Put Your Safety First with These Non-Slip Shoe Styles!

Here at Everflex shop, we pride ourselves on offering the very best footwear for all of your daily needs. You will find the perfect footwear pair to suit every occasion. So whether it is work or school, we have the perfect range of footwear for you. One type of footwear that is super popular within the hospitality, healthcare, school environment is non-slip shoes.


These are a must-have if you work or study in these environments. Non-slip shoes can help you stay comfortable for longer and avoid any injuries from occurring. If you are keen to get your hands on a pair of non-slip shoes, then keep on reading. We have gathered a range of helpful tips and tricks to look for when investing in your new pair of non-slip shoes! 


Tip 1 – Grooves


When shopping for a new pair of non-slip shoes, one of our most recommended tips is to look out for grooves. If you are unsure what grooves look like, then keep on reading. Grooves are indentations on the sole of the non-slip shoes that help with water or liquid substances moving through the footwear rather than keeping it trapped.


 If the liquid is trapped, you will have a high chance of slipping over and injuring yourself. This result is not preferable, which is why investing in a pair of non-slip shoes with plenty of grooves on the sole can keep you safe. There can be a small amount or many grooves on the sole. 


You will have to look at the pair of non-slip shoes and decide what is best for your circumstances. If there are no grooves, they do not classify as non-slip shoes. 


Tip 2 – Tread


Keep an eye out for the tread on your new pair of non-slip shoes. The tread is similar to grooves, but they appear as shapes on the sole of the non-slip shoes. Therefore, it is necessary to look for the tread. 


It can determine how protective these kicks are. If there are a lot of circles or hexagons on the base of the footwear, you can assume that these non-slip shoes will be very protective. However, if there is only a small amount of tread on the sole of the footwear, then you will still have some form of protection against wet surfaces, but injuries and falls may occur. 


That is why we recommend finding a pair of non slip work shoes with plenty of treads to keep you safe for longer. 


Tip 3 – Rubber Sole


There is no better feeling than finding the perfect pair of non-slip shoes. Finally, you can trust that your kicks will keep you safe and protected all day long. One recommendation when looking to invest in a new pair of slip resistant shoes ​is the material of the sole.


Generally, non-slip shoes will have a rubber sole, which can help prevent any falls when walking through wet surfaces. In addition, you will receive more protection from a set of non-slip shoes that feature hard-rubber soles rather than soft ones. If you invest in a pair of soft rubber non-slip shoes, there is a higher chance of injury and falls to occur.


 The soft rubber has less grip on the surface and struggles to walk over a wet surface. On the other hand, if your non-slip shoes have a hard-rubber sole, then there is a high chance you will stay protected from morning until night in these kicks. 


Tip 4 – Laces


This tip is one that many people look past when shopping for a new pair of non-slip shoes. You may think that the type of fastening feature that the set of kicks has is not necessary to worry about. Well, it is! You will find that a pair of non-slip shoes can keep you safe and secure for longer if the fastening method is secure. 


This tip can include laces, touch-fastening, or both. Non-slip shoes with elastic side gussets or a slip-on feature will not keep you protected. The laces and touch-fastening methods can ensure that your feet stay safe and secure in your pair of non-slip shoes all day long. 


These fastening features can tighten the fit and avoid any feet slipping out. This footwear will make you fall in love once you wear them.  


Tip 5 – Test Run


If you are shopping for your new pair of non-slip shoes in the store, then you may have access to a test run. Some stores will allow you to try on a new pair of kicks and walk around with them on your feet. This tip helps determine the right size, fit, and style for your feet. With non-slip shoes, you do not always need a wet surface to test them out on.


 You will find that tiles in the shopping centre can help determine if your non-slip shoes are worth the investment. These tiles are usually quite shiny and slippery, so your non-slip shoes will work well on them. Take your new kicks for a test run. It is always a good idea before purchasing! 


Tip 6 – Accessories 


To ensure your feet stay comfortable and protected all day long in your non-slip shoes, it is worthwhile investing in some footwear accessories. These are sure to keep your kicks lasting longer and more supportive on your feet. In addition, we recommend getting your hands on some innersoles.  


These are perfect for your feet and can ensure that they stay comfortable for long hours throughout the day and night. In addition, if you invest in leather non-slip shoes, you will love what instant shine can do. This product can make your kicks look shiny and new with ease. Your new slip-on shoes will be your new favourite pair of footwear in no time! 


Have you found the perfect pair of non-slip shoes?


If you are nodding your head yes, now is the perfect time to get your hands on them. There is nothing better than the feeling of new kicks on your feet. So head to the Everflex website today to check the product availability and find out more! 


So take this as a sign to invest in these non-slip shoes. You can have it at a very low price. Enjoy exclusive offers when you make your first order. Continue shopping with us!