School Kids Work Part-Time? Get A Non-Slip School Shoe That Will Cover Both!

With non-slip school shoes, you get two pairs for the price of one! Why would you buy another pair for school when your child can double-up with their workwear? If you're looking for an easy way to save on kids school shoes for your teenager, then you should consider getting slip resistant shoes for them in 2021.


Not only will they be an A+ pair for your junior kids school, but they'll also be a perfect fit for senior girls or boys' workplace. It will also be more convenient for your teenager to wear the same non-slip black school shoes to their job. For instance, if they have a shift on a school night and don't have time to go home first, they'll have to bring their work clothes along. Bringing a spare bag with their work uniform isn't too bad, but carrying around an extra pair of non-slip black leather shoes can be a pain.


Plus, they'll have to stuff the non-slip work shoe they've been wearing into their school bag and potentially stink that up. If your teen can wear their pair of non- slip shoes to work, then there's none of that stress!


You won't be able to tell our non-slip shoes and school styles apart!


Non-slip school shoes, like most classic work pairs, are identical to school styles. After all, if you're trying to find footwear to match with a school or work uniform, then it's only natural that they would have a lot in common. Non-slip shoes from Everflex come with round toes, a sleek leather-look finish, slight ankle padding, and grooved soles. These durable work pairs have more safety features than most, but if you sat them side-by-side with our school range, you probably couldn't pick them out on sight alone.


 After all, while non-slip shoes have specially designed soles for traction on oily, wet, and slippery surfaces, school designs also have excellent tread! Active kids have busy days filled with lessons and extra activities, and they need support underfoot, or they'll tire out. Their single set will also need to survive through all four seasons of the year, which means dealing with hot and wet weather conditions. So, like non-slip shoes, our school shoes kids get designed with the best performance and longevity in mind!


Of course, slip resistant shoes come with heaps of additional safety features!


When senior students start looking for work, they'll discover that safety shoes are the standard requirement at most entry-level jobs. If their first job isn't at a retail store or cinema, your teenager will probably be working at a café, bar or in another area of hospitality. That means that your child will have some kind of uniform slip resistant shoes. Yes, non-shoes for crews will be a necessity.


Any job that involves contact with drinks or food will insist on safety footwear. The slip-resistant soles on our non-slip shoes for crews will keep teens stable and with genuine grip on wet, oily, and dirty surfaces.


After all, when the pressure is on at work, the last thing your kid needs to worry about is slipping over on a slick floor and hurting themselves! Non-slip school shoes also have non-marking rubber outsoles. These are also oil and water resistant work shoes. No matter how grimy things get at work, their footwear should survive and thrive on the job!


At Everflex, we have relaxed fit, non-slip shoes that you can slide into, but since those aren't welcome at school, we recommend that you stick to lace up shoes. We doubt you'll hear complaints about lace-up fastenings from your kids since they allow for the most customisable fit. Finally, non-slip safety shoes that they can wear at work also have shock-absorbing features, built-in arch support, padded ankles, and more! No wonder more parents are picking safety styles for their children!


Did you know that we have a great range of sizes available?


Take a look at styles and sizing charts on the Everflex page (nonslip shoes or regular), and you'll see that we cater to an enormous age span, even extended sizes! Our collection even includes traditional kids school shoes  in genuine leather . They come in touch-fastening, buckled styles. We do tend to keep touch-fastening bands for the littlest pairs. And we put laces on traditional and slip resistant work shoes for older students. However, you'll see plenty of shoe size variations there too.


Finding age-appropriate footwear for a student of any age shouldn't be an issue! Since our non-slip work shoe size starts at a men's size 6 and a women's size 5, your teenager won't have trouble finding the right fit. As soon as they're old enough to move out of our children's range and outgrow the largest kids shoes, they'll be able to transition straight into Everflex's adult mens footwear or womens footwear.


The largest non-slip shoes at Everflex end all the way up at a women's size 11 and a men's size 13, and that means that even fast-growing students will have something to wear too. Each of our designs also come in a vast selection of sizes. Once you've found a favourite set of non-slip shoes for your child, you'll be able to come back to our nearest store the next year and buy it again in a bigger size!


Have we convinced you to choose our two-in-one safety styles?


If you're still debating whether or not to get in on our non-slip work shoe styles, head over to the Everflex online store and have a closer look. Once you've read the additional information in the product descriptions, we're sure you'll be ready to take the plunge!

For those already on board, we have some handy add-ons for you to consider buying too. Since your children will be wearing their non-slip shoes for days at work and school, you might want to invest in some care accessories.


Grab an Instant Shine Sponge, so you can quickly clean off messes and keep their pair looking presentable! A spare set of laces could be a great thing to add to your order of laceup shoes. If your teen's new pair gets covered in food or something sticky, their laces might not recover as well as the material. It would be handy to have a spare set of laces to swap in! Beyond that, you could pick up some comfy innersoles or a pack of crew socks for your child. Why wait?

Order your new non-slip shoes from Everflex -your safety resource for school shoes that do double duty as slip resistant work shoes.