Protect Your Child’s Feet With School Shoes From Everflex!


Protect your child’s feet with a pair of Everflex school shoes! Pick a new style from our collection, and we’ll make sure that your kids spend their days in perfect comfort. If you’re shopping for school shoes in 2020, then here’s what you should keep in mind: 




Choose the ideal fastenings for your children




Picking the proper fastenings is essential if you want school shoes that can keep your kids safe. At Everflex, we offer buckled, lace-up, touch-fastening, and pull-on designs for kids. Each of these different types has an ideal age range, and it’s vital to know the strengths of each when you’re browsing through school shoes. 


Lace-up designs are the go-to for most students, as they allow for the most significant fit adjustment. If your children have wide or narrow feet, then being able to change their school shoes appropriately will be extremely beneficial. In contrast, touch-fastening styles are ideal for little kids. These school shoes can still loosen or tighten for comfort, but they also ensure that there are no untied shoelaces to trip over during playtime. Before you add anything to your cart, consider which fastenings would be best for your children! In addition to our lace-up and touch-fastening school shoes, we also have buckled and pull-on designs, so you have your choice of the lot! 




Look for school shoes with the best support and grip 




When you get activewear for your children, you want to know they’re up to the challenges that face them. Kids need reliable styles because sneaker, trainers, and other sport school shoes need to survive weekly PE classes, sports practices and games on the weekends. Take a look at any Everflex trainers, and you’ll see that we outfit our footwear with excellent tread for that exact reason. The grooved soles and arch support built into our school shoes help absorb shock. During action-packed activities, these hardy soles also prevent kids from tripping or sliding in outdoor areas and slippery indoor courts. 


Our sporty styles aren’t the only school shoes with excellent grip either! A typical pair from Everflex also features excellent grip and support. Mobility and comfort are crucial to long-lasting comfort, and given that kids spend more time in school shoes than any other set of footwear throughout the year, it’s something you can’t discount! 




Choose our safety styles for your teenager!









Do you need to get some work-safe footwear for your teenager and a new set of school shoes? Well, why not combine them into one all-round favourite? At Everflex, our work styles are nearly identical to our classroom styles, but with a few notable differences. For a start, they are slip-resistant and outfitted with soles that can tackle oil, water, and other messes without breaking stride. The robust material and commercial grade rubber will let them handle a week as work and school shoes with ease. Your teen will enjoy enduring comfort during long shifts on their feet and demanding days in the classroom. So, instead of buying two pairs for your child this season, you can save your money and buy a style that will suit both settings. Plus, if your child ends up scheduled with shifts soon after the end of their lessons, then they’ll won’t have to worry about lugging around an extra set of footwear when their school shoes will suffice! 




You can grab our foot care accessories for extra comfort too!




Everflex school shoes are oh-so-cosy, but if your child has any issues, then our foot care accessories can give them the extra bit of support that they need. Slide-in some of our gel or fabric innersoles (full-sized or half-sized ones), and you’ll give your children the additional cushioning that they need! 




So, come and get our school shoes this season!