Polishing Your School Shoes? It’s a Breeze – Here’s How!

Stop stressing out about messy kids’ school shoes! Everflex is here to ensure that your children head to class looking their best every day. Our excellent kids’ school shoes are smooth, glossy, and look perfect under a uniform. However, children will be children, and you can expect that you’ll need to clean their pair at some point. With Everflex’s handy accessories there to assist you, polishing kids’ school shoes will be no challenge! 

Discover our Instant Shine Sponge!

When it comes to ease of use, Instant Shine is a cleaner that ticks all of the boxes. For a start, you can use this sponge on any material, so it’s got your kids’ school shoes and the rest of their collection covered! The Instant Shine Sponge connects to the lid of the container, so you have a convenient handhold ready when you open it. A few quick swipes will clean dirt, grass, and other messes straight off of kids’ school shoes. With Instant Shine there to help, it only takes a minute or two to clean up your style and have it looking polished again and shining like new! Since this sponge is so easy to use, parents can leave cleaning kids’ school shoes up to their little students if they want. 

Grab some of our excellent Dubbin!

Do you have some of our kids’ school shoes that include leather? Well, you should know that Dubbin acts as a water-proofer, sealant, and protector for leather footwear. Of course, Dubbin will leave any Everflex pair of kids’ school shoes with a fresh coat and a shiny finish. This cleaner has a waxy consistency, so you don’t have to worry about it spilling and going everywhere (unlike liquid polishes). Dip a sponge or cloth into the mixture and smooth the Dubbin across your kids’ school shoes— it’s that simple and straightforward! Plus, you can keep Dubbin tucked away safely in your laundry or wardrobe; storage won’t be an issue since Dubbin comes in a handy tin. 

You’ll be able to use this cleaning agent on more than just your kids’ school shoes too! Dubbin will work beautifully on all of your favourite leather and synthetic pairs. But, please be aware that you should not use Dubbin on faux suede styles or similar materials, as there may be issues. Beyond that, you’re free to clean and shine whatever footwear you like! 

Remove the laces of your kids’ school shoes

Do you need to clean your child’s pair extensively? While there isn’t much to be done if your child has a style with touch-fastening or buckled straps, you can go the extra mile with lace-up kids’ school shoes. Maybe your children walked across a dusty sports field or played outside during the rain. Whatever the reason, their kids’ school shoes are now covered in grime and need some serious attention. Start by unlacing the style. With shoelaces out of the way, you will be able to get into all of the creases and crevices of your kids’ school shoes. 

Did you know that Everflex has spare laces available? It’s always helpful to have a set somewhere at home, particularly in situations where students get kids’ school shoes dirty. Cleaning up messy material is an easy task, but laces can be tricky, and you need to replace them if they’re unsalvageable. We highly recommend that you pick up a spare pair the next time you get kids’ school shoes, so you’re always prepared in a messy emergency! 

Which of our accessories will you be taking home?

Grab an Instant Shine Sponge, a tin of Dubbin, or some extra laces in 2020! Everflex’s excellent accessories will keep your kids’ school shoes looking polished, presentable, and ready to learn.