Our Top School Shoe Styles!

Get the best school shoes for your collection this year!

We’re proud to offer dozens of fantastic styles and footwear options at Everflex. Anyone who’s on the lookout for a great set of school shoes to wear in the classroom this season should seriously consider searching through our range. So, we’re going to give you a quick overview of some of Everflex’s top styles. These include our most popular and enduring favourites and the leading fashion options of 2019. Students and parents looking for the best school shoes should have a look at:

Our Mary-Jane sandals

These buckled school shoes typically get worn by younger students during spring and summer. The airy design and ability to wear these school shoes with our without socks has made them a lasting favourite, particularly in the Australian climate. However, it’s their chic look that has made Mary-Jane sandals stand out the most this season. The stylish laser-cutouts and geometric shapes also put these trendy sandals a step above conventional designs. Girls of all ages have foregone their usual school shoes in favour of these. Since they are as comfortable as round-toed designs and even more breathable, Mary-Jane styles are a functional and fashionable choice for students. Everflex has variations that span an age-range from young kids to adults, so there’s no reason to miss out on these school shoes!

Slip-resistant styles

While these technically fall into the category of work footwear, our slip-resistant designs make amazing school shoes too! At a glance, you might not even be able to tell the difference between a standard uniform pair and some of our most hard-wearing footwear. Slip-resistant styles feature unique design elements like built-in support and shock absorption, non-marking and oil resistant material, and steadfast soles. Students with part-time jobs can use these as both their work pair and their school shoes with ease. So, it should be no surprise that our slip-resistant designs are a favourite at Everflex. Anyone who wants a style that prioritises functionality and comfort should make school shoes out of these!

Sneakers and trainers

When you start thinking about the top designs of school shoes, you may not consider sneakers and trainers during your initial brainstorm. Luckily, Everflex can tell you a thing or two about these looks! For a start, sneakers and trainers are some of our most popular picks, as many students require appropriate footwear for PE classes and extra-curricular activities. Secondly, parents tend to pick up a new pair of these when they shop for regular school shoes as well. Our sneakers and trainers come in all-black and all-white versions, so they make easy work of the strictest dress codes. With their aerodynamic shaping and excellent grip, students can feel safe as they run, play, and keep active in any season, whether they’re indoors or outside. With all that in mind, it’s not hard to see why sneakers and trainers are such well-loved school shoes!

Conventional classroom styles

Our traditional school shoes prove that you can’t mess with perfection. These round-toed designs are synthetic, leather, or a mixture of both materials, but they all have the same enduring comfort and quality. You’ll find younger styles come with touch-fastening straps, but the majority of our school shoes are lace-up fastenings. These feel great on your feet, are a fitting match with uniforms, and will be a staple style in any student’s wardrobe.

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