported. Check for the following features:


1. Comfortable

School shoes must be comfortable to perform at 100% in the classroom.


  • Enough toe room

Your child’s toes should have space to spread naturally, as this affects their stability and balance. It can be irritating and distracting when school shoes rub their toes constantly. 

It can cause blisters and feet deformities that can be permanent. Let your child try on the school shoes and check if they can wiggle their toes.


  • Room for growth

It would help if you left a 1 cm gap between your child’s longest toe and the tip of the school shoes. 

Your child will have several growth spurts, so you need to check if the gap still exists every 4–8 weeks. Replace them immediately once you notice their toes are touching the school shoes.


  • The right fit 

The right fit entails getting the length and width of each foot separately. You can get the measurements taken by a professional, and they can also suggest the best kind of school shoes for your child’s foot type.


  • Fastenings for adjustability

There must be a way for your child to control the fit of their school shoes for comfort. With fastenings, they can tighten the footwear when needed. 

Your child will require specific skills to use the fastenings, so choose those they can do. Everflex school shoes use three kinds – touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces.


2. Supportive

Your child needs to be in their best form, whether in the classroom or on the playground. The school shoes they wear play a massive role in ensuring nothing happens to their developing feet.


  • Flexibility

Since your child’s feet only fold until the ball area, their school shoes should mimic that. The footwear must be flexible until that area and not further. When the school shoes bend beyond that, they are too soft to provide the proper support.


  • Good grip

You’d want to ensure your child’s safety as they move around and play. Having school shoes that provide traction to keep your child steady and stable will give parents peace of mind.


When is the best time to go shopping?

We understand how hectic typical parents’ schedules are, so we suggest shopping for school shoes. Avoiding crowds is necessary because you don’t want long queues everywhere—when getting sizes and paying. 

Plus, groups can stress your impatient child, leading to tantrums when choosing their school shoes. Here are the best times to do it:


1. Weekday afternoons

Weekends are the worst times to go shopping because everyone else is doing the same thing. Doing it on weekdays lessens the chance of others buying school shoes. 

More importantly, you must schedule shopping with your child in the afternoon, when their feet are at their maximum size. Your child’s activities—walking, running, standing, and jumping—contribute to the swelling of their feet. 

You need to accommodate this growth when buying school shoes. Failing to do so can mean pain and distraction for your child.

And an essential tip, please remember to get socks for your child and have them wear them while trying on the footwear. The thickness of the socks also affects the fit, so include it.


2. Whenever you like it

With the power of the internet, you can shop for school shoes whenever and wherever you like. Online shopping is a thing now, where you can browse the collection and compare features and prices in the comfort of your home.

Convenience is the top benefit you can get from shopping online because you can do it anytime, even at midnight, in your pyjamas. You can avoid crowds and don’t have to commute or drive to the store to buy school shoes.

Discount coupons and vouchers are another reason to consider shopping online. Other brands offer discounts to encourage people to shop on their websites—we do the same at Everflex! 

When you first land on the page, a pop-up window will welcome you, offering a discount when you sign up for the mailing list. You can get exclusive updates and schedules of sales, among others, which can help the next time you need a new pair of school shoes.


Where is the best place to buy black school shoes?

At Everflex, of course!

The brand has everything you need regarding school shoes. Everflex ensures the collection will keep your child comfortable and supported throughout. It also has socks, laces, and other essential things to maintain the footwear.

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