Safety First with Our Non-slip School Shoes!

With the education year coming back in full swing, we know that finding the right pair of footwear is of high priority. Finding a pair of kicks that are safe and secure is what everyone needs. You will find that our range of non-slip work shoes is perfect for school & work. You will even find that our slip-resistant kicks are the must-have for a day in the classroom or the office. 


Finding the right pair of slip-resistant footwear is one thing but knowing what to look for in these kicks is another. Lucky for you, the team here at Everflex has gathered a range of styles of our slip-resistant work shoes that are sure to look perfect. 


We love this collection of kicks, and we know that you will too. So take a read below to find out more! 




Please take a look at our slip-resistant work shoes today! With confidence, we are sure you will be able to choose from our selection of footwear and find something that is perfect for you to wear from morning until night. 


So whether it is a day in the classroom or an afternoon in the office, you can trust that your slip-resistant shoes will keep you feeling safe and secure. One way to know that your pair of shoes is sure to keep you protected is to check for the tread. You can find this feature on the sole of the footwear. 


It is a sure sign that you have a slip-resistant shoe when the tread consists of a range of shapes scattered onto the bottom of the footwear. There are generally hexagons and circles on the bottom of the footwear. Be on the lookout for these when you shop for your work pair at our store!


These are on the sole — it traps under the footwear any liquid substance you may walk on and prevent you from slipping over under the footwear. These slip-resistant numbers are the ultimate pair of kicks you need in your life! 




When you shop for a new pair of non-slip shoes, you must always check for grooves! These are indentations that can get found on the sole of your footwear. The grooves can get found on the sole of your kicks and look like large indents into the material. These indents are a must-have in your range of slip-resistant shoes. 


You will notice that the large indents can help any wet substance slip past through your footwear and prevent you from falling over. In addition, these grooves will keep your legs looking and feeling good all day long. If you are looking for the perfect pair of non-slip work shoes, we recommend getting your hands on LEARN. 


These kicks are perfect for men and women to wear throughout the day in the classroom or the office. This style of footwear will make your life a whole lot better! 




We know you will fall in love with our range of non-slip footwear. That is why we recommend investing in a set of kicks that offer a powerful and sturdy fastening method. In addition, we know that plenty of footwear styles can keep you protected and secure throughout the day. 


We recommend investing in a set of kicks that will keep you safe and protected no matter what. We suggest getting your hands on a pair of non-slip work shoes with a touch-fastening or lace-up method. These fastening methods are very secure, which means that your feet will not fall out of your footwear or cause more damage if you were to slip over. 


By wearing a set of non-slip work shoes with strong fastening methods, you are helping yourself not to have any injuries when you walk over a wet surface. Whether you are at school or work, these kicks are super beneficial! 




To avoid slipping over on any wet surfaces, we recommend that you invest in a pair of non-slip work shoes with a hard rubber material. 


This feature is the most protective when investing in some non-slip work shoes. If your kicks offer a soft rubber material on the sole, you will slip over a lot more than normal. Soft rubber does not offer enough grip and can be very risky to wear throughout the day. 


We highly encourage you to get your hands on a set of non-slip work shoes that offer a hard rubber material on the sole. You will love these kicks just as much as we do! 


Test run


To ensure that you are about to purchase the right pair of non-slip work shoes for work and school, we recommend you take them for a test run. If you are trying these on in-store, you can try these kicks on very easily. Ask the customer service representative to see if you can wear these non-slip work shoes around the store before you purchase them. 


You will love what a set of these kicks can do for your safety and comfort levels throughout the day. However, if you are shopping at our online site, you will have to try on non-slip work shoes at home. 


The best thing about this process is that you can return or exchange the footwear if it doesn't fit or protect you from wet surfaces. Taking your pair of non-slip school shoes for a test run will ensure that you are good to go in the long run! 




One thing that can help with the safety and protection that your pair of non-slip black school shoes will offer is to get your hands on some accessories. These are necessary to invest in if you want your footwear to get long-lasting and protective. In addition, we recommend investing in some innersoles for your pair of kicks. Don't worry. We have lots of stock for you!


These can ensure that you stay feeling comfortable and supported all day long. In addition, if you end up slipping over, you can trust that your non-slip school shoes will protect you throughout the day. There is no better feeling than the one you get whilst rocking a set of these non-slip shoes! There is no need to look for a brand store that has limited opening hours, shop online with Everflex.


Has a pair of our non-slip shoes caught your eye? 


If you are nodding your head yes, then we have the ultimate range of styles for you. Plus, our range of styles come at a very affordable price. There is nothing better than rocking a set of these comfortable and protective footwear styles for easy steps at work! 


So head to the Everflex brands store website and shop our online store TODAY! No matter what your current location is, you can order! Enjoy free shipping for orders exceeding $50. Make your first order now!