Reasons Why the Right Pair of Non-Slip Shoes Is So Important

Do you work in industries in constant danger of tripping and slipping? Do you need to wear closed shoes or have a heel strap at your workplace? If you said "yes” to these two items, you need a pair of Everflex slip-resistant shoes to save you from all the hassle. Accidental trips and falls are the most frequent reason for workplace injuries.


When you work in the hospitality or healthcare industries, you're more likely to come into contact with drinks, cleaning products, grease, liquids, and water, the most common things that cause people to trip and fall. 


By wearing this footwear, you save yourself from an accident that can cause you to miss work for a certain period of time. However, contaminants are not the only reason for falls. 


The types of floors you walk on every day can also be harmful. It would be best if you had Everflex slip-resistant shoes because they have treads that grip floors to prevent accidents. It is essential primarily because you run around and provide the best service possible.


Let Everflex slip-resistant shoes care for you while you take care of others. Again, our team at Everflex prepared a more detailed rundown of why the right pair of non-skip shoes is so important, making it industry- or job-specific. At Everflex, a good customer always deserves a great price!


What are non-slip work shoes?


 Are you new to your industry, and have you learned that you must wear special shoes to work? You're likely thinking, "What makes them different from trainers or work boots?" These shoes have unique characteristics essential to getting you through the day without trips and falls.


The Different Jobs and How Non-Slip Work Shoes, Closed Shoes or Heel Strap Help 


Here's a rundown of the most common industries and jobs that require workers to wear special shoes and why the right pair is so important.


For Healthcare Professionals


As healthcare providers, you hold vials and tubs that could shatter and spill. You are always in a hurry, so you need shoes that don't slip. You carry vials of medicine but also require heavy lifting. 


You need to have good footing to help people who are twice your size, so neither will fall. We want to consider the consequences only if you wear slip-resistant shoes. Aside from all we mentioned, it would help if you also considered broken glass and sharp things that can impale you accidentally.


Everflex slip-resistant shoes will protect healthcare professionals as they rush to serve the public. A pair of our brand of slip-resistant shoes checks all the boxes: they're attractive, affordable, and comfortable, and they do the job!


For Hospitality Workers


Businesses that provide services to visitors and customers are part of the hospitality industry. If you work in this sector, your work has something to do with places like hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, and theme parks. Therefore, your job likely involves theme parks, hotels, motels, resorts, and restaurants.


You are constantly running around, which is why the right pair of shoes is critical. Cooks, servers, hosts and hostesses, and delivery drivers are among the staff members who deal with spills regularly. Have you seen these employees juggle trays and dishes while running from one location to another?


All of them are disasters waiting to happen, and we tremble at the notion of them colliding if they don't have Everflex non-slip shoes! But learning that these can happen to you is enough to convince you that the right pair of footwear is essential.


For Cleaning Staff


Every day, the cleaning crew works with water and slick cleaning supplies. They encounter floors covered in snow, sludge, and rainwater. Clean them and apply fresh wax. Unfortunately, they constantly run the risk of accidentally falling as a result.


So, you should buy a pair of Everflex non-slip shoes to protect yourself from these dangers. In addition, you will pay way less when you purchase a pair than for hospital bills (in case you get into an accident).


For Everyday Life


You can purchase a pair without being in any industry. Invest in a pair if you value your safety and don't want to be involved in accidental slips and falls! Inclement weather leaves behind puddles and ice patches all over the place. Prevention is better than cure, as spillage can happen anywhere, from groceries to crosswalks. 


However, it is a good reason why purchasing the right pair of slip-resistant work shoes is essential! Compare this to top brands that have made a name for themselves in the non-slip work shoe market, such as New Balance, Birkenstock, and Reebok.


What to Look for in a Pair of Non-Slip Work Shoes


Now you know why you must get a pair from Everflex. But do you know what you need to check? The right pair can keep you safe from accidents. We have gathered the information for you.


Read on to learn more!


1. Footwear Material 


Ensure the material is stretchy, flexible, and adaptable for comfort and durability. Rigid materials tend to be very stiff and offer poor grip. 


Nurses, doctors, dentists, servers, baristas, and bartenders are some of the people who usually buy footwear from us. To do their jobs well, they need shoes that won't slip. 


So, get the ones that fit properly because wearing the wrong ones is just as bad as not wearing any at all. They come in neutral colours like white, black, and brown but are also available in other colours.


Everflex shoes are available in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. Check your exact Everflex size by looking at the handy size guide. You can compare your size to those in the UK, US, and EU to find your Everflex size. 


2. Tread Pattern


The tread pattern is critical for footwear that won't slip because it creates the friction you need to grip the ground better. The typical shapes of the treads are circles, hexagons, or squiggles. Non-slip work shoes use these treads to increase the sole's surface area, so they can catch irregular surfaces, reducing the chances of falling. 


For better resistance, go for small patterns with an ideal spacing of 2 mm between each.


3. Anti-skid Soles


The slip resistant outsoles of Everflex work shoes are made with durable ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) rubber to protect you from trips and falls. 


Add to that the footwear's sturdy soles, which make it easy to grasp the floor even when impurities are present since they keep water from getting trapped underneath. The thicker-than-average soles also help people in the hospitality industry or health care avoid foot, ankle, and back pain at work and home. 


Additionally, they support your heels and toes, avoiding future issues. Lastly, wearing this work footwear from Everflex will give your arches more support, which will help you feel less tired after standing or walking for a long time.


Save Yourself from Accidents at Work!


We hope our shared reasons convince you how important it is to wear this footwear to work. Have you decided? If so, shop at Everflex's online store or your local retailer (Fill your cart!). There is no need to worry about product availability because we have a large selection.


Our "comfort" collection of non-slip work shoes is comparable to Skechers, except without the hefty price tag! They offer quality traction and slip-resistant outsoles to protect you from slips and falls. 


Plus, we offer a variety of sizes and designs for men and women, so you can select the one that best meets your needs. Finally, you can find the design you want from our stock and the price information to make the right decision.